Treason Treason

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Looking in the Bible for the word “treason” I found it used 7 times in 3 verses: 1 Kings 16:20, 2 kings 11:14, 2 Chr 23:13. The first time relates to Zimri, the captian of half of King Asa’s chariots whom he killed and became King. (1 Kings 16:10) The other 6 times are in the other 2 verses and 2 times it was repeated twice by Athaliah, the daughter of Jezebel the wife of Ahab. These were some evil and power hungry people. For the full story read 2 Kings 11 and 2 Chronicles 21-24:1. The Hebrew term for treason is:

*H7195 – קשׁר – qesher – keh’-sher – From H7194; an (unlawful) alliance. KJV Usage: confederacy, conspiracy, treason.

>H7194 – קשׁר – qâshar – kaw-shar’ – A primitive root; to tie, physically (girdconfinecompact) or mentally (in loveleague) KJV Usage: bind (up), (make a) conspire (-acy, -ator), join together, knit, stronger, work [treason].

People who covet wealth and lust for power are with us today as they were amoung the masses back in the biblical days. The children of Israel in the Kingdom of Judah (Southern) and Kingdom of Israel (Northern) were alike after the kingdom was split following Solomon’s turning away from God. Both norhern and southern kingdoms turned away from God time and time again until both had run wild and the Lord punished them with destruction and captivity. The children of Israel were a rebellious people and nothing has not changed much since then, other than the first advent or phase I of the rescue plan. Phase II is not far off!

An evil person or collective of people can cry Treason against a good person or collective of people, as can a good person or collective of people cry Treason against an evil person or collective people. Either way, Treason is Treason. Makes no difference which collective one is in.

What we are seeing today has some parallels with the Bilibical record. Looks like Speaker Athaliah and the Captian of the Guard were in league (maybe even love) and conspired to tie the hands of the outgoing CIC. Now that it has come to light that the Captian of the Guard has colluded with Gog, it is clear that treason against the kingdom has been committed. Mainwhile, Jezebel who didn’t get to be CIC as she expected a while back is looking on and wondering when the dogs will be let out. She is still draging Ahab around as if no wrong has ever been done. It’s only a matter of time when Speaker Athaliah and the Captian of the Guard are brought down to the gate to pay for their crimes.

A true and tried KING is soon to come and HE is coming in his wrath! Come out of Babylon for her day of judgement is coming, and suffer not of her plagues! (Revelation 17-19)

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