White and Red Make Pink

See the source image

The white horse is now cooperating with the red horse. Looks like ANTIFA is the artist that is the blender of colors. Blending in wherever they want to pervert whatever cause they wish and changing the narrative seems to be their specialty. They have had plenty of practice at their trade.


Meanwhile the CIC (Commander in Chaos) cannot help but pour a little gasoline of the fire. Thought he was anti-oil!

Lots of folks like to travel. Many times, it is across state lines. Driving the highways listening to one’s favorite country tune is a freedom most cherished. On the road again? Have a new pun for the CIC – Commander in Control!


Now it’s time to update “A Sabbath Message 8/14/21 > The White Horse” and “Faucinstein Trains his Igors Well”, in the main menu.

Meanwhile, dumb and dummer the magnetic duo, that is if there was real vaccine in those prime-time TV shots, are concerned about citizen’s willingness to sacrifice their liberty for the betterment of Big Pharma. And WHO is it that riding the white house horse?

When one sets their liberty and freedoms aside, they will be taken!

Had to catch up on some news e-mails. All part of the job. And one more, a little extra white with a dap of red.


Keep the faith and stay strong!



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