The Moses Controversy

There are many scholars and some Theologians who claim that Moses did not write the Torah or what we call The Books of Moses which are the first five books of the Old Testament, and they even have a PHD to prove it. Must be a Phony Historical Document! They claim there was no Hebrew script or alphabet prior to the Phoenician’s. Well, that’s just not true! And today there is evidence. The prophet Daniel did foretell that knowledge would be increased in the last days. (Dan. 12:4)

Although there is now archeological evidence, there are still the overly educated sceptics who remain in foolish denial. The theologians still in doubt don’t seem to understand that faith is believing in things unseen. Now, that there is evidence to see, they can’t because of their blindness and overly educated pride. Here is a good documentary on the subject from 2019 and just under 2 hours long.



From Missing Links Appendix II

Joseph was sold into Egypt at age 17. (37:2) He was given charge over all Egypt during the 7 plenty & 7 famine years when 30. (41:46) He was expert at record keeping and knew the Egyptian Hieratic script (25 letter alphabet – 3000± BC). He was married to the Priest’s daughter! (41:45) By 17, I’m sure Jacob taught him to read and write the family’s native Mesopotamian Semitic Akkadian script (59 letter alphabet – 2350± BC) before being sold. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were wealthy and literate! Joseph merged the two into a Semitic upgrade of Hieratic script. Moses was educated while in Pharaoh’s house some 400 years later. Hebrew has 24 constants and 10 vowel points (32). Recent evidence discovered in the Sinai and the Arabian Peninsulas are proof. Egotistical blind professionals say – not so! Too damn ashamed!

Joseph brought his entire family to Egypt in the second year of the famine. (45:6) Jacob lived in Egypt for 17 years until his death in 1876 BC. (47:28) Joseph was 56 when his father died. [30 + 7 +2 + 17 = 56] Joseph was born 1932 BC. [1876 + 56 = 1932] Joseph died 1821 BC. (50:26) [1932 – 110 = 1821] The Holy Bible is the most accurate History book on the planet! The Egyptian time period that Joseph and the children of Israel prospered in Goshen was the 12th Dynasty. Goshen was called the land of Rameses, Ramesses or Ramses in Genesis, which was a Hebrew blending of Sesostris I, II, III and Amenemhat II – Risamenses, Rimesses or Rimses. Over the course of time the Israelites were probably taxed by successive administrations into slavery. Sound like 1776 to 2020? Since 1913, 17 Administrations in 107 years have done the same!

Joseph was given a royal burial. (41:39-44) He acquired all the wealth of the Egyptian and surrounding people, both money and land, but only retained one fifth for the Priests, his family, then himself. The other 4/5ths was Pharaoh’s for famine recovery and building the 12th Dynasty! (47:1-27) When main street bailed out WALL STREET in 2008, main street suffered its 4/5ths. Now that main street is suffering and WALL STREET is booming (Aug. 18th) where the hell is main street’s 4/5ths?


After Jacob died, 430 years later Moses was raised in Pharoah’s palace. Surely, he was taught to read and write in the Hieratic Script used by the Pharaohs and priests. Hieroglyphs were used on walls and monuments of stones while most everything else was kept on Papyrus. All the sacred writings by the Egyptian priests were in some type of ink on papyrus.

From “The Book of the Dead” written in Egyptian Hieratic 1600 BC.

See the source image

The next two samples are Ancient Hebrew from much later, about 400 to 600 years later than 1600BC. That would be about 1200 to 1000 BC.

Next is the Phoenician alphabet about 600 to 700 years after the Book of the dead and about the time of King Solomon and the building of the first Temple in 966 BC. (See Missing Links – Appendix II in main menu.) This would have been 480 years after the Exodus in 1446 BC. [1446 BC – 480 years = 966 BC] The Phoenician alphabet had 22 letters. Most all of their earliest writings were in stone and clay tablets, like the ancient Babylonians. The Egyptians and Hebrews were the first to widely use papyrus and ink.

See the source image

It appears that the earliest Hebrew script came out of Egyptian Hieratic Script, thanks to Joseph, just as the Hebrew people (Israelites) came out of Egypt. Logical, right? And it was Moses who was raised and educated in Pharoah’s house that brought them out. He knew all about papyrus and ink. Probably packed a bunch of it up when coming out of Egypt. The Hebrews didn’t get their alphabet from the Phoenicians. It was the other way around. Don’t need a PHD to prove that. Got me a HDF – High Degree of Faith. What is hard to believe is that there are some that still will not accept the patterns of evidence. Typical to the latter times we’re in like the days of Noah. Thing about paradigms is they are like the doctrines and traditions of men. Even if proven wrong, people love to stick to them, no matter what.

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Stay strong.


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