MISSING LINKS – Chapter I – The Great Debate

Chapter I

The Great Debate

The most sacred of all our freedoms is the freedom of choice. Although it is only implied and supposedly guaranteed by our constitution, today’s young minds are being denied that most scared of all freedoms. How? Choice inherently requires at least two options. Can a person make a choice without options to choose from? When alternative options are denied, so is freedom of choice! In our public schools, the alternative option currently denied is the other theory concerning the origin of man. Did man evolve from apes, a common ancestor, or was all matter and all the life forms composed of that matter, including man, created by a supreme intelligence?

The great conflict began in 1925 when John T. Scopes was convicted for teaching “the theory of evolution” in a public school. Prior to that historical event, creation was the only theory of man’s origin that was taught. After his conviction, the state of Tennessee banned its teaching, but the ACLU rushed to his aid defending his right to teach it. Evolution has since become (evolved into) the foundation of all science taught in public schools and universities today, but any theory of creation has become the “forbidden fruit” due to the misunderstanding of separation of church and state. No state can respect a single freedom of religious practice!

 The theory of evolution has evolved into a religion. As the only theory allowed explaining the origins of life, it is taught as if a scientific fact. Is a theory a fact? If theory is not a fact, then why can’t two opposing theories be equally taught side by side, and then students allowed freedom in choosing the one they deem the most creditable? Isn’t the goal of education to expand the intellectual use of the human mind? Can the ACLU set aside its hypocrisy in the interest of freedom of choice and support the equal representation of any creation theory with evolution’s, which is currently endorsed by the State? The guaranteed freedom of religious expression is where freedom of choice is implied. Can freedom of choice be truly maintained when an expression of a theoretical option is denied?

There have been efforts to introduce life by intelligent design alongside evolution, but the great defender of freedom of choice will not allow it. The ACLU argues that teaching any theory of creation would violate the separation of church and state. It is true that no single theology (theory) can be established or respected by the State. The First Amendment of our Constitution forbids it! Isn’t the State’s respect of an established theory (evolution) over another (creation) unconstitutional?

The ACLU devoutly defends a woman’s right to abortion yet neglects those of the sperm donor. It has defended voting rights for all Americans, except Floridians in 2000 and 2008. It supports the civil rights of alternative lifestyles but opposes a distinct definition of the institution of marriage. It supports sex education and birth control but opposes the teaching of abstinence. It defended John Scopes’ right to teach the theory of evolution, but is hell bent on not allowing a theory of creation to be equally taught, thus denying the young minds of this country the same freedom of choice it so relentlessly defends. Is not that the very definition of hypocrisy? Can you have your cake and eat it too? I do know what their letters stand for, but I have a suspicious idea of what they may now actually represent.

Science itself has poked some significant holes in the theory of evolution. The term evolutionary design is now used. Doesn’t the very concept of design inherently demand that there be a designer? Modern day advancements in genetics strongly indicate an intelligent design in all life forms. Today, we have genetic mapping, DNA finger printing, and genetic engineering. To engineer something is to first design then construct it, and the engineer is its designer. Engineering demands the understanding of its knowledge, which requires intelligence. Gaining knowledge is one thing, but the wisdom to utilize it is another. How many Doctor Frankenstein’s are working in secret places? How many deadly biologically engineered organisms been created? Is a global beast system being secretly engineered? Who is its designer and engineer?

I think that the scientific knowledge we have today can prove creation, or at least propose a more credible theory. Can our knowledge in science prove the existence of a SupremeDesigner? Could the Bible be scientifically investigated by setting aside the theological chaos that exists among its various religions? I’d like to suggest that it could be done. We should at least be able to propose a more logical theory than accidental evolution without intelligent design. Our increased knowledge was prophesied. (Dan. 12:4)

Which of the two theories, evolution or creation, offers the most hope for man? Can technology solve the planet’s problems facing us today? Technology has brought about many luxuries, but usually at great environmental expense. Electrical power and automobiles are ideal examples. Life became more comfortable after the discovery of electricity and much faster with cars, but fossil fuels and coal cause air pollution, and nuclear power plants generate deadly radioactive waste that takes millions of years to decompose. Will hydrogen, wind, and solar technology become mankind’s salvation?

