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From Missing Links Chapter V, (The Great Pyramids of Giza Post)

Due to erosion of the exterior blocks, the pyramid’s pitch angle measurement of 51 degrees and 52 minutes (51.8667°) would also need to be corrected. There are 60 minutes to a degree in nautical plotting and surveying. There is an 8-minute shortage to a full degree in the measured pitch angle. Utilizing the erosion factor 1.0667 and dividing it by the 8 short minutes of a degree, we get a .1333 erosion factor for the transit’s pitch angle measurement. When added to the angle measurement, we get an even 52 degrees. (51.8667 + .1333 = 52) [It is the number of weeks in a year.]

An erosion factor of .1333 degrees would have reduced the overall height by .1333 cubits or .19995 feet (.1333 degrees  × 1 cubit/degree = .1333 cubits × 1.5 foot/cubit = .19995 feet), which is not all that much considering 4,500 years of erosion and all the picking and prodding over the recent centuries. An even angle of 52° would also render a more perfect trigonometric right angle when laying it out on a scaled drawing. [The upper portion was exposed to the elements more that the lower portions that remained buried and protected by sand until its removal beginning in the 18th century.] Utilizing 52° as the pitch angle and 252.5 cubits (half of the 505 cubit base dimension) to form a right-angle triangle, the height calculates to 323 cubits or 484.5 feet. The hypotenuse of the right angle, which is the linear slope dimension, calculates to 410 cubits. [Basic Trigonometry]

With much searching in the Bible, I found that the number 15 has great significance. The 15th day of the first month is the first annual Sabbath following the Lord’s Passover. The 15th day of the seventh month is the Feast of Tabernacles, which is symbolic to Christ’s return and reign on earth. The 15th year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign was the year Christ began his earthly ministry. (Lev. 23, Luke 3) The hangings in the Court of the Tabernacle were 15 cubits (Ex. 27:14-15, 38:14-15). The hangings from the pinnacle of a pyramid are its four slopes. There are three sides to a triangle and five corners to a pyramid, and three Giza pyramids with five corners each. (3 x 5 = 15) If we take the 410-cubit slope dimension and multiply it by 15, we get 6150 cubits. Subtracting 2019 or 2020 from 6150 we get 4131 or 4130 cubits respectively. According to the Bible, the foundation of mankind is the creation of Adam and Eve. The foundation for salvation is our creator who hung on a pole and is the Chief Corner stone. (Is. 28:16-18; 1 Pet. 2:6) The foundation of a pyramid hangs by the slopes from its pinnacle, which is its chief cornerstone.

Was Adam and Eve created in the year 4131 or 4130 BC? From those dates to the present (2008) are 6139 or 6138 years. How did the early church historians calculate the creation as having taken place in 4004 BC? I honestly do not know, but the number of years from the creation of Adam to the present time can be accurately counted from the Bible and dependable historical records that are acknowledged by most if not all historians. The following list is from the Bible:

(1) Adam to Noah/flood – 1656 years (Gen. 5:3 thru 7:22)

(2) Noah/flood to Abraham – 292 years (Gen. 11:10-26)

(3) Abraham to Isaac – 100 years (Gen. 21:5)

(4) Isaac to Jacob – 60 years (Gen. 25:26)

(5) Jacob to his death in Egypt – 147 years (Gen. 47:28)

(6) Jacob’s death to the Exodus – 430 years (Ex. 12:40)

(7) Exodus to the first temple – 480 years (1 Kings 6:1-38)

      [1 – 7 totals 3165 years. See Appendix II for more detail.]

