A Paranormal Event or Visitation?

I got a ride to town yesterday (6/3) to make a copy of a GIS map that was attached to the packet the Board of Equalization and Review handed me at my appeals hearing when the county tax office reassessed my property after a split. I split off a 1.6 acre parcel “fee simple” to my friend who had set up a single wide trailer on it in 2005. I had proposed to him that the rent would be applied if he wanted to buy the lot. We’ve had a verbal agreement throughout the years. It was set up close to the septic tank near to the old house which was torn down, burned and buried prior to an upcoming reassessment a few years later. After the reassessment, they reduced my tax value by only one third of what it was previously assessed for prior to it disappearing from satellite view. I wanted to contest the issue, but my Dad didn’t want to bother going to a hearing. I couldn’t do it because my name was not on the deed at that time; however, I was the heir.

Now that he has died and the deed is in my name, I contested and requested a hearing based on my initial reason that it was the most valuable part of the property. My property (per 2018 assessment) had 2 building lots [1 acre each] with .2 acres clear, 7 acres woodland [cleared 3 acres pre-logged woodland 1985-1991], 7 acres wetland which I was being taxed at $100 @ acre value because of the wetland classification on the county GIS map on record under “Wetlands NCDENR Approximation”. After I had requested the hearing, the tax office sent me an explanation that they “review my soils” and changed the wetland to woodland, increasing the assessed value by $13,300 along with changing the .2 acre cleared to 3.2 acres, which included the .6 acre that was part of the split. Why did they wait 30 years until the 2020 split? (Hum, 30 pieces of silver. Biblical Numerology?) When I called and explained the situation, the GIS guy said, “You just were lucky all those years.” No one from county had stepped one foot on my property, why less “reviewed my soils” or measure cleared land. Needless to say, I was pissed!

At the hearing they didn’t want to listen to the mathematical error or the new info that I had found in the State Statues waiting for my hearing date. From NCGS 143-214.5(d2):

“(6)        The property or portions of the properties that are not being developed will remain in a vegetated or natural state and will be managed by a homeowners’ association as common area, conveyed to a local government as a park or greenway, or placed under a permanent conservation or farmland preservation easement unless it can be demonstrated that the local government can ensure long-term compliance through deed restrictions and an electronic permitting mechanism. A metes and bounds description of the areas to remain vegetated and limits on use shall be recorded on the subdivision plat, in homeowners’ covenants, and on individual deed and shall be irrevocable.”

They told me at the hearing that the assessment will stand as is, and if I wanted to appeal to the State Tax Commission I could. I walked out and said, “I damn sure will!” I had contacted a County Commissioner earlier and he said he could not get involve while on appeal. After the hearing, I called him and I got a kind of brush off. I said I was appealing to the state level and he said that I would have to go through the process, that he would talk to a member of the panel that was a friend. Haven’t heard back.

When I got home from making copies of the map, I got on the PC to check on things and there were two new sites on the browser. One was -“NC DEQ: Wetlands” and the other “Tax Office”. I checked NC: DEQ first and saw that it had resources to go to for conserving wetlands. Then I went to the Tax office site and it had a section “GIS Maps”. I previously had searched and found the site and used it to file my appeal online. Didn’t pay any attention to the other sections to go to on the site prior to filing appeal. I just wanted to appeal. I did not save the site in my PC. Clicked it and played around trying to bring up my plot, totally lost as to what I was doing. It was trial and error! (Only have had internet and PC for little over a year.) Had to start over countless times. There was also a button “parcels”. I clicked and it had many things to scroll down and I found the “Wet lands NCDEHR approximation”. After about two hours of zooming and moving mouse, learning as I went, I had my plot with wetlands mapped out. (The map sent to the board was different!) The wetlands start at the back of the fenced hog pen area and encompass the next 7 acres on my plot, which is still in its natural vegetative state since God created it. Much of NW Onslow is classified as wetland – woodland and set up as pine tree farms managed by Weyerhaeuser and NC Forestry Division. (About 5,000 acres behind me and my neighbor’s property.) There are areas classified as wetland and my 7 acres is a “Bog”. Have learned all this while researching my dilemma. I do remember my Papa telling me once that half the land was classified as swamp land and worthless. I had found the “smoking gun”!

Have been working on my appeal that has to be post marked no later than 6/10. Will be getting a color ink cartilage today (6/4) to print what I have found. My appeal package requires 2 copies: one sent to the county tax office and the other the County Attorney’s Office. The original goes to the NC State Tax Commission. I did mention the fact that NC Medicaid has me as disabled and I am a Navy Vietnam Era Vet.

I am new to the internet and computer Windows 10. I just got this blog up 4/25. I know I have had what I call tech angels helping me along. Was this a paranormal event or visitation? I don’t believe in ghost and goblins, but I do believe in angels and yes there are demons too. This was a visitation as I have had several. My greatest visitation was in 1999. I call it my 7 thunders visitation. That’s another story! [A short version is at the end of Chapter XII on my little book.)

My tech angel has given me weapons to use at my next appeal to the state level. Will work on the main letter I want to add to the package. With the copy of the wetland map and other information I have found on wetlands, I now, although somewhat reluctantly, expect to hear from the County Attorney. I’m not a legal buff and have never done anything like this before. (Have been in jail before.) But I have to take this stand! In their pursuit to acquisition more money for the counties pet projects, the county tax office has violated state law in my opinion. I’m sure my angels will be with me. Prayers are always welcome. Since I’ve been following The Marshall Report, I guess I’m a little inspired by Sidney Powell and the CLM (Constitutional Lawyers Militia). My county tax assessor had messed around with a not so dumb old farmer! Standing Strong!


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