The Beginning of the Seventh Epoch 2020 – Kingdom Come

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From the Standard English Dictionary – International Edition, an epoch is defined as follows: (1) A point in the onward course of history from which succeeding years are counted: Atomic energy marks an “epoch” in history. (2) An interval of time or a series of years regarded as a whole, memorable for extraordinary events and far reaching results; any definite period of history. (3) Geology – A minor subdivision of time: a time interval less than a period: the Pleistocene “epoch”. (4) Astronomy – A moment of time when a planet(s) reaches a known position with reference to the sun. {epochal – adj. Creating or marking an epoch. Also, as an adj. – epoch-making: Opening up a new era, as in history, science, culture, etc.}

The 12/21/20 conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on the winter solstice is an astronomical event that happens once every 800 years, thus making the event an epochal period of time. This bi-decade conjunction occurs every 20 years (See “Cosmic Clockworks” in main menu.), but falls on various months throughout the epochal period of 800 years. [800 ÷ 20 = 40] (Gen. 5:3-4, 41:31 & Ex. 16:35) The 800 year Epoch is a period of time both historical and prophetic; as it marks the beginning of a new epoch which is the seventh since the Great Flood and the eighth since recreation of the earth beginning in Genesis 1:3.

To get to the “New Era” Seventh Epoch, we can only go back in time as was done in Chapter II of my little book. “Time and space are considered infinite and inseparable. I don’t think that any scientist on the planet will disagree with that. At some point in the space-time continuum, birth had to be given to all the inorganic matter we call the universe. Let’s try to find that point in time and follow it through. We will take this journey in our cozy little space-time ship called the U.S.S. Emeth with the Book of Data at its controls. With its gravity generator and inertia dampeners, there is no need for seat belts. Don’t worry; no one else exists to write us a ticket. So, off we go, back in time, into the vast darkness of the great infinite abyss called space. Note: Many sub-epochs divisible by 20 also mark numerous historical events, especially in the latter time of the sixth, but I’ll be general with the major 800 year epochs. May add a few of the most recent 20-year “mini epochs” just for fun! Example: The 1999 new $20 bill distribution with a “sign of the times” warning. (See “Can Money Talk?” in main menu) [1999 + 20 = 2019 > two flip-flop impeachments]

To go back in time from this astronomical event we will use simple math and some of the major historical events that were PRE-WRITTEN in Holy Scripture, mainly the “Timeline Prophecies of the Bible”. (See “Missing Links – Chapter VI” in main menu.) One major timeline is in Leviticus and the others are in Daniel and Revelation, with Revelation only duplicating one of Daniel’s, but in greater historical detail following its recording thousands of years prior to its coming to pass. The last 800 year epoch [2020 – 800 = 1220] was the sixth and greatest epoch of mankind with the latter half having the greatest increase in knowledge. (Dan. 12:4) Going backward in time, the others are: 1220 – 800 = 420 – 800 = – 380 or 380 BC + 800 = 1180 + 800 = 1980 + 800 = 2780 + 800 = 3580 + 800 = 4380. This will get us back to Eden in the recreation of the earth.

The Sixth Epoch 1220 to 2020 AD

*2020 – Revelation Countdown begins. (See “Missing Links – Appendix IV” in the main menu.) Satan was kicked out of heaven for last time accusing man and knows he has a very short time. A highly contested election in USA. Nation shaken.

The following 5 “Timeline Prophecies of the Bible” (Missing Links – Chapter VI) were written long before 5 BC, the birth of Jesus Christ, and were fulfilled during this Epoch Period:

*1335 years in Daniel 12:12 >> 2012 This was the + 45 to the end of the 1290 years in Daniel 12:11. [1967 + 45 = 2012] [2012 + 7 = 2019 + 7 = 2026]

*1290 years in Daniel 12:11 >> 1967 (second fulfilment) The dual fulfilment is based on the two weeks of years Jacob served his Uncle Laban for Rachel, then getting dupped after serving the first seven years in waiting. (Gen. 29:15-30) Also, 2012 + 7 (first week of years) = 2019 and + 7 (second week of years) = 2026 (sixth seal in Revelation) Who recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel? Also, known Prophetically as the House of Judah! (Ezek. 37:15-17) This prophecy began in 677 AD during the Muslim conquest and their move to the east.