From dependable historical records, King Solomon reigned from 970-930 BC and began building the first temple in his fourth year or 966 BC. (1 Kings 6:1) King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it in 587 BC (2 Kings 25:8-9). During the reign of King Darius, I (521-486 BC), the second temple was built in 515 BC. (Ezra 6:15) It was destroyed by Rome in 70 AD. Adding the 3165 years from 1-7 above to 966 BC when Solomon started the first Temple, we get 4131 total years BC, or the date of Adam’s creation – 4131 BC. Adding 4131 BC years to our present 2008, we get a total of 6139 years. When 2019 AD is added to 4131 BC, we get 6150 years, or the same 6150 cubits from our corrected pyramid dimensions. Very interesting!, Arte Johnson routinely said. (See Appendix II)

{Today is 2021. 4131 years BC + 2019 (Daniel’s last timeline prophecy – See Chapter VI post) = 6150 years > Book originally published 2008. A Revelation countdown of an additional seven seal years is in Chapter VII of Book, republished September 2020.}

Appendix II

NameYear born (BC)Year died (BC)Age (years)
Adam & Eve4131 (created)3201930
Methuselah34442475 (Note 2)969
Noah30752125 (Note 2,4)950
Ham2575 (Note 1)??
Japheth2574 (Note 1)??
Shem2573 (Note 3)1973600
Peleg23742135239 (Note 5)
Abraham21832008175 (Note 4)


(1) Noah was 500 years old before he begat his three sons. (Gen. 5:32)

(2) The flood was 2475 BC. [3075 BC − 600 yrs. = 2475] (Gen. 7:6) Methuselah died in the flood 2475 BC. (Gen. 7:11)

(3) Shem was 100 years old 2 years after the flood. (Gen. 11:10-11)

(4) Noah lived 350 years after the flood. (Gen. 9:28) Abraham was 58 years old when Noah died and may have known him.

(5) The language was confounded at the tower of Babel during the years of Peleg between 2374 and 2135 BC. (Gen. 10:24, 11:1-9)

(6) The Exodus was 1446 BC. [1876 – 430 yrs. = 1446)

(7)The first Temple was built 966 BC [1446 – 480 yrs. = 966] (1 Kings 6:1, See page 86.)

[2020 Revision Addition]

Joseph was sold into Egypt at age 17. (37:2) He was given charge over all Egypt during the 7 plenty & 7 famine years when 30. (41:46) He was expert at record keeping and knew the Egyptian Hieratic script (25 letter alphabet – 3000± BC). He was married to the Priest’s daughter! (41:45) By 17, I’m sure Jacob taught him to read and write the family’s native Mesopotamian Semitic Akkadian script (59 letter alphabet – 2350± BC) before being sold. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were wealthy and literate! Joseph merged the two into a Semitic upgrade of Hieratic script. Moses was educated while in Pharaoh’s house some 400 years later. Hebrew has 24 constants and 10 vowel points (32). Recent evidence discovered in the Sinai and the Arabian Peninsulas are proof. Egotistical blind professionals say – not so! Too damn ashamed!

Joseph brought his entire family to Egypt in the second year of the famine. (45:6) Jacob lived in Egypt for 17 years until his death in 1876 BC. (47:28) Joseph was 56 when his father died. [30 + 7 +2 + 17 = 56] Joseph was born 1932 BC. [1876 + 56 = 1932] Joseph died 1821 BC. (50:26) [1932 – 110 = 1821] The Holy Bible is the most accurate History book on the planet! The Egyptian time period that Joseph and the children of Israel prospered in Goshen was the 12th Dynasty. Goshen was called the land of Rameses, Ramesses or Ramses in Genesis, which was a Hebrew blending of Sesostris I, II, III and Amenemhat II – Risamenses, Rimesses or Rimses. Over the course of time the Israelites were probably taxed by successive administrations into slavery. Sound like 1776 to 2020? Since 1913, 17 Administrations in 107 years have done the same!

Joseph was given a royal burial. (41:39-44) He acquired all the wealth of the Egyptian and surrounding people, both money and land, but only retained one fifth for the Priests, his family, then himself. The other 4/5ths was Pharaoh’s for famine recovery and building the 12th Dynasty! (47:1-27) When main street bailed out WALL STREET in 2008, main street suffered its 4/5ths. Now that main street is suffering and WALL STREET is booming (Aug. 18th) where the hell is main street’s 4/5ths?]


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