Many advances have been made in solar power, thanks to the increased knowledge in quantum mechanics (the electromagnetic qualities of light). We hear much about solar power cells. Solar power is often made available at no cost to some people in remote areas without electrical power; however, homeowners cannot find any reasonably priced systems at our local home improvement centers. Systems are available, but the cost is too high for most people. Why is this technology so costly? If this renewable source of electric energy were suddenly made available at a reasonable cost, what would the CEO’s and stockholders of the major energy corporations do? What would happen to their multiple billions in profits?

What about hydrogen for cars? What would it really cost to produce hydrogen? It is part of that thing called H2O or water. The best way to produce hydrogen is to separate it from oxygen through the electrolysis process, which is the sudden chemical decomposition of the H2O by a DC electric current. The process is expensive, unless the water is a brine solution (saltwater). Ever get a mouthful of seawater while swimming in the ocean? Since solar panels produce a DC current, and oceans are full of saltwater, we could build hydrogen plants with solar panel roofs, pump seawater into tanks, drop the DC electrodes into the tanks of saltwater, flip a switch, and literally shock the hydrogen right out of the seawater. What would we do with the oxygen byproduct? The biggest obstacle may be the ownership of our inalienable right to the sun’s energy and Charlie’s hydrogen of the sea. They are gifts from our Creator, but he could send us a sunlight and seawater bill. What happens when your light bill is not paid?

Congressional budgets have increased funding for the research and development of ethanol, but cut funding for wind, hydrogen, and solar. If you were a farmer and corn earned the most money per acre, what would you plant? When the price of tortillas, cornflakes, and daily bread gets as high as a tank of gas, blame the government, not farmers! What would happen if our government spent half as much money on the availability of existing solar, wind, and hydrogen technology as it does on trying to democratize Theocratic Islamic countries? We could tell all the oil producing countries in the world to kiss our energy loving asses! Then, we can feed our excess corn to the poor. Think of all the hearts and minds we could win, and never have to drop a single bomb. Smart ones are expensive!

Technology has brought us into the computer age. Advancements in its technology have grown so fast that any product purchased today becomes Smithsonian within a year or two. Frequent system upgrades, reformatting, and new adaptability devices are constantly required. Most human beings you see on the street have a gadget of some sort in their hands or pockets. Kids have camped out in front of stores waiting for the newest thing. It’s like being addicted to marijuana. I shouldn’t laugh, having been once busted for growing four little plants. I bet it is easier to abstain from marijuana than put down a cell phone, Play Station, iPod or blackberry. How often do you see kids reading books? Fingers and thumbs can turn pages too!

Most religions offer hope for a better future, but the multitude of denominational theology and philosophy that presently exists in the world has settled a great fog on the truths that can be found in the Holy Bible. It is the only source of information that fully explains creation, which is a common theme among many religions, but the ACLU will not allow its theory of creation to equally stand side by side with the theory of evolution. Does that defend the equal rights of all taxpayers who fund the freeeducationforallchildreninpublicschools, which is the tenth platform of the Communist Manifesto?(See Appendix I) Do all taxpayers funding public education have an equal right in the representation of the origin of life curriculum? Both creationists and evolutionists pay taxes. Was not the Revolutionary War based upon taxation without representation? The displays of the Ten Commandments are stripped down from many public buildings. Doesn’t the ACLU know the Ten Commandments and many other biblical statutes form the very foundation of our justice system?