* 2300 years in Daniel 8:1-14 >> 1967 (first fulfilment) The 6-day war that regained East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (first fulfillment and parallels the two weeks of years Jacob served for Rachel. This prophecy began in 333 BC.

* 3.5 times or 1260 years, the first of two, in Daniel 7:25 >> 1798 This prophecy began in 538 AD in the Fifth Epoch and came to 1798 when Napoleon imprisoned the Pope thus ending the reign of the “Holy Roman Empire”. It also corresponds with the “deadly wound in Revelation 13:3. This 3.5 times in Daniel is the same as in Revelation with John giving more detail for the last days and all its players.

* 7 times or 2520 years in Leviticus 26:18-28 >> 1798 for the House of Joseph’s two sons -Manasseh (USA) & Ephraim (UK and the Commonwealth of Nations) with the name “Israel” upon them (Genesis 48:8-20 *verses 16 & 19) and >>1922 for the House of Judah which became the State of Israel in 1948. {1948 – 1922 = 26 (13 tribes x 2 weeks of years) Note: Jacob had 12 sons, but Joseph became 2 tribes. Levi was the “Priest Tribe” and didn’t have a land for their own possession. Also, the USA (Manasseh) started off with 13 States and grew to 50, the number for Jubilee and counting 7 sabbaths complete following the Passover, then +1 = 50.}

The following are some mini-epoch periods of 20 years (JST’s – Cosmic Clockworks I) in the USA (Manasseh) just for fun: *2020 – 20 = 2000 > Y2K and a “hanging chad” contested election. *2019 – 20 = 1999 > two “flip-flop” impeachments 20 years apart. Year new $20 bill went into circulation. *1989 (Berlin Wall came down and S & L Scandal) + 20 = 2009 > Hillary Clinton becomes Secretary of State after being defeated by Obama in 2008 primary. *1992 + 20 = 2012 > Obama re-elected & Hillary still SOS. *1968 (Dr. King murdered) + 40 (2 x 20) = 2008 > USA elects first black president. *1941 (Pearl Harbor) + 80 (20 x 4 as in four more years?) = 2021 > Who will be sworn in as next president to begin the Seventh Epoch in 2021? {12/7/1941 is remembered as “A Day in Infamy”. Will 1/20/2021 be remembered as “The Day the Constitution Died”? {20 – 7 = 13 as number of tribes in Israel. Jacob had 12 sons, but Joseph two sons became two tribes. 12 tribes had land possessions, but Levi (the priestly tribe) did not.}

*1620 – Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock.

*1259 – Thomas Aquinas develops official Roman Catholic philosophy. (Colossians 2:8)

The Fifth Epoch 420 AD to 1220 AD     

*1215 – King John signs Magna Carta, foundation of modern democracy.

*1054 – Byzantine Empire breaks with Holy Roman Church.

*1026 – Early in 1026, Conrad was able to go to Milan, where Archbishop Ariberto crowned him king of Italy. After brief fighting, Conrad overcame the opposition of some towns and nobles and managed to reach Rome, where he was crowned emperor by Pope John XIX on Easter 1027. {This began the sixth millennial day epoch (1000 years > 2Peter 3:8) and final timeline of Daniel plus the two weeks of years (14 years) Jacob served for Rachel after being duped by his Uncle Laban (Gen. 29:21-30). [1026 + 1000 = 2026 (sixth seal – 2026) and adding the “great and terrible day” (Joel 2) or prophetic seventh seal year or the seven trumpets announcing the Lord Jesus Christ return as King of Kings. > Revelation Chapter’s 8, 9, 15 and 16.} Also, a 9.7 JST or 194 years before the close of the fifth epoch. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main men. (Ten is a Biblical number for “Completeness” as in the Ten Commandments of God.)

*745 AD – 3.5 times or 1260 years, second of two, in Daniel 12:7 >> 745 AD Began in 515 BC when the second Temple in Jerusalem was built. [515 BC + 1260 = 745 AD) This is the year of the Muslim split between the Abbasid family (Persian) and Umayyad (Arab) {745 – 750} In 750 the Abbasid family moved the capital of Islam from Damascus to Baghdad. 

 *677 AD – 1290 year prophecy in Daniel 12:11 begins.

*538 AD – The first 3.5 times prophecy in Daniel 7:25 began.

*425 AD – Angles, Saxons and Jutes invade Britain.

