A Sabbath Message 4/24/21 – Risen

4/25/21 > Posting a day after, but just launching site today.

Ran across a Drama titled “Risen” made in 2016 that was free on Tubi TV this past week. Just had to check it out because of the title and found it more than interesting. It was inspirational! It also aroused my historical curiosity. It was about a Roman Centurion whose name was Claudius Lysias during the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixtion and resurrection. The second name Lysias is what got me researching some history about who this Claudius was and may have become.

There are a number of times the word “centurion(s)” is mentioned in the New Testament. There are three by name and the other two are by name are “Cornelius” and “Julius. The following are specific references:
(1) Claudius and/or Claudius Lysias – Acts 18:2, 23:26, 24:7-22 This was a chief captain that rescued Paul from the High Priest, elders and an orator named Tertullus. (Acts 24:1-7) The second name “Lysias” was more than likely from being from “Lycia”, a province in Asia Minor. (Acts 27:5) This same Claudius would have been at the crucifixtion. (Matt. 27:54, Mark:39-45)
(2) Cornelius was a Roman Centurion who believed and had much faith. (Acts 10:1-22) and most likely (Matt. 8:5-13)
(3) Julius was a guard that the Centurion Captain (Claudius) turned Paul over to after he claimed Roman citizenship. (Acts 22:22-29)

In the film, Claudius Lysias was a Chief Captain in Jerusalem during the latter days of Jesus Christ and his last Passover celebration as the sacrificial Lamb of God. This would have been prior to Paul’s conversion. (Acts 9) The issue of the body of Christ came to question, and that is the basis of the film. It begins and concludes just after the ascension of Christ following the catch of many fishes. (Matt. 28, Mark 16:14-20, Luke 24:45-53, John 21) The Sea of Galilee was also called The Sea of Tiberias (Tiberius as in Caesar, Luke 3:1). I believe the film is truly inspired. I also believe that this Claudius also became Emperor of Rome and reigned 41 – 54 AD, the years Paul made his missionary journeys freely. He died in 54 AD and his nephew Nero became Emperor and began the Roman persecution of the followers of Christ.



Four other sites with some historical information:





God is always in control and the Lord chooses whom he pleases to fulfil his desires and maintain the prophetic timeline. Emperor Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, 41-54 AD) pretty much allowed religious freedom of all kinds during his reign. Claudius was murdered and Nero became Emperor in 54 AD and reigned until his death in 68 AD. Hope yawl enjoy the film.

Have a restful Sabbath.


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