The biggest problem with evolution’s Origin of the Species is the biological fact that an outside ionizing force was needed to begin the formation of the more complex molecules. From my college biology textbook: “For life to appear, somehow these simpler molecules had to be joined together. The trouble was that the molecules, by themselves, had no tendency to join. They could coexist quite nicely side by side for an indefinite period.” Dinosaurs did not evolve from a chaotic cesspool of biological soup, and neither did the human beings of today evolve from apes, nor a common ancestor with the apes. Today’s advancements in genetics can substantiate the creation theory more than the evolution theory. Biological knowledge is the understanding of how any living organism functions, not how they came to exist. Did life begin from a chaotic cesspool of biological soup with no intelligent course of direction or purpose? Is the universe a creation for the liberty of humankind? (Rom. 8:19-21)

I may have discovered the biggest hole in evolution’s theory during my search for some chromosome count information. I knew that humans had 46 or 23 pairs. Apes (chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas) have 48 or 24 pairs. I have yet to find any chromosome count information on the other primates (monkeys and lemurs). I did find the number of chromosomes for sheep, pigs, cattle, chickens, corn, and soybean seeds. Since genetic engineering has supposedly advanced production in agriculture, I suppose that I will just have to wait until there is a demand for monkey and lemur meat. Where will the processors find immigrant workers for those critters?

Taxonomists have divided all the species on planet earth into classifications. Although there are some disagreements among them, the general order of species classification is: kingdom – phylum – subphylum – class – order – family – genus – species.  A species is considered as any organism that can successfully reproduce.

In the order of Carnivora, dogs and wolves are often considered different species, but that cannot be, because they do interbreed. Dogs are a prime example of microevolution, which can happen within a species or genus. In this case, the correct term is really hybridization. When man began to live in cities and created garbage piles, some lazy wolves found an easy source of food. After relatively few generations, there were minor changes in their characteristics. When they became unafraid of man and found useful as guard dogs, man began selectively breeding them for a variety of useful tasks. That is why we have various breeds today. Since the 18th century, man has selectively breed dogs simply for their looks, and some are not so pretty. Recently, Poodles and Labradors were interbred to produce Poodledors or Labradoddles. [Is there a Poodle for my chocolate lab – Choco?]

Primata is one of the twelve orders, not tribes, of mammals subdivided into the lemur, monkey, and ape families which includes the human species. Shouldn’t the ape family be divided into chimpanzee, orangutan, and gorilla genus? The man family skips genus and is a single species. The missing link between the ape family and the man species is genus. Confused? The Bible’s book of Genesis may hold the answer to that dilemma. Although man is a single species, we have many races, but we all have the same number of chromosomes and do interbreed. Variety is a beautiful thing, as with chickens. They are a single species of domesticated fowl with a variety of breeds that do interbreed. If you were to put Rhode Island Reds, White Leg Horns, and Blue Bantams in the same pen, in time you would have Red, White, and Blue chickens. They could be called Star Spangled Bantams and their eggs used for America’s breakfast of patriots. [Are you laughing?]

Any living cell in all living plant or animal organisms contains within its nucleus a specific number of characteristic chromosomes that identifies its species. The number of chromosomes in any species of living organisms is always divisible by two; thus, they are more often called pairs. Humans have 23 pairs, and all three genera of the ape family have 24 pairs. Wouldn’t the higher superiority within a genus or family require extra genetic information to be written in its genetic code? I tend to think that an extra pair of chromosomes would be necessary to contain that additional geneticinformation in order to justify the superiority of the higher species within a genus or family. Can a decrease of information in the genetic code of family – genus – species establish superiority in an evolutionary chain? Did ape evolve from man, but remain inferior? Are apes superior to man? This is what I consider to be the major MISSING LINK in evolution.

There are three major religions that hold their beliefs to the same Creator God. Judaism believes God is monotheistic, and most of Christianity believes that God is a Trinity. Islam also believes God is monotheistic, but Mohammed is his primary and last Prophet. All three acknowledge the same Creator God but have killed each other for almost two thousand years over their differences. Some are still at it! During the Protestant Reformation, Christians killed other Christians.

