Twice in a Lifetime

Afghans cling to plane

One year after I was born in 1954 the first American military advisers went to Vietnam in 1955. Basically, an elecion was interfered with by a disapproving party to the most favored candidate by the polled populace. Were the people of Vietnam denied their right to vote for what they wanted? It happened again 65 years (3.5 Jst’s) later in 2020, but by the other party. In fact, both were an “Uniparty” effort for 1 Jst (20 years).

See Cosmic Clockworks 1 in main menu.

Eisenhower and the French Defeat in Vietnam: 1954 (

President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the likelihood that Ho Chi Minh would win a national election in Vietnam in 1955 (

Eisenhower supports Ngo Dien Diem (

From this point, one can follow any Vietnam history available. It was America’s most unpopular war and public pressure to withdraw eventually won out. It didn’t take very long after most troop withdrawal was complete that Saigon fell in 1975. At the time, I was a Radio Telecommunications Operator in the U.S. Navy stationed at NAVCOMSTA Yokosuka, Japan on the link between COMSEVENTHFLT on the USS Oklahoma City homeported in Yokosuka and CINCPAC Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This was before satellite communications. My ship to shore and shore to shore teletypes ran non-stop for over 24 hours with all flash classified traffic. Thousands were left behind including American fathered Vietnamese children. From 1955 to 1975 was 1 JST or 20 years. (See Cosmic Clockworks I in the main menu.)

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On top of Embassy
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Ship packed with refugees fleeing in boats
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Embassy gates closed to thousands wanting to leave but left behind
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Fast forward to 2001. We all know what happened. America went to war, but instead of just wiping out the enemy, the USA had to nation build just as it attempted to do in Vietnam. Only difference this time is we had an all-volunteer military. The draft was ended after Vietnam and patriotism toward our military was restored. We began in 2001 and 1 JST latter, Kubal, Afghanistan is about to see the same fate as Saigon, Vietnam.

Trump’s Deal To End War In Afghanistan Leaves Biden With ‘A Terrible Situation’ : NPR

Biden says Afghanistan war is ending Aug. 31 and Afghan interpreters welcome in US | American Military News

Taliban says it controls 85% of Afghanistan while US is still withdrawing | American Military News

Video: Bush slams Afghanistan withdrawal, says it’s a mistake and ‘Afghan women, girls will suffer unspeakable harm’ | American Military News

Inbetween 1975 and 2001, Russia gave Afghanistan a shot. American and the world called it “Russia’s Vietnam”. They were there only 10 years. Think that maybe Russia was twice as smart as America and decided to get out in half the time?

Afghanistan: The Soviet Union’s War in Vietnam – Warfare History Network

Remembering Russia’s Vietnam – The Quarterly ReviewThe Quarterly Review (

1Russia sees all-too-familiar pattern in US withdrawal from Afghanistan –

Well, here we are today and America will be out by end of August. Doesn’t look none to good for all the people that helped the U.S. and put their hopes in America. I fear that many will suffer the same conquences that many Vietnamese suffered after Saigon fell. 18,000 applications to get out are waiting to be processed as of 7/8/21 and more are being requested. Government red tape hasn’t changed much in the last JST or 20 years.

Biden says Afghanistan war is ending Aug. 31 and Afghan interpreters welcome in US | American Military News

Biden to house 2,500 Afghan nationals at VA Army base for helping US with war on terror | American Military News

Russia, China and Taliban are already talking trash. The aftermath retoric has begun. The people of Afganistan will still continue to suffer at the hands of oppressive others. Their American trained and equiped army is of similar circumstance and character to South Vietnam’s in that their army was inflatrated by the enemy and not all that dedicated to their liberty.

Russia Cautions Central Asia Against Hosting US Forces – The Diplomat

Three days later?

Russia Offered U.S. Use of Central Asia Bases for Afghan Intel – Paper | World News | US News

China thinking third time will be a charm.

China ramping up Afghanistan involvement amid US withdrawal (

How many wars….. When will they ever learn…when will they eeever learn?

Isaiah 2:4

(KJV) And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.


Update 8/22/21: >

Twice in a lifetime for that bozo too!



  1. Julia says:

    I love this article as it truly does prove history does repeat itself! Thank you for this. Blessings Always.

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