Three Hits on 2027

Hit One

In my book Missing Links I explore the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. It has been studied for centuries with the hope of discovering the year of the Lord’s return. Thousands of engineers, theologians and scholars have studied it over the last five centuries and have come up with nothing. Having become a draftsman for several years with Community College study in Technical and Architectural Drawing and utilizing the Bible, I found the simplicity in its design in 2008. It was self-published, but not promoted. The side dimension of 505 cubits times its four sides comes to 2020 cubits. Substitute cubits with years, then add the seven seal years of Revelation, you get 2027. Yea, I know; it’s just to damn simple for someone who has been making a living farming produce off of three acres of bottom land (black land dirt) for the last 35 years. (See The Great Pyramids of Giza Post)

Hit Two

Now there is the Timeline Prophecies of the prophet Daniel. His final timeline came to 2012. Seems there was a lot of hoopla about that date associated with the ancient Mayan calendar. Then there is the two weeks of years that Jacob served for Rachel. He was tricked by his Uncle Laban after serving the first seven years in waiting, immediately demanded Rachel, then served seven more years. That second week of years was troublesome for Jacob because of the jealousies between Rachel and Leah. One could say that Leah was having the babies while Rachel was getting all the attention. When it was all said and done, Jacob had 4 children by Leah, 2 by Rachel and 6 more by his two wives hand maids, for a total of 12. The story is in Genesis 29 – 49. [2012 + 7 + 7 = 2026 then the “Day (Year) of the Lord” – 2027. (See Missing Links – Chapter VI Post)

Hit Three

Have been checking out a number of documentaries on TUBI TV. Have used several in my posts. Found this one really interesting. The harlot of Revelation 17 has predicted her own demise.

Always planted three seeds to a hill of beans. Always got at least two plants and many times three. Don’t know about the CABAL’s Agenda 2030. Looks like they’ll be three woes short of their date. LOLGB+

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