A Sabbath Message 10/9/21 – Prime Number Five

A Bible Numerological Aspect for the Prime Number 5

The basic mathematics for understanding prophecy is found in Num. 14:34 and Ezek. 4:6. These two verses give us the day to a year principle. (1 day = 1 year) Some prophecies are given in days while others are given in time and times and dividing of time. A time is one cycle, times are two cycles, and the dividing of time is 1/2 cycle – totaling 3.5 times or cycles. A cycle is one complete revolution, as in the earth on its axis (day) and the earth around the sun (year). This corresponds to the year to the day principle. Mathematically, one complete revolution is 360 degrees. The prophetically set period for one-time cycle is 360 days. [360° × 1 deg/day = 360 days] The 3.5 times is 1260 days and the year to a day principle makes it 1260 years. [360 × 3.5 = 1260]

In Scripture, the Lord promised that he would give his people a “pure language”. (Zeph. 3:9) In verse 8, there is a “saith the Lord” which usually begins a segment of prophecy throughout Scripture, and here it is preceded by “wait upon me”. Most other places, the verse will simply begin “Thus saith the Lord…”. The waiting is “…until the day…” and there is a “determination” to do the remainder of the verse. Verse 9 the “pure language” is given and the consent is “one”. Then in verse 11 is the day or days that we are questioned about being “ashamed for all thy doings”.

Verse 10 describes the Lord’s “suppliants – abundant worshippers as in burning incense” from “beyond” a central point – “…rivers of Ethiopia”. Then, “…daughter (apple [of the eye], branch, company x town, village) … dispersed (to dash in pieces – drive, retire, scatter abroad) shall bring mine offering.” [offering – 4503 – minchah – to apportion, bestow, a donation – tribute (specifically a sacrificial offering (usually bloodless and voluntary) – gift, oblation] Verse 10 is something that will take place between verse 9 and 11, and may very well be something concerning the “Ark of the Covenant” which disappeared when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the Temple in 538 BC. Why Ethiopia? Read Numbers 12.

Where is the ARK OF THE COVENANT today? Do the Falasha (Ethiopian Jews who prefer to be called Israelites) possess it? Are they descendants of Moses? Moses was a Levite. Levites are Israelites. Zeph. 2:8-13 is a prophecy that is for now in these last days. Compare last part of verse 8 with Ezek. 38:19. Remember the movie “Radiers of the Lost Ark”? Its not in Egypt.

Found these on internet October 2021:



The “shaking” in our land began with the election fraud. It was revealed thru the “pure language” of mathematics. Numbers just did not add up right and the ratios, averages and percentage variations were completely out of proportion. Scripture and prophecy also has its mathematical absolutes, as math is a pure language. In Missing Links Chapter VI – Timeline Prophecies of the Bible (Main Menu), the 3.5 times of 538 AD to 1798 is also 1260 years.  When 5 BC (year Christ was born) + 538 AD = 543 years, and when divided by 360 = 1.5 times. 1.5 times + 3.5 times = 5 times, which is the number usually considered to represent grace. (Matt, 14:15-21) Jesus Christ is the bread of life, and on the cross he received 5 wounds – one in each hand, each foot, then 1 in the side. [4 + 1 = 5] Jesus Christ received 5 deadly wounds for the salvation of mankind. Jesus Christ is the pinnacle of Father God’s grace. The alpha and omega will come full circle.

A pyramid is a mathematical geometric structure with 5 corners. (See “Missing Links – Chapter V” second part – “The Great Pyramids of Giza” in the Main Menu.) The 4 beasts in Daniel represent 4 worldly kingdoms, and as the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream was crushed and scattered to the 4 winds by a stone from heaven (Dan. 2:31-45), so will the last rising of the Roman beast that is taking place today. Jesus Christ as King of Kings is that stone! He is the fifth Kingdom, fifth corner and the Chief Cornerstone as the Pinnacle of a Great Pyramid, which is missing today and was never found, but Christ shall return soon, just as the Lost Ark of the Covenant may soon reappear. What is in the Ark? It holds the Ten Commandments written in stone by the very finger of the Almighty God of the entire Universe!

Have a restful and peaceful day.


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