Birds of a Feather…

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While watching a little MSN (Mainstream News) just to stay updated on the latest misconceptions in the fake news that loves pushing the bullcrap narrative, I could not help but notice how they were saying that hurricane Ida should not be compared to Katrina. Well, they are also saying that the chaos in Kabul can not be compared to that in Vietnam. (See “Twice in a Lifetime” in the archives.) Only difference is Vietnam was by sea and Kabul is by air.

Living in southeastern North Carolina since 1985, I’ve personally experienced 13+ hurricanes, most rememberable – Bertha, Fran, Floyd and Florence. Seen the eye of two of them. Was 2 months old when Hazel hit in 1954 and my parents lived in Surf City. They evacuated! Had my first stroke the week after Florence. Was to young to remember Hazel. They don’t call eastern North Carolina “Hurricane Ally” for nothing!

Following the track Of Ida, the eastern eyewall is just west of the bay entrance to New Orleans. Hope they realize that is where the strongest storm surge is located. Hell, I’m not even a weatherman! But having been a farmer for the past 35 years, that is the most important part of the local news I have ever watched.

Ida is no fake! The three in a row last year were a lesser catagory. However, a lot of faith is being put in their technological improvements since Katrina. Never under estimate the forces of nature for God is always in control. Guess the faith placed in those technological improvements are about to be put to the test. We shall see! Much of New Orleans is below sea level!

Meanwhile, there is the chaos in Kabul, and let’s not forget the COVID fiasco. SCAMDEMIC!

Stay strong!



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