More Tyranny, Invasion and Murder – Not on The Lamestream

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And many other things!

Years ago the Banks and other financial instutions were to report any transactions over $10,000. This was to supposedly track possible traffiking of drugs and/or money laundrering. Of course rich big time criminals quickly learned how to get around all that. That’s why they have the best lawyers. Then there is the farmer who works many years savings as hard as he can growing fresh produce to buy that new $12,000 garden tractor who becomes a suspected drug dealer. Or, there is the person who has worked hard and saved for years to buy the new equipment to expand and improve services for whatever enterprise he or she chooses to do. That is what creates most jobs! Not everyone goes to the bank placing their inheritance up as collateral to go into or expand their business. Loss of inheritance is irredeemable. Has there ever been a year of jubilee? (Lev. 25:8-34)

Today, privacy to conduct business in a free enterprise system is all but lost and will soon totally dissapear. Except for illegal drugs! What about them $1000 escorts services? Want to pay cash or write a check for a $1,800 zero-turn lawn mowing machine without fear it being reported to the government? Want to buy that super $799 outdoor grill? How about that small $1000 Bass Boat? Debit or credit, makes no difference. Only thing left is cash and soon that will be cyber crypto. Will soon need a smart phone with facial ID. You know – hold it in your hand, snap a shot of your face and place the image up to the beast’s transaction machine. Hum! Where have I read about something like that?

Heard about this $600 thing today (9/20/21). Had to check it out to see if it was for real. Damn sure won’t hear about it on The Lamestream!

Mainwhile, down on the southern border, it just keeps getting worst.

How did all these Haitian people from an island far away get on the southern border? It’s not as if they were stranded on a three hour cruise. Or was it? Many Hatians migrated to South American Countries after an earthquake three years ago. Who paid for all those 10,000 passages?

While we’re still in Texas, what about that doctor who was bragging about violating their new Heartbeat Law? Open wide, time to eat crow!

Does anyone smell tribulation yet?


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