Biden Owns the Fall of Kabul

Why were the Afgans waving running alongside of the plane? Were they trying to get on or was it a cheerful sendoff and farewell?

Biden can say anythig he wants on the meanstrean, but he alone or the puppet masters (Cabal – Baal) with his control strings owns the fall of Kabul. All the political pundits and so called foreign diplomatic policy experts can say what they want, but the reality is what it is. Trump made an agreement to withdraw all forces by May 1, 2021. He may or may not have had a plan in place for under cover surveillance.

January 20, 2021 Biden is sworn in and out comes the pens! He undid just about all of Trumps policies. The southern border is a disaster! (Don’t forget those thousands of prisoners the Taliban let loose.) He is also letting the white horse have total control. Like everything else, he ripped up Trump’s exit plan and EXTENDED the withdraw date to September 11. Now, I ask: Isn’t that a slap in the face to the deal between Trump and the Taliban? It all goes back in history! Know what they say about payback? Is not the Taliban the former Mujahedeen? Now, China is opening their wallet to them. USSR (Russia) – United States – China. Hum? Kinda boxed in by Gog and Magog!

Afghanistan What’s True?

Just in 12:06 PM EST 8/18/21:

Their President ran and their army quickly surrended. Now they protest?

What happened to all those modern prophets who claimed it was the will of God that Trump will be our next president back in 2020? How about the one that rebuked COVID? Maybe it’s time to wrap up this phase of the second earth age and begin the new. The King of Kings is about to enter the affairs of this world age and address the situation. Come out of babylon, for her judgement is near!


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