Rumors of War

In the Sacred Scriptures Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24:6 that there would be wars and “rumours of wars”. Well, we all know what a rumor is, but just what is a rumor of war? Most rumors are just what the English definition says it is: a popular report, common gossip; also, reputation orContinue reading “Rumors of War”

The Lighter Side of Truth

Ever use the old cliche’ “Yada, yada yada!” in conversation? It can be used at the end of expressing a thought as a type of “etc.”, which is often said three times. “Etc. – etc. – etc..” Is can also be used sarcastically in a reply like “yea, yea, yea!”. Ever wonder where it cameContinue reading “The Lighter Side of Truth”

Mission Debrief

Copyright page from my little book: Missing LinksCopyright © 2020 by Phillip S. YarbroughAll rights reserved by the author. No part of this publication may bereproduced for any type of commercial purposes unless prior arrangementshave been made with the author, however, if any public school teacher oreducator desires to reproduce Chapters I, II, and IIIContinue reading “Mission Debrief”


Remember the old saying when one would head out the door to go to work? “Gotta bring home the beacon.” Used to raise a few pigs for the feeder pig auctions in Wallace, NC in the mid 1980’s until the rise of Murphy Farms, which eventually put all independent hog farmers out of business. Later,Continue reading “PORK AND THE CCP”

Math and Technical Drawing

From Missing Links Chapter V, pages 84-86 (The Great Pyramids of Giza Post) Due to erosion of the exterior blocks, the pyramid’s pitch angle measurement of 51 degrees and 52 minutes (51.8667°) would also need to be corrected. There are 60 minutes to a degree in nautical plotting and surveying. There is an 8-minute shortageContinue reading “Math and Technical Drawing”