The major difference between the three is the man Jesus. Judaism claims he was just a good teacher, while some of the more radical claim he was crazy. In 29 AD, the Jews insisted the Romans crucify him, and they deny his divinity to this very day, which is technically anti-Christ. Christianity claims that Jesus was the Son of God, crucified by the Romans at the request of the Jews, but resurrected, ascended to his father, and will return at the end of days to fly them away from the madness that will take place before the end of the world. Islam claims that he was born of a virgin, a prophet, but not the Son of God; however, he will return to fight the Antichrist. [I don’t know if Mohammed is supposed to return and assist him or not.]

The three have their own holy books but share in some of them. Judaism has the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and the Talmud. Christianity also uses the Hebrew Bible, but with the addition of the New Testament. Islam has the Koran but share in the books of Moses up to a point, and maybe the Prophets. They claim that Mohammed was the last of a long line of prophets preceded by Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Their other major difference concerns Abraham’s first two sons. Ishmael was born first by his wife’s handmaid Hagar, and then Isaac was born to him by his wife Sarah in her old age. Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac as a test of faith, but God stopped him at the last second and provided a lamb. Although not specifically stated in the Koran, Muslims believe that it was Ishmael and not Isaac, but the Old Testament states that it was Isaac. (Gen. 22)

All the geological evidence of earth’s history dating back millions of years disproves the claim that the earth was created a little over 6,000 years ago. When utilizing the Bible and secular records, we can count from the creation of Adam (4131 BC) to the present (2008) and arrive to a total of 6139 years. Some claim the six days of creation weren’t days as we count days because one day to God is like 1000 years to man, and Adam wasn’t created until the end of the sixth day. That line of thought adds another 6,000 years, but our planet is billions of years old. Although man is much more recent, Adam did not live with a bunch of nut-cracking and vegetarian dinosaurs as some idiots like to claim.

The confusion can be easily answered. [The Bible interprets the Bible!] Genesis 1:2 states: “And the earth was without form…”. The word was is from the Hebrew word hayahmeaning: to be, to become, come to pass, or as a past tense adverb became. Isaiah 45:18 states: “…He created if not in vain…”. The translation without form in Genesis and vain in Isaiah were translated from the same Hebrew word tohu: to lie waste, a desolation, a worthless thing, adverbially – in vain. The earth was not created in the condition stated in Gen. 1:2. If God is a creator of perfection, then what we really have is a lapse of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:3. It is often referred to as the MISSING TIME, but to be truly objective and totally honest, let’s call it the MISSING LINK in creation.

Now that we have evolution and creation on an even platform with each having a missing link, let’s discuss the history behind the evolution theory. A French contemporary, George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon (1707-1788) proposed in 1753 that in addition to the animals of creation there were lesser families conceived by nature and produced by time. He claimed there were imperfections in the Creator’s expression. A decade later, Erasmus Darwin, Charles’ grandfather, suggested that the formation of the species was also due to competition and environmental changes. [Let’s keep in mind that all this was mere human speculation with no supporting facts.]

During the days of the French Revolution, Napoleon’s General Berthier captured the Pope and imprisoned him to France in 1798. Napoleon had completely dissolved the Holy Roman Empire by 1804, and France had become an atheist nation with the majority claiming that there was no God. It was during those darkest of days that Jean Baptiste de Lamarck (1744-1829) claimed that not only had one species given rise to another, but man himself had risen from other species.

In 1831 Charles Darwin sailed to the Galapagos Islands aboard the Beagle as a Naturalist to record various types of life. Prior to his departure, he obtained Charles Lyell’s (1797-1875) first publication, “Principles of Geology”. Lyell had rejected the commonly held Biblical thesis that the earth had been created in the year 4004 BC, which at that time was the commonly held date. During the voyage, Darwin observed and wrote about many fascinating species living on the islands, which can be observed today. No new ones have evolved, but a Giant Tortoise may remember Charles!

