LBGT WAR Special Update – 03/29/23

Due to the breaking news news Monday and researching that, the first three articles will go uncommented on. Special Report on: Continuing the article: …Nashville police later revealed that Hale, who was gunned down by police, identified as “transgender.” The Covenant School where the murders occurred describes itself on Twitter as “a Christian elementary school for Preschool-6th:Continue reading “LBGT WAR Special Update – 03/29/23”

Red Horse Update – 03/28/23

Last report was just prior to the visit. China’s Xi Jinping begins Moscow visit From the article: This article was originally published by Radio Free Asia and is reprinted with permission. Chinese President Xi Jinping landed in Moscow on Monday, beginning a state visit where, analysts said, economic ties and the war in Ukraine are expected toContinue reading “Red Horse Update – 03/28/23”

When The Towers Fall

Ever hear these expressions? Mountains of cash Hills of money Rivers of debt Stream of wealth Isaiah 30:25 (KJV) And there shall be (H1961) upon every high (H1364) mountain (H2022 – country/nation), and upon every high (H5375) hill (H1389), rivers (H6388) and streams (H2988) of waters (H4325) in the day (H3117) of the great (H7228)Continue reading “When The Towers Fall”

LBGT War Update – 3/24/23

As the LBGT War rages on, the following are articles collected on it since 02/25/23. Continuing the article: …program is designed to “improve [officer’s] awareness and understanding of transgender communities and individuals.” It’s one of two versions of the program offered by the DOJ. The other version, which is the original, is a four-hour in-person or virtual trainingContinue reading “LBGT War Update – 3/24/23”


In 1971 Nixon opened the door to China… 1972, I graduated from High School. Now… China owns the door! Do they own the doorman? Continuing the article: …– with dire results. All of these actions have been allowed by Joe Biden, and they amount to treason, according to David Horowitz. He’s the founder of theContinue reading “Bidengate”

Trump The Terminator?

Remember the 2016 campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp“? Now, it is to “totally obliterate” the Deep State one critter at a time – with the swamp still full… If elected! Continuing the article: …been efforts to kill the agency and give its responsibilities back to local communities and their school boards, along with stateContinue reading “Trump The Terminator?”