Missing Links – Chapter X

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Chapter X

Delusions and Illusions

A state of delusion is believing in an erroneous concept, idea, doctrine, or a supposed fact that is deceptive. Thousands have died and billions have been spent on the deceptive fact that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The entire nation was in a state of delusion on that issue. We are told that the economy is fine, and that its fundamentals are strong. The prophets of Wall Street are never wrong. If you believe that, then you are most definitely delusional.

One of the greatest delusions today is that of home and property ownership. Do you own your own home or property? Are you making payments while it is the collateral security of the usury loan? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you are in a state of delusion. My property is free and clear, and I possess the deed, but every year I must pay the county tax collector for the right to own it. I suppose that makes me somewhat delusional, but I prefer the term ripped off.

I am the third generation to possess it. My grandfather paid “Valuable assets and Ten – – – – – dollars” cash for it in 1957. [Original Deed] The county’s current assessed value is 58,761 dollars. Property taxes are based on the assessed market value of the property and reassessed every four years. Will its reassessed value in 2010 honestly reflect the current falling market prices? A 3.45% increase in the sales tax for the county was voted down in the 2008 election, and the county commissioners promised to increase the property tax rate if voters rejected it. They kept that promise with a 12% increase! Within one year, the State raised the sales tax. Who got screwed? Politicians are addicted to tax and spend. Voter intervention seems useless. Although property tax is supposed to be based on fair market value, I seriously doubt anyone will ever see a tax decrease when market values plummet.

My delusion of property ownership is not as severe as the one still in usury servitude to mortgage bankers. That state of delusion will manifest itself as properties devaluate and foreclosures increase. Even if people can renegotiate their mortgages, will they continue to make payments on a principal balance that may be 20% to 30% less than the value of the property? If the debt of servitude becomes greater than the value of the thing for which the servant is indebted, does the slave to usury have the liberty to abandon the thing and forsake the debt? Will the day of justice ever come for greedy bankers? (Is. 3:15, 5:9; Prov. 22:26-27, 28:8; Matt. 18:22-34) I assure you that it will!

There are several religious beliefs that are also delusions. We have been led into a Babylonian captivity by the doctrines and traditions of men. (2 Th. 2:10-12; Is. 66:4) These two passages are the only places the word delusion(s) is used in the entire Bible. The Hebrew word for delusions is taaluwal – caprice or any fanciful idea(s). The Greek word for delusion is plane – fraud, deceit, fraudulence, or error. Why would God choose or send us delusions? The Greek word for send is: pempo – to dispatch (in the subjective sense). The Hebrew word for choose is: bachar – to try, by implication to select, and is synonymous with: bachan – to test. Both passages pertain to the last days. The doctrines and traditions of men are the delusions (fanciful ideas, error, deceit, fraud) to which men have been subjected to throughout the centuries. Their delusions will be selectively tried and tested, and the Lord will bring their fears upon them because they received not the love of the truth.

Most Christians believe that the Lord will first come to secretly rapture his church (fly away) and they will escape the Great Tribulation. Those left behind will have to face the Antichrist and suffer persecution unless they accept the mark of the beast. Moslems believe Christ will come back to fight the Antichrist, and Jews are waiting for the Messiah to come the first time. The pre-tribulation rapture doctrine has been made very popular by the fictional series, “LeftBehind”. Millions of dollars have been made on the books and movie rights. It does make some good science fiction. But it is still fiction!

The whole concept is based on The Antichrist rising and deceiving those left behind after the rapture. The term antichrist is used in 1 John 2:18 & 22, 4:3 and 2 John 7, and is found nowhere else. To deny that Christ came in the flesh, died, and resurrected is to be antichrist. John said there were many already in the world. To deny the divinity of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God is also to be antichrist. Technically speaking, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and any person who denies Jesus Christ or his divinity are antichrist. Atheists are just anti-any-ole-god! Anti- means: to oppose, antagonize, contradict, or counteract. Antichrist is anyone or anything that is in opposition to, contradicts, or counteracts anything that Christ did or taught, which is antagonistic towards Christ.

The truth about tribulation can be found in the following scriptures: Deut. 4:30-31; Judges 10:14; 1 Sam. 26:24; Matt. 13:21, 24:21-31; Mk. 13:24; Jn. 16:33; Acts 14:22; Rom. 2:8-13, 