In 1798, the Reverend Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) had published an essay warning of the danger in overpopulation. He had made the assessment that as man continued to geometrically spread out, he would soon outstrip his food supply, therefore creating a world of misery and vice. [What would he say if alive today? I think that he could rightfully say, “I told you so.”]

In 1858, Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913) had outlined his thesis on Natural Selection and ready to publish it but waited until Darwin had pulled together all his notes and prepared his paper, Origin of the Species. Together, they presented their work to the Linnaean Society of London in 1859. In 1871, Darwin published Descent of Man claiming that man and ape had evolved from a common ancestor. He recanted before he died. Scientific research has proved many of his concepts wrong, but they are still taught.

It should be noticeably obvious that the theory of man evolving from or with apes has its roots in atheism. There are only two possible positions to choose from: You are an Atheist and your religion is the belief in evolution with no intelligent evolver, OR, you are a Creationist and your religion is the belief in creation by a supremely intelligent creator. Will the ACLU allow both theories to stand side by side with equal rights and let students exercise their own freedom of choice? If not, then take that damn evolution religion out of the schools and let true separation stand! Remember the Stephen King novel, “The Stand”? We are at the closing chapter, and it’s time to take one. Is it possible that an intelligent evolution of matter is relative to creation? E = mc2 is the proven equation for all relative mass-energy relationships. Inverted it is: man (matter) = E ÷ C2.

Although our increased knowledge in science has been utilized to enforce evolution as the sole theory for man’s existence, it can also equally support if not prove creation. Knowledge in the biological sciences is very dependent upon the physical sciences, which are the more absolute sciences. The student in a beginning biology class is first taught that man evolved from or with apes, then atoms, ions, electron shells, molecules, ionization, and oxidation are discussed in order to explain the complex processes of the amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and peptides. The physical sciences have fundamental laws, and mathematics is its pure language. Can basic physics and math prove creation? Biology can only explain how a living organism functions, but it cannot explain how inorganic matter became organic. It cannot explain how organic matter became intelligent either!

The architecture of ancient Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome prove there was great mathematical and geometric knowledge during those eras but declines and stagnation had its times as well. Much knowledge was lost during the Dark Ages, but knowledge began to rapidly increase in the late 15th century AD. In 1945 it literally mushroomed! (Dan. 12:4) The following list, although not complete, gives an idea of the progression to our present-day knowledge:

1489 – Johann Widman introduced the + and – signs to arithmetic.

1628 – Rene Descartes introduced analytical geometry.

1631 – William Oughtred introduced the ´ as a multiplication sign. 

1642 – Blaise Pascal invented the first calculating machine.  [It was a mechanical type and is now in the Smithsonian.]

1656 – Isaac Newton developed the principles of integral calculus and the law of gravity. [Math came first, but gravity’s law obviously came to him after the apple fell on his head.]

1703 – Gottfield Leibnitz developed the binary system of mathematics. [It became the language of computers.]

1766 – Leonhard Euler founded the science of pure mathematics. [This is the pure language of the science of physics.]

1785 – Charles Coulomb discovered the rules of electrical force. [This wasn’t too long after Ben Franklin flew his kite.]

1789 – Antoine Lavoisier discovered the principles of modern-day chemistry. [It ended the era of wizards. Bye – bye, Merlin Potter!]

1803 – John Dalton explained the atomic nature of matter. [This was the foundation of today’s nuclear physics.]

1819 – Hans Christian Oersted discovered electromagnetism and the principles behind magnetic fields. [It is the spirit of energy!]

1821 – Michael Faraday discovered the principle of electromagnetic induction. [Its application was critical to the invention of the electric motor. Ten years later in 1831 he applied the reverse principle for the invention of electric generators.]

1873 – James Maxwell discovered electromagnetic Radiation. [It is the electromagnetic waves that carry energy in the form of oscillating (pulsating) electric and magnetic fields. It led to the understanding of alternating current (AC) that made long distance distribution of electricity to your outlets possible.]

