Missing Links – Appendix I

Appendix I Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1847. The following are its ten basic platforms as generally applied to the most advanced countries. [American’s implementation]Abolition of property in land and application of its rents to public purposes. [The property tax, HUD, and Public Housing] (1) Abolition of property in landContinue reading “Missing Links – Appendix I”

Catastrophic Event

There is a missing time element in understanding the creation story of Genesis. This aspect is pointed out in Chapter I of Missing Links. (See main menu.) The object of chapter I was to set the theory of creation on an even platform with that of the theory of evolution, which has since its inceptionContinue reading “Catastrophic Event”

A Sabbath Message 12/6/21

Choice and Consequence – The Story of Two Trees There is an absolute law in physics that states: “For every action there is a reaction.” and the reverse is also true: “For every reaction there must be an action.”, which is the first law’s mathematical reciprocal. Mathematics is a pure language in which there canContinue reading “A Sabbath Message 12/6/21”

Omicron Update

They make good electric systems test equipment. Is your battery running a little low? Put it on a battery charger and set it on BOOSTER SHOCK! First article about the omicron variant I got was from Sharecare. Mild, no big deal. BUT, Biden, CDC and the lamestream media have put the whole nation in panicContinue reading “Omicron Update”