Taliban – Created or Evolved


Once upon a time there was a country called Somethingastan whose people lived in many groups called tribes. Although they had the same basic religion, they liked fighting with each other. Who knows for what reason or purpose of outcome? The tribes just loved the hell out of fighting each other. It’s called tribal warfare.

There was another country north and west of theirs in a land called Magog. They decided to invade the land of Somethingastan, stop the tribal warfare and install their system of government which didn’t have a religion. Some of the warring tribes didn’t like that idea and opposed them. They called themselves mujahideen and sought help.

There was yet another country in a land called Plentiful in the far west across a big ocean that didn’t like the one in the land of Magog, who were once friends in a great war against an enemy that slaughtered millions of a third religion without a land to call their own, which the major religion in the land of Plentiful was derived and like it in many ways, but different in one thing. The land of Plentiful and Magog had been enemies for many years, so they helped the mujahideen with much equipment and money. (The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Until!?!?) The war went on for 10 years until the army from Magog just got tired and went home. [See “Twice in a Lifetime” in archives.]

The mujahideen controlled the warring tribes in the land of Somethingastan, unified their religion, changed their name to Taliban and invited in some religious friends called Al-Qaida. Their religion was based on their unified hatred of the people of the third religion, which now has a land to call their own, but is also a land with all three of the creator God religions living in it. The religion of Somethingastan, friend or foe, hate the country Plentiful and the religion most folks in the land claim to profess because in their land there was freedom of religion, which was in opposition to and not allowed in Somethingastan.

Then there was an attack on the land called Plentiful by members of the religion of Somethingastan although the ones in the attack were from a different country that was friendly with the land of Plentiful because of its vast oil reserves who also professed the same religion as that in Somethingastan. At the time, the land of Plentiful needed the oil because it wasn’t pumping enough out of its own land.

The reason the government of the land called Plentiful was friendly with the land of great oil reserves where the people in the attack on the land of Plentiful were from and of the same religion as the Al-Qaida guests in the land of Somethingastan was the land of Plentiful depended on their oil. Their friendship was based on protecting the oil reserves in the land of vast oil reserves from another land across the gulf of Persia who used to be friends with the land of Plentiful, until many more years ago there was a revolution in which the religion of Somethingastan and the land of vast oil reserves had taken over the government and took many people there from the land of Plentiful hostage. That’s another story!

Well, 20 years ago the land of Plentiful retaliated for the attack and invaded the land to rid it of the attacker’s head priest and training grounds. Instead of kicking ass and leaving, they tried to democratize the warring tribes and establish freedom of religion, which most did not want to change, but liked the life style and yes, all the money and stuff they were getting, which was made mostly in another land called Gog that was flooding the whole world with its milk and honey while persecuting some folk in their land that were of the same religion as the one in Somethingastan, the land of vast oil reserves, the land across the Persian gulf and many other smaller lands with vast oil reserves (too many to mention) in the east regions called middle earth.

In 2016, the people of the land of Plentiful elected a president that decided it could pump more of its own oil reserves and make its land oil independent, along with many other things. And he did! He also wanted to end 20 years of trying to democratize the country of once warring tribes and let its own government handle its own affairs and set in place a good plan that he would have seen through if reelected. Well, that didn’t happen because of another whole story!

Anyway, the new guy didn’t like his predecessors’ plan and did things his and his advisors’ way and totally screwed up the withdrawal from Somethingastan and left lots of really good equipment behind. There are still people left behind too! [See “Left Behind” in main menu.]

Well! The question is this and/or that. Did the current situation evolve or was it created by some tyrannical politicians governing like morons and/or a clever deep state military industrial complex controlled by satanical greedy bankers?

From the article:

“O Americans, let it be known to you that the mujahideen today are not limited to borders and that they can move from any part of the world to execute what they wish to deter your oppression. Every Muslim on the face of earth is in fact an enterprising mujahid,” Al-Qousi said.

The Mujahideen were the ones the USA supported when Russia was there for 10 years. (1979-1989)


Mainwhile, on the southern border…

Yawl have the best day yawl can possibly have. Stay strong and keep the faith!


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