Transpatriotism – Humorous?

As the old saying goes, there’s a first for everything. Double Jeopardy Betrayal? First openly trans Army officer arrested for trying to pass secrets to Russia From the article: U.S. Army Maj. Jamie Lee Henry was arrested on Thursday after allegedly trying to pass health information about U.S. military members to Russia. Henry previously caughtContinue reading “Transpatriotism – Humorous?”

Solomon’s Wisdom?

Been busy this week with bushhogging and getting ready for Autumn and winter. Deer season is soon here and I’ve given permission to a friend’s grandson to hunt my small plot of woods. Been cutting trails and clearings etc. {He set up a motion detector activated camara. Will make a blog in near future ofContinue reading “Solomon’s Wisdom?”

Catch and Release, Where?

Been on the news last few days about how Governor DeSantis of Florida and Abbott of Texas have been labeled as cruel and abusive for releasing the illegal immigrants outside of their own borders. It’s been getting real bad and over crowded down there! The latest release was at the elitist Martha’s Vineyard. OUCH! TheContinue reading “Catch and Release, Where?”

Gog & Magog In Agreement

Don’t think you’re in the last days? Look around! Putin, Xi meet, trash US in diplo-speak, vow to combat US in favor of ‘core interests’ Full Article: Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the United States’ so-called “provocations” in the Taiwan Strait during a meeting with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping on Thursday. Xi alsoContinue reading “Gog & Magog In Agreement”

Fearful Sights

A Rainbowed Crown on a Dark Cloud Arising I don’t buy NASA’s explanation. PIC: Strange halo over town in China ignites conspiracy theories From the article: UFO reports are often explained as misunderstood weather phenomenon, so it’s not surprising that scientists are getting ribbed for using that approach in addressing a strange halo seen over China.Continue reading “Fearful Sights”