Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing Speaking Lies

See the source image
Your children are next!

The WIC (Wolf In Chief) wants to vax five year olds and above now. How many teens has he already devoured? How many healthy adults has he ripped apart. How many seniors fell victim as prey? How many are crying wolf from the grave? Watch the video below. Check out others on the site.

Are they trying to undo what Almighty God created and play themselves as as better gods?

The whole State of Israel placed themselves (many unwillingly) as a international lab rat and look what the outcome has been. Millions of Jews were used as lab rats and discarded 80 years ago. That’s 4 (as in horsemen) JST’s ago. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.) 2021 – 80 years = 1941

Also see: “A Sabbath Message 8/14/21 > The Whie Horse”, and “Conquering and To Conquer” in the main menu. Also “Faucinstein trains his Igors Well, Red and White Make Pink” and others in archives.

Wake up!


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