1895 – Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays. [Ever have one?]

1900 – Max Planck originated quantum theory. His concepts were later extended and applied by Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and others, which revolutionized the science of physics.

1902 – Pierre and Marie Curie discovered the radiant energy emitted from radium.  [Radium is a natural radioactive element.]

1905 – Albert Einstein published The Theory of Relativity and the equation E = mc2. [Jewish born, he believed in a creator, but was more interested in the process of creation. If knowledge is indeed divinely revealed, then he was the prophet to physics.]

1913 – Niels Bohr applied Plank’s quantum theory to subatomic physics. [This led to The Big Bang Theory.]

1925 – Erwin Schrodinger developed the science of wave properties found in atomic particles. Wave mechanics are a form of quantum mechanics. [This is the foundation of solar energy technology. This technological arena is one in which we should make a quantum leap to energy independence!]

1924 – Thomas John Watson founded IBM Corp. and pioneered its development of electronic computers. [Microsoft came later.]

1927 – Neils Bohr produced the first fission reaction in uranium. [He is considered the father of modern Nuclear Physics.]

1928 – Chandrasekhara Raman discovered particles in visible light. [This was essential to solar energy technology. Why didn’t solar energy technology grow as fast as nuclear energy’s?]

1929 – Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska invented the electron microscope. [Man can now see The Real Atom Family!]

1931 – Karl Jansky developed radio astronomy. [We can now listen to the stars in Heaven – not Hollywood! Is anybody out there?]

1932 – John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton bombarded lithium with protons. [During World War II lithium hydride and lithium borohydride were used as sources of hydrogen.]

1940 – John Randall invented the cavity magnetron. [It was critical to the advancement of radar during WW II.]

1942 – Enrico Fermi, and his team of scientists, achieved the first sustainable nuclear reaction during the Manhattan project.

1945 – J. R. Oppenheimer, Arthur Compton, Enrico Fermi, and Leo Szilard detonate the first atomic bomb. [The rest is history.]

1952 – Edward Teller and Igor Kurchatov invented and built the first hydrogen bomb. [Unlike fission, fusion cannot be contained!]

1962 – Digital Corp. U.S. developed the first minicomputer.

1973 – Trong Truong invented the first microcomputer.

These advancements have only occurred within the last 520 years, a very short period compared to the 6139 years since the creation of Adam. We now live in a computerized nuclear age. [Scary thought when cyber-terrorists are taken into consideration.] The Scriptures tell us that know-ledge would be increased in the latter days, and that all things can be used for good or evil. Have greed and the lust for power ever taken advantage of technology? Can today’s hi-tech devices be used for evil purposes?

There are three main areas in the physical sciences, which have basic and fundamental laws. They are the energy-mass relationship, electro-magnetism, and gravitational relativity, which I prefer to call the knowledge ofscience. The three sciences of Geology (the study of the earth’s crust), chemistry (the blending of substances), and biology (the study of life both plant and animal), I call the understanding of science. The only laws I can think of that relate to the understanding of science is for the archeologist to not to fall in his hole, the chemist to not blow himself up, and the biologist to not let any dangerous bugs get loose. These are very wise safety rules. The number six is associated with humanity in scripture, and seven is the divine prime number of God’s perfection. The thing missing from man’s scientific knowledge and understanding is the wisdom in its utilization. Why do governments and militaries always get first crack at new knowledge and technology? Why is conservational technology so ignored?