The Fourth Epoch 380 BC to 420 AD

*381 AD – Council of Constantinople adopts final “formula” for trinity doctrine that was incorporated into the Athanasian Creed. Formula had been in debate since the 325 council.

*358 AD – First 3.5 times prophecy of Daniel 7:25 began with the rise of the “Holy Roman Empire”.

*325 AD – Council of Nicaea, convened by Constantine, changes Lord’s Passover to correspond with the Roman Goddess of Fertility – Astra Week held in the Spring as a celebration to newness and regrowth. {She was the Queen of Heaven and consort to Saturn, God of Agriculture and the Sun whose festival (Saturnalia) was held during the days following the winter solstice.}

*321 AD – Constantine, Emperor of Rome, Adopts Roman Church Christianity and makes Sunday, the vernal day of the Sun and Saturn a day of rest (excluding Agriculture).

*70 AD General Titus destroyed second Temple during Jewish uprising.

*29 AD Seventy weeks prophecy in Daniel fulfilled. 458 BC > 24 BC > 25.75 AD > 29.25 AD (See “Seventy Weeks Prophecy” Missing Links – Chaptter VI.)

In 5 BC, Christ was born in the Spring of the year following the recorded sighting of a “supernova” star in south western sky by Chinese and Persian astronomers.

* 333 BC – The 2300 years in Daniel 8:14 began when Alexandra the Great conquered Jerusalem.

The Third Epoch 380 BC to 1180 BC

*380 BC – Darius III, grandson of Darius I in Daniel 11:1, was born in 380 BC and fell to Alexandria the Great in 333 BC when King of Persia.

*515 BC – The second Temple Built during reign of Darius I.

 *598 BC – Southern Kingdom Judah taken into captivity by King Nebuchadnezzar and the Prophet interprets his dream in Daniel 1 & 2.

*722 BC – Northern Kingdom Israel conquered and taken into captivity by Shalmaneser, King of Assyria.

*966 BC – First Temple built by King Solomon.

The Second Epoch 1180 BC to 1980 BC

*1446 BC – The Exodus when Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt.

*1876 BC – Jacob died and the children of Israel began a prosperous life in the Goshen Delta. (Genesis 50)

*1932 BC – Joseph was born, then sold to some Ishmaelite traders by Judah and his other brothers who carried him a slave into Egypt at age of 17. (Genesis 37)

The First Epoch 1980 BC to 2780 BC

*2023 – Twins Esau and Jacob born to Isaac and Rebekah.

*2083 – Isaac was born to Abraham by Sarah in her old age and received the promises and blessings of the Lord to Abraham.

*2183 – Abraham was born and called out by God and made a covenant and great promises.

*2374 – Peleg was born and the language was confounded at the Tower of Babel during his days.

*2475 BC – Year of the Great Flood with Noah and his family coming through it. For the world was wicked and the Lord sought to destroy it, but found Noah.

*2475 BC – Noah’s first son, Japheth was born.

*2492 – 2613 BC – The Great Pyramids of Giza were built. Job was the Architect. (Job 36:24-25)

Preflood Epoch I 2780 BC to 3580 BC

*3144 BC – Enoch died. (364 years prior to the beginning of First Epoch. He lived 777 years.)

*3509 BC – Enoch was born.

Preflood Epoch II 3580 BC to 4380 BC

*4131 BC – Restoration and recreation of the earth, then creation of Adam and Eve in a Garden of promise. But something went wrong!


The “First Earth Age” Ended due to the rebellion of Helyel!


Genesis 3, Luke 10:18, Isaiah 14:12-23, Ezekiel 28:11-19, Revelation 12

Note: 2 Pre-flood Epochs + 6 Post-flood Epochs = 8 – 800 year Epochs. The seventh Post-flood Epoch begins the seventh millennia (1000 year Epoch) which is a Sabbath rest of planet Earth from the influence of Satan over man after about 6000 years. (6150 + 7 seal years – See “The Great Pryamids of Giza” in main Menu.) The New Heavens and New Earth which comes after the 1000 year reign of Christ as Kings of Kings begins an eighth millennia. 8000 ÷ 800 = 10 as in Ten Commandments, and 10 is a number of completeness. Looks as if the eighth millennia, the beginning of a new millennial work week, for planet Earth is going to be a Judgement Week for the second resurrection, each in their order. (Dan. 12:2, Rev. 20:7-15, 1 Cor. 15:21-28, John 5:25-29)  


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