Typical Topping House

Remember the old saying when one would head out the door to go to work? “Gotta bring home the beacon.” Used to raise a few pigs for the feeder pig auctions in Wallace, NC in the mid 1980’s until the rise of Murphy Farms, which eventually put all independent hog farmers out of business. Later, they sold out to Smithfield Foods. In 2013, they sold out to China. Well, ever since China bought Smithfield Foods, think one might be bringing home a little slice of the CCP’s prosperity?  

(1) “In May 2013, Shuanghui announced its intention to buy Smithfield Foods for $34 per share, or about US$4.72 billion total. Including assumed debt, the total value of the deal was about $7.1 billion.”

(2) In 2016, Smithfield Foods acquired California-based Clougherty Packing from Hormel Foods for $145 million. Numerous brands were included in the acquisition such as Farmer John and Saag’s Specialty Meats. Clougherty had a large selection of pork products and a large sales network in the southwestern United States. Smithfield also acquired hog farms in Arizona, California, and Wyoming as part of the deal.”

Quotes 1 & 2 are from: WH Group – Wikipedia >>Notice the $$$ warning at the top of the page! Wonder who’s pockets that came from?

Ever since it was purchased by Wan Long, one of China’s richest men and CEO, the path to global empire building has stealthily grown into one of China’s many capitalist achievements, which are all in support of the CCP, with most being members. Does the CCP have totalitarian control of its capitalist enterprises? China’s Rich Lists Riddled With Communist Party Members (forbes.com)

Meanwhile, on the home front: Weekly Outlook: Pork Tariffs Sour Industry Outlook | Successful Farming (agriculture.com)

Feeder pigs heading to Topping Houses

Today Smithfield Foods and many other American food processing enterprises are all part of the WH Group. Don’t know about yawl, but that is a bit scary.

Curious about all this? Go to: wanzhou holdings and the ccp – Bing

The beast that is rising is a most complex beast. It is a system that has many tentacles. It spits in the face of democratic capital laws, which in and of themselves, some are suspect. The Meng Wanzhou Case Speaks to China’s Diplomatic Paranoia – The Diplomat

The seed of what is full grown today was planted in 1899-1900. Open Door Policy (thoughtco.com)

Being temporarily closed until the near end of Vietnam, it was reopened. The Opening of China » (nixonfoundation.org)

A thousands years to man is as a day to God. (2 Peter 3:8) Since the seed was planted in 1900, to 2020 when one stood strong against China then deposed of by the Globalists with assistance from the CCP, 120 years have passed. (6 JBT’s – See Cosmic Clockworks) In God time, that would be 120 years divided by 1000 years times 24 hours per day since God set the ordinance of the earth’s rotation. (120 ÷ 1000 x 24 = 2.88 hours) 120 years to man has been about 2.88 hours to God in HIS quantum of space and time. The 120 years seems really familiar. Oh! See Genesis 6:3. It was in the days of Noah!

In 2016, the CCP got a thorn in its side. It found ways to remove that thorn, at least for the time being. Forsake evil and come out of Babylon, for her judgement is near. Stay strong and pray! LOLGB+


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