The Way of the Dinosaurs

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Privacy has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Our science books told us that the dinosaurs became extinct through a gradual process, until a cataclysmic event wiped then all out. The meat eaters would eat the herbivores until they were all gone. Talk about cleaning your plate. Then the larger meat eaters would eat the smaller ones until only the largest meat eaters were left. Then a huge rock came from the heavens and destroyed them all, along with most everything else. If they could all have just gotten along!

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Wonder who was in charge of the earth in those days? (See Genesis 1:2 Catastrophe”.) Seems this sounds a bit familiar. After the earth was reformed and reseeded, and man was created to have dominion over it, there was our first parents, innocent and naked as a jay bird. Then one morning their creator found them hiding with fig leaves covering their privates. What the heck had happened? All knowing of course, their creator had to ask. Then came the blame game.

Well, here we are today still playing the same blame game with our privates still covered, except through certain media and in public barely, but our privacy fig leaves are disintegrating. The fourth amendment supposedly protects us from intrusion of government, but what about private enterprise?

Google’s New Deal With Hospital Chain Raises Concerns Over Big Tech’s Data Collection (

Can the Giant Techosaurous be brought down? As the big manosaurs eat up the smaller ones, we will see another rock from the heavens. Not all will be destroyed though! (Daniel 2:34-35, Zechariah 13:7-9, Matthew 24:21-22) 

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A stone cut out without hands


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