Abortion Law Aftermath – ALA!

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The Supreme Court allowed the Texas “Heartbeat Law” to stand for now and said that they will address it later.

Now comes the pre-election threats of court packing.

This Morris guy thinks it will hurt Republicians in 2022. Don’t think so!

This is what is the most shocking! God said “Be fruitful and multiply.” Looks as if we have 25 churches saying different.

It is not the first time the man has lied. Doubt it will be the last! Seems to be rather habitual with lier, lier – pants on fire.

After 48 years of the courts legislating abortion, ole Nancy claims congress will do it and overturn Texas. Better learn how to ride a horse. Texas a big state to override!

What courts and government can’t do quick enough, liberal public pressure can. The hell with free speech. It’s about the bottom line – $$$!

The issue has always been a state issue. (See “One Step for Life, A Giant Leap for Humanity”.)

Just what was Roe vs Wade all about. There’s even a conflict within the decision.

“The Roe v. Wade decision also includes a discussion of the different views on when life begins. Many in the Jewish faith, for example, believe that life begins at birth. But, the prevailing view in the Catholic faith is that life begins at conception. Doctor’s views vary, but they tend to lean toward the belief that life begins sometime before birth.

But, the Court found, it is not up to the states to decide when life begins:

“[W]e do not agree that, by adopting one theory of life, Texas may override the rights of the pregnant woman that are at stake.”

However, as we mentioned above, the Court did not agree that the Constitution guarantees an absolute right to an abortion. In other words, the privacy right does not prevent states from putting some regulations on abortion.

The Court created a framework to balance the state’s interests with women’s privacy rights. Acknowledging that the rights of pregnant women may conflict with the rights of the state to protect potential human life, the Court defined the rights of each party by dividing pregnancy into three 12-week trimesters:

  • During a pregnant woman’s first trimester, the Court held, a state cannot regulate abortion beyond requiring that the procedure be performed by a licensed doctor in medically safe conditions.
  • During the second trimester, the Court held, a state may regulate abortion if the regulations are reasonably related to the health of the pregnant woman.
  • During the third trimester of pregnancy, the state’s interest in protecting the potential human life outweighs the woman’s right to privacy. As a result, the state may prohibit abortions unless abortion is necessary to save the life or health of the mother.”


If the state has the right to protect potiential human life, then is also has the right to determine when that potiential human life begins. Even in 1973, the court was in conflict with itself! Today, one can go to jail for bashing in the head of an unwanted pup, but it is legal to rip a unwanted fully matured fetus from the womb.

Oh, here come the Satanists! Should Biden and likeminded company change churches?


It all began in Texas in 1973. Let’s all pray that it all ends there.

Rachael has weeped too many tears for far to long! (Matt. 2:18)


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