Trump The Terminator?

Remember the 2016 campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp“? Now, it is to “totally obliterate” the Deep State one critter at a time – with the swamp still full… If elected! Continuing the article: …been efforts to kill the agency and give its responsibilities back to local communities and their school boards, along with stateContinue reading “Trump The Terminator?”

School Drills

In 1962 there was this thing we did while in the fourth grade. The emergency bell would ring and the teachers would lead us into the hallways and we would sit and cover our heads with our hands. This was practiced on a regular basis. It was called Air Raid Drills! This was during theContinue reading “School Drills”

White Horse Update 03/12/23

Three years ago, it was a conspiracy?!?! Now it is becoming a reality! Republicans React to Energy Department’s Reported Finding That COVID ‘Likely’ Leaked From Wuhan Lab From the article: Republican lawmakers responded to a news report saying that the U.S. Energy Department had concluded the lab leak theory was “likely,” saying that the findingContinue reading “White Horse Update 03/12/23”