Just what, how, and why is man? What separates us from all the other animals, puts us on top, and gives us dominion over the earth? All animals, including man, have instinct. Do they have intelligence? Choco, my chocolate Labrador was smart. [I never found him a poodle. He died 08-08-08. I found his six-month-old daughter from a white Pitt Bull. Coco is a Pittador.] PBS aired a special about dogs’ intelligence. With training, a dog’s sense of smell can be utilized for a variety of useful tasks. Some were being trained to detect cancer. Chimpanzees are intelligent. Some have been taught sign language. If the great apes had evolved into the superior species, would they experiment on humans as we do them? Remember the movies – Planet of the Apes? Would some consider it as inapeuman? Do animals have memory and recall? Chimpanzees can remember how to arrange geometric shapes with training. Dogs can remember which color ball to retrieve. Instinct and intelligence are directly related to memory and recall, which is what makes dogs and chimps smart.

 Do animals have self-awareness? I think that all animals are self-aware to some degree. Put a chimp in front of a mirror, and he will reach out to touch the other chimp. When he realizes the other chimp is not there and begins touching himself, he will express curiosity or frustration. Do animals have emotions? The higher mammal species express emotion when their young die. Apes cling to their dead babies for days. Ever see a female dog bury her dead pup? Once, I discovered a dead pup and went to bury it. Its mother followed me, watched me bury it, and then spend some time at the site before returning to her litter. I think that emotions are directly related to self-awareness. Do humans become emotional when they look in a mirror?

Those five aspects of animal nature, which can also be called dimensions or senses, can also be considered human nature. They are the five dimensions of all animal nature. That brings us to a sixth dimension or the sixth sense. The biblical number for man is six! What separates man from all the other animals? The only thing man has that no other animal possesses is the sense of morality. Animals don’t care where they piss, crap, or copulate. You can effectively house train a pup, but you cannot get a male dog to do a damn thing when there is a nearby bitch in heat. [That is how Coco came to pass! Her mother was a mile away. Her owner was pissed off at me. Choco had a damn good sense of smell!]

Morality is simply the knowledge of good and evil. You can call it good and bad, righteousness and wickedness, right and wrong, left and right, up and down, or any other opposing aspects in the prime of two, but it is what it is. No other animal in the animal kingdom possesses this capability. Where did it come from? Did it miraculously evolve, or was it created? It isn’t genetic because it is not in our genetic code, and there are no chromosomes for it. We often say to our pets, “good or bad boy or girl”, but that is simply a part of the conditioning process in training them.

Morality could not have evolved through natural selection. The only true source to find it is the Holy Bible. Not only did God give Adam and Eve intellect, He gave them Freedom of Choice. Did man create or choose the knowledge of good and evil? There is the evolution of morality and/or immorality by the reasoning of man. We have numerous criminal codes that are Biblically based and our prisons are full of murders, rapists, thieves, extortionists, child abusers, but maybe soon some for not having any health insurance. Shouldn’t we concentrate on greater moral issues such as teen pregnancy, abortion, cloning, usury, corporate greed, bullying, violence, war, political corruption, bearing false witness under oath, bribery, forcing democracy on others, and using human food for automotive fuel?

Can we come up with a theologically unbiased approach to The Theory of Creation? The Bible is the only source of information. Can we devise some rules of scientific investigation, similar to those of scientific experimentation and observation, in order to form an objective scientific method to investigate what the Bible really has to say concerning creation? Let’s try to set up some rules that might be satisfactory to the ACLU. The following will be the rules:

(1) The Bible cannot be called the Bible. It will be called “The Book of Data” and shall only guide our investigation.

(2) Only the invisible realm will be investigated. The creation of man will be the conclusion of the investigation.

(3) The words God, Lord, Word and/or Jesus cannot be used. Only the corresponding Hebrew or Greek terms will be utilized.

(4) Only the Hebrew or Greek names of spirit beings or angels can be used in Bible quotes and discussions.

(5) If the name of any human being is in a Bible quote, only their Hebrew or Greek word can be used. Information from the passage can be used, but it must not involve human passions or attributes that may infect the investigation.

(6) All Biblical quotations utilized shall be identified by its book, chapter, and verse at the end or beginning of each quote.

(7) God, no, it is the ACLU that forbids the Holy Bible to trespass the boundary of the taxpayers’ school property! This investigation will take place outside of the gravitational jurisdiction of planet earth. I don’t think the ACLU will mind that!

Does it sound impossible? Before we get started on chapter two, let’s first establish the basic terms and their definitions that will be utilized from the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries.


  • Elohiym – God(s) – plural in form but pronounced as singular. […Elohiym said, “let us create…”]
  • Elowahh – God, which is the singular form of Elohiym.
  • El – God as in The Almighty.
  • Yehovah – Translated Lord, it is also the Jewish name for God, and is the speaking part of Elohiym in The Old Testament.
  • Helyel – Lucifer, who was the anointed cherub.
  • Mosheh – Moses  
  • Adam – Adam – Hebrew name of first man. Derived from the improper noun:  adam – mankind as the human species.
  • Mal’ak – to dispatch as a deputy – a messenger, spec. of God i.e. an angel


  • Theos – The deity God as in the supreme divinity.
  • Logos – Something spoken as in the divine expression.
  • Michael – Michael, the chief prince or the archangel.
  • Aggello – to bring tidings; a messenger – an angel.
  • Archaggelos – a chief angel – archangel.

The Authorized King James (AKJ) translation of the Bible will be used because it was translated from the original Hebrew and Greek languages. Strong’s Complete Concordance will be used for all Greek and Hebrew definitions because it is indexed to the AKJ.

With the rules above, we can now begin our objective scientific investigation of The Theory of Creation from the world’s best-selling book, The Holy Bible. I do not know what the ACLU may think about the above rules, but all I can say is that famous line by Clark Gabel in the great classic film – Gone with the Wind: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

[2020 Revision Addition]

I heard on “The View” today (June 10, 2020) that Hollywood was going to remove the movie classic just mentioned. I honestly don’t know how they could effectively do that, but the idea itself is totally ludicrous. How many downloads have been made and copies possessed? They can stop showing it and nothing more!

If we start removing evidence of the past, then the future has no foundation to build upon. How can it? Society will never learn from its mistakes if the evidence of them or about them are removed. That is why the Jews that survived the Holocaust insisted the camps not be destroyed but remain and be maintained, not as a memorial, but as evidence of the atrocities committed there. That is something all folks in the south may want to consider. When it comes to the removal of Confederate Monuments, frankly, I don’t give a damn. I’m 65 and too damn old to care about such petty crap! You cannot change the future by erasing the past. You can only learn from it and move forward, but if you keep looking back all of the time, you’ll just run into another brick wall!

A similar problem exists in religion today. The old covenant is polluted by the philosophies adapted over centuries to the new covenant that has perpetually replaced the previous until the whole world is deceived and has no idea of the original truth in both the old and the new testaments of the Word of God. Yes, it was written by men, BUT – by the inspiration of God! It’s a miracle that the Holy Bible has been preserved thru the millennium, and for centuries has been available to the common folk, thanks to the invention of the printing press. It is true that the full definition of terms in the original language have been lost in translation, but another miracle came to pass in the 1800’s when another inspired writing was made. The Strong’s Concordance, indexed to the KJV English translation, is a dictionary of English terms used in translation of the original languages in which the New and Old Testaments were written.

In the last few centuries, it has been translation upon translation, translations from translations, paraphrase upon translations, paraphrase upon paraphrases, a little philosophy here and a little philosophical theology there, until just about every precept of truth has been mingled with the philosophy of men. (Col. 2:8) “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” (Matt. 14:8-9)

“And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters (scripture), having never learned? Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh his glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in him. Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law? Why go ye about to kill me?” (John 7:15-19)

May God have mercy on our stupidity!



  1. Tammi Kay says:

    “They could be called Star Spangled Bantams and their eggs used for America’s breakfast of patriots.” 😂😂😂 Classic!


    1. eze33 says:

      Still got my sense of humor after writing that 15 years ago. Thank God. LOLGB+

      Liked by 1 person

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