Red Horse About to Gallop

Last week a Russian flotilla of the North Fleet and Baltic Fleet were spotted passing thru the English Channel. Nice timing for the Russian Navy to go on a cruise. The navigator could have plotted a different course, but he chose the English Channel. Most likely it was a direct order from their CIC andContinue reading “Red Horse About to Gallop”

An Old Estimation

Back in 2009 I began writing a new Preface for my little book that I self- published with a POD publisher in 2008 and had no way to promote it. I couldn’t afford to get it republished and worked on it from time to time. Passover 2020 I had a wake-up call! I Quickly wentContinue reading “An Old Estimation”

Just Yesterday I was Saying…

Just yesterday I was saying that the masses were seeing through a kaleidoscope. Well, that includes presidents as well as dictators, prime ministers, earthly kings and those of high religious authority. Biden Says America Is ‘More Unified’ Now Than When He Took Office AILAN EVANS, TECH REPORTER, January 19, 2022, 6:56 PM EST President JoeContinue reading “Just Yesterday I was Saying…”