Merry-Go-Round of Red and White Horses

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As more and more people become aware of the truths of the vax poison and it being forced on the public, there is much fear in the air about losing jobs as well as liberties. It’s a time of decision. Conviction or convention?

Not only is there much hesitation among the civilian population, there is also hesitation among our military.

Even the CDC is worried about gun violence. Not only are they trying to take away our first amendment right to choose what’s best for our own bodies, they got to jab their nose pickers into the second amendment as well.

Meanwhile, while all the attention is on the communist takeover right here at home and the Kabul fiasco, Rocket Man is making his move.

Let’s not forget the election that was stolen. All that “gotta get to the bottom of it” investigations are moving along at the usual turtle’s pace. Will there even be fair elections in 2022? Forget about 2024 for now; gotta get through 2022 first. As the list of things “gotta get to the bottom of” gets longer and heavier, the slow turtle of justice will slow to a snail’s crawl.

Then there are the terrorist training camps right here in the good ole USA.

If all this tribulation doesn’t lead to civil rebellion on our very own streets, it will at the least lead to economic collaspe.

And September has only begun! Remember the month of September? See “Can Money Talk” and “Cosmic Clockworks I & II”

The first and the last freedom: “Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.” Viktor E, Frankl, Psychiatrist & Holocaust Survivor



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