A Sabbath Message 9/18/21 – For the Women Folk

For The Women Folk

This message was first posted of Facebook as > Sabbath Message 11-7-20 > Didn’t have website set up until 5/25/21. Didn’t have pictures, but saved the message on Word. After the election’s great shaking (which still continues) and learning how to setup and launch the site and seeing Marge’s courage and integrity, I decided to use it on the blog/web site. This reposted message is for you Marge. May God bless you!

Sabbath Message 11-7-20

A New Thing in the Earth

Was listening to Real America’s Voice and after a Religious segment, a lady named Janet Parshall was interviewed and she remarked how the Republican Party had picked up 11 seats by women. She also went on to say that women in congress are more embolden and courageous than their male counterparts in that the Democratic women were more forthwith in their pro-abortion stance than the men, and likewise that Republican women were more embolden and courageous in their stance on pro-life than their male counterparts.

Lady folks, I give her a huge AMEN! So, todays message is for all you courageous pro-life women. Upon hearing her, I automatically recalled some scripture in prophecy directly related to women and the latter days. So, here goes some truth!

Jeremiah tell us in 31:22 that the Lord has “…created a new thing in the earth. A woman shall compass a man.” Woe! Watch out men folk. The Hebrew term used in this passage for “woman” is from Strong’s (H5347) – neqebal Fm H5344 – female (from the sexual form): – female, woman. (H5344) – naqab – P.R. to puncture, lit. (to perform with more or less violence) or fig. (to specify, designate, libel): – appoint, blaspheme, bore, curse, express, with holes, name, pierce, strike through. Doesn’t this definition sound like an embolden, outspoken and courageously expressive woman? Watch out men folk! Now comes the term “compass”. (H5437) – cabab – Primary Root – To receive, surround, or border; used in various applications, lit. and fig. (as follows): – bring, cast, fetch, lead…

There is more to the expressive aspect of the definition of the Hebrew term, but I choose to stop at “LEAD”. Thought that sufficient enough. Don’t want to get too rough with the men folk! Please, I’m a man too. Now let’s go to Isaiah 3:12 “…children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.” Well, the children in the streets today should be rather obvious. It is the Legislative body of Congress that makes the laws, and now we have 8 more Republican Congresswomen, outspoken and courageous women, that will back up the President, hopefully Donald J. Trump. Can you just imagine a President like a King David, who the ladies loved, with a Congress full of courageous embolden women?

To conclude todays message; there is a great shaking going on in this nation right this minute, has been since Tuesday night, and will be for the foreseeable future. (Ezek. 38:19 by the promise of Gen. 48:8-20 specifically noting verse 16 “…let my name be named upon them…” and verse 19 “…he also shall become a people, and he also shall be great…”. Who is trying to make America great again? Ladies, have a restful Sabbath! Men, might want to practice a little “social distancing” today. Have a good one folks! Lots of love and God bless!

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Integrity is something seriously lacking these days. If there was only 1/10th of Job’s integrity in government today, what would it be like? That is the subject in the Book of Job. It was more like a bet between the Lord and Satan. It was not about pride! Here’s a breakdown.

Job’s staus is described. 1:1-5

The Lord points out Job and then questions Satan on his thoughts about him. 1:6-8

Satan challenges the Lord about Job. 1:8-11

The Lord takes Satan up on the challenge but sets conditions. 1:12

Satan tempts Job with tragic events. 1:13-19

What does Job do? 1:20-22

Again, Satan challenges the Lord concerning Job. 2:1-5

Again, The Lord sets conditions and allows Satan to torment Job. 2:6-8

Job’s wife puts her two cents in the pot. 2:9-10 (Verse 9 is what it was all about – integrity. Also 2:3, 27:5, 31:6)

Then Job’s three friends steps in and tries to convince Job of some thing he may have done wrong. Chapters 2:11 thru 31

Job has admitted no wrong doing, then the younger Elihu steps in with his opinions. Chapters 32 thru 37

Then the Lord Himself steps in and questions Job after he is told to man up. (38:3) Chapers 38-40:2

Then Job answers the Lord. 40:3-5

Then the Lord replied to Job, once again telling him to man up and continues with more statements and questions. 40:6-41:34

Then Job answers the Lord. 42:1-6

The Lord rebukes Job’s three friends and demands they make an offering and Job will pray for them while accepting Job. 42:7-9

The Lord restores Job twofold. 42:10-17

Ever hear a sermon on how God had to break Job’s pride? Pride was not the issue and only mentioned 4 times in the entire book. (33:17, 35:12, 41:15,34) None pertained to Job! (Ezekiel 14:12-20)

Basically it all boiled down to the challenge (bet) the Lord made with Satan. No matter what Satan could do short of killing Job, Job would not curse God! Satan can’t beat the Lord! Not on a bet, not even when the Lord was physically weak after becoming flesh and fasting for forty days in the wilderness. (Matt. 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13) Praise the Lord!

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath.


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