A Sabbath Message 5/22/21 – Divine Prime Number

For this post I would like to post one from a month ago posted on FB:

Sabbath Message 4/10/21

For today’s message I share the first part of Chapter 7 in my book Missing Links:

Chapter VII

The Divine Prime of Seven

The number seven represents Divine Perfection in the Holy Bible. (Gen. 2:2-3, Ps. 12:6) It is the divine prime number. Four represents completion. Ten represents government and law, and sometimes completion. The Ten Commandments are the complete spiritual laws for the entire universe. Is it only a coincidence that the first ten amendments to our Constitution is The Bill of Rights? There are also ten planks to the Communist Manifesto. [See Appendix I.]

There are four basic sevens in the book of Revelation. The seven messages to the churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven last plagues are the complete divine revelation. The seven messages to the seven churches are warnings for correction and prophecy. The seven seals outline God’s divine plan, history, and future for mankind. The seven trumpets are divine judgments announcing Christ’s return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The seventh trumpet is the seven last plagues. The seven days of recreation week, seven timeline prophecies, seven messages, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, and the seven last plagues, are seven sevens. [7 ´ 7 = 49] Pentecost is the counting of seven Sabbaths and adding one. Fifty is also the number for jubilee. (Lev. 23:15-16, 25:8-10) [72 + 1 = 50] There will be JUBILEE when Christ returns as King of kings! [At least for those prepared!]

The seven messages addressed to the seven churches were for edification. They had both good and bad aspects about them, and the church at Pergamos had two things against it. Those who held the doctrines of Ba’laam and the Nicolaitanes had infiltrated them. The falling away from the true gospel (The Gospel of the Kingdom of God) was predicted to happen before the return of Christ, and the Nicolaitanes are signaled out. (Rev. 2:12-17; 2 Th. 2:3-12, Act 6:9)

The doctrine of Ba’laam taught by Ba’lac was like that of Baalim as taught by the priests of Baal in the Old Testament. Baal (a Semitic word meaning lord, master, or husband) was the Canaanite deity or sun god. Shemesh was the Babylonian god of the spring sun. [The Hebrew word shemesh is translated sun throughout the Old Testament.] Ishtar (consort to Shemesh) was the Babylonian goddess of fertility (spring renewal and birth) and also known as Ashtaroth (Judges 2:13, 10:6; 1 Sam. 7:3-4, 12:10, 31:10), Ashtoreth (1 King 11:5; 2 King 23:13), and The Queen of Heaven (Jer. 44:18). The Babylonian Mystery Religion had its Greek and Roman parallels, but their mythologies had numerous variations. Most pagan religions had a sun or fire god. The Hebrew word for Lucifer is: Helyel – the bright and morning star. The sun of fire was his star, and Satan is the fallen Lucifer. The children of Israel constantly turned away from the true God and went whoring after the false god(s) of sun and/or fire.

The Nicolaitanes were a major sect of the Babylonian Mystery Religion and the seed of the apostate church that became more popular among the gentiles. The Greek word for Nicolaitanes is: Nikolaties – an adherent to Nicolaus, a teacher. From: Nikolaos – victorious over the people, a heretic named Nicolaus or Nicolas, a compound of: nikos (conquest, victory over) and loas (people in general). This sect became the harlot in Revelation 17. The Apostle Paul had warned of a falling away in his second letter to the Thessalonians. The Greek definitions for the key words are:

  • falling – aspostello – to set apart. By implication, to send out on a mission. From: stello – to repress.
  • away – apostasia – defection from the truth, or apostasy.
  • Apostle – Apostolos – a delegate, an ambassador of the Gospel as commissioned by Christ.

The above definitions themselves prove there were false Apostles proclaiming an apostasy about Christ while the true Apostles as taught by Christ were proclaiming the true Gospel. (Rev. 2:2; 2 Cor. 11:13-15; Matt. 24:5, 15:9, 7:15-23; 1 Ti. 4:1-10) Jude 24 also warned of this falling.  (aptaistos – not stumbling; fig. without sin – infallible)

The gentile converts were a very religious people within their pagan traditions. The Greeks were always ready to hear a new thing and well adept at mingling their philosophies. (Acts 17:16-23) Paul warned the Colossians not to be seduced by philosophy and men’s traditions. (Col. 2:8) A different wisdom was forming. The Hebrew word for WISDOMin Proverbs 9:1 is a feminine form of the prime word chakmowth. It is used only three other times. (Prov. 1:20, 24:7 and Ps. 49:3) In Proverb 9, she’s the fallen wisdom (Satan) that mingles truth with error (1-3). She speaks her mingled truths (4-12) then the first (alpha) true wisdom (Christ) rebukes her (13-18). She is the harlot that sits on seven pillars or mountains. (Ezek. 28:12-13; Prov. 8:22; Rev. 17:3, 18:7; Zech. 5:6-6:8) [The land of Shinar became the northwestern part of Babylon, which was also called Assyria. (Gen. 2:14) The city of Antioch located in the Roman providence of Asia (former Shinar) was the headquarters of early Christendom. (Acts 11:27-27) It is Antakya, Turkey today. Christian headquarters is now located in Vatican City, according to the Roman church.]

Fornication in scripture also means to mingle or proselytize with other beliefs.  There is a scriptural clue as to whom the Nicolaitanes were. In Acts 6 we find Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch in verse 5 and Libertines in verse 9. You don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to combine Nicolas and Libertines to get Nicolaitanes. The certain of the synagogue are the gentile converts who suborned men (caused to commit perjury) to the council of Jews about the things Stephen was saying concerning Moses and the temple. They became jealous of the great wonders and miracles that Stephen performed, which they were unable to do because they were not able to resist (did not exercise by self-restraint – opposed) the wisdom and spirit by which he spake. It was the people that chose the seven men, and then the twelve laid their hands upon them, but that does not mean that the other six had the spirit like Stephen. At least four were the conspirators!

Yawl have a restful day.


Want to add for your enjoyment a drama that could very well be a true historical story and there is no doubt about the conspiracy and cover-up that is part of the story.



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