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Some people may suggest that “AND THE AMERICAN WAY” be added to the end of the title. DC Comics have dropped it from Superman’s motto! There are some that may be a little more than a bit just ice cold upset about that. OK, It’s cool! Take the ice out of justice and all one has is – well, just a lot of hot air coming out a lot of hot mouths about a lot of hot woke narratives that are more in than out with their idea of justice – i.e. – INJUSTICE!

When Mama and Papa Bear found out that their precious daughter was raped in their public school and the school board had not reported it, but covered it up, and then the school in question sent the so called transgender boy in a dress rapist to another school just to do it all over again to another unsupecting innoncent girl, something serious hit the proverbial fan. They even restricted Mama and Papa Bear from getting their hands on the evidence of this grievous abomination! It’s more than pottage that’s hitting the fan now. WHY? People are just getting sick and tired of the leftist Social Democraps pushing their BS social agenda on their young children’s developing minds. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Compost the BS and use it to grow organic vegetables! Don’t they love green?

With freedom comes responsibility. They go hand in hand! One can have the freedom to do whatever, but there are consequences with all choices. Choices without consequences is like actions without reactions in physics. It is against the law! Freedom of speech is a right, BUT – it is irresponsible to stand up and yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater. It is also irresponsible to teach young minds about adult and social choice issues from a single sided point of view narrative. The kidnapping of a young child’s mind is the same as kidnapping the young child’s body for whatever evil purpose. Parents not only have jurisdiction over their children, they have responsibility over their education. Parents are being forced into giving up that right and responsibility. Government knows best – right? Don’t think so!

Truth, justice and the American way? What about truth, justice and God’s way? Should people place the ten amendment bill of rights above the Ten Commandments of God? (See “Can Money Talk” in main menu.)

Be careful about what is asked for! “* Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900 AD) He was a moralist, German philosopher, and poet who rejected all Christian values. He championed a superman who would create a new, life-affirming, heroic ethic by his will to power. [Hitler surely read and believed in his philosophy! Satan will cause to rise and possess a Superman that through a new, life-affirming and heroic ethic will deceive the whole world in the last days. Jesus Christ SUPERSTAR will come and whoop his ass! Again!]

Do we need a SUPERMAN? Hell yes! BUT, not the one in DC Comics allergic to kryptonite nor one from present day flesh and blood philosophy. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords will soon enter the stratosphere and along with the resurrected Saints meeting HIM proclaim the nations of this planet HIS!! Finally – incorruptible government! AND NO ELECTION! That being said:



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