Global Freezing?

Who let the ice out?

We have all heard about Global Warming. The earth is melting! Right? Well, keep listening to mainstream and we’ll all be roasting marshmellows. That is if we aren’t all brain dead from rebreathing CO2 because of wearing masks. Maybe the next reason for wearing masks will be reducing CO2 to stop global warming. Now they have the proof! Right? The earth is not melting because more people are wearing masks. “Uh, ok.” said dumber to dumb. Or is it dumb to dumber? Oh well, who cares?

How many would believe lamestream news if they told everyone that by wearing masks and rebreathing their own CO2, it would help stop global warming? Ask the folks in Texas about global warming! So much for wind machines. What do they really do? Suck air or blow air? There is no difference with leftist – it’s all inclusive.

Well, remember – wearing masks increases CO2 in the brain and CO2 on the brain causes melting. I guess we can call it – intellectional meltdown.

Hope that Polar Bear ain’t around!

And let’s not forget the other pole south of the equator!

WEE! Cold again!

After reading these articles, got a humor itch that just had to be scratched. Yawl have a nice Thursday!


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