Tyranny Update Topped Off With Some Humorous Insanity

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After scrolling down tyranny images on bing search and seeing many weard things along with photos of Starlin, Castro, Hitler and others, found the one of choice. Seemed a good fit for our country in it’s current state. Spent a little time on the tractor today and picked some mustard greens that came back wild after mowing down last year’s seeded up crop in mid summer for a friend. There is so much going on today that it’s hard to keep up with. So, I’ve picked out some key articles and just give them a quick go thru.

The Project Veritas has come up with some powerful stuff lately. Just as Joshua sent in spies to scout out Jericho, so it seems to be the case today neccessary to scout out the truth in the land of many lies that so many people are working hard to save. Their reports are terrifying!

Unions haven’t always been above water, so to speak. But this is not about that. “The home of the union’s president, Edward D. Mullins, was also searched, a person familiar with the operation said… Mullins, who has led the union since 2002, has been outspoken in his criticism of Democrat lawmakers.” Don’t have to be a Sherlock Holmes to figure out what’s really going on with this investigation and why. Shameful!

And Dictator Joe isn’t only letting the dogs out on union leaders. He’s going after moms as well as the kids! And it’s not just CRT. It’s transgenderism too! And don’t forget the unproveable evolution theory crap!

Don’t know where this will lead, but let’s pray for our brave young men and their lawyers. We can only hope and pray that at some point, most will have enough integirity to honor their oath to the constitution.

Last, but not least, I just could not let this one go. Although I thought it might be staged, my first thought was not to use it. BUT, while listening to Studio 6B on America’s Real Voice (10/5/21 6:00 PM EST) and cutting and pasting URL’s for this post, I clicked it’s tab to see what I was hearing. A school teacher was singing and trying but failing miserably to get the kids to sing along – “We wear our mask to school, we wear our mask to school, hi ho the cheerio, our mask we wear to school. We protect our friends at school, we protect our friends at school, hi ho the cherrio, we protect our friends at school.” Folks, I was sicken! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I laughed at the moron teacher, then I cried for all the children. Before I started on this post, I had found the following photo on a Facebook Group “Bare Face North Carolina” I joined while checking notifications. I laughed pretty hard at first. Thought for sure it was a staged meme. But an hour later when I went to work on this and clicked over to Studio 6B not beleiving my ears, I was pretty damn sure that it wasn’t.

May be an image of 2 people, people playing musical instruments, people standing and text that says 'Explain this to me like| am 5. I'll wait.'

When reposted on my FB page and the other three social media platforms I now have, I added: I’m 67! Can anyone explain this to me?!?! Folks, I’m convienced now that many in this country have gone cotton picking mad! Speaking of cotton, plants have dropped most of their leaves and it will soon be picking time. Yawl have the best tomorrow possible. And always remember, “For God so loved the world…”, even those crazy morons for what is supposd to be teachers.

Stay strong. Keep the faith. Pray hard! And we’ll get through this insanity together with the Lord’s help.


An after post find. This was a reply to the repost of above on FB. This will defiinitely make one laugh. Can’t help it. Been in humorous mood today. I call it The Ideal Restaurant Red Neck Eating Mask. Click and have a good laugh!



  1. debjbalk says:

    Testing again… My comments are still not posting.. so sorry… I’m trying to join in…but, no can do. 😕


    1. debjbalk says:

      I can’t figure out why my test posted but my comments are not. Hmmm!


      1. eze33 says:

        Got both on my notifications and my comments section. Hmmm! I checked the post and the comments are there. When I bring up the post on my goggle chrome incognito, they are there. Received: Testing again… My comments are still not posting.. so sorry… I’m trying to join in…but, no can do. Then received: I can’t figure out why my test posted but my comments are not. Hmmm! It’s the only two comments on the post. Got 4 likes from other bloggers/followers. It has had 18 views yesterday when posted and 7 today, 25 total. Working on todsy’s now. about ready. G 2 hours before midnight. LOLGB+


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