Too Close to the Edge? 84 Years of Erosion

Looks like the Golden Gate Bridge is being undermined by strong (liberal) currents. I’ve been over and under this bridge a number of times. It is a bridge over troubled waters as the vortex currents at that point of the bay’s gateway to the Pacific are very strong at various times during tidal changes.

There are no longer any U.S. Naval ships or bases in the San Francisco Bay area. Used to Work Civil Service on Mare Island in the late 70’s to mid 80’s in Ocean Engeering with divers and later as elecrtician on Nuclear Subs, and also was active reserve four years in SBU-13 following 4 years Regular Navy. Last base closed was Treasure Island in 1997. Was stationed there 4 months in 1978 during rehab following shoulder operation at NAVMEDCEN Oakland. From San Francisco to San Deigo you could walk thru suburbs with signs “Sailors and dogs keep off grass”. I saw them in San Diego in 1973 during A-School. Last Regular Navy active duty was on ammo supply ship out of Concord Weapons Station just southeast of Mare Island at mouth of Sacramento River in Suisan Bay where SBU-13 PBR’s and MATC’s practiced. (Riverine Warfare) Moved back to Richlands, NC in 1985 after Grandfather died in 1984. Started produce farming on a few acres of Papa’s land bought in 1957. Knew Mare Island was going to be closed. It did in 1991, and the few remaining Public Shipyards, including the Naval Shipyard in Charleston, SC.

The complete naval withdrawal from the San Francisco Bay Area follows the closure of several bases, including Mare Island, NSY Hunters Point, NAVSTA Treasure Island, NAVMEDCEN Oakland, NAS Alameda, FISC Oakland, and further south, NCEL Port Hueneme. San Francisco – Navy Ports.

Here’s why: Many of the warships came from San Francisco Bay. The war (Vietnam) was unpopular and the Bay Area turned on the military. There was “a mood of disillusionment bordering on open hostility toward the military as an institution and toward military personnel as individuals,” as the Navy’s official history of the local bases puts it. (I can personnaly and knowingly agree.) The Navy’s Last Detail / Treasure Isand closes — final …

Think maybe the Navy knew something back in the 80’s and 90’s? If bridge collaspes, it will block all shipping. (Hope it’s not during heavy traffic hours.) Only Naval bases left in the state are in Southern California from Ventura to San Diego.

The bridge was completed in 1937, four years before the attack on Pearl Harbor. In 1997, Treasure Island was the last base closed. That’s 3 JST’s or 3 x 20 = 60. Mare Island closed in 1991. [1991 + 1.5 JST = 2021] Also 1997 + 4 = 2001, and one more JST is 2021. (See “Cosmic Clockworks” and “Can Money Talk? in main menu.) Crazy math? Only time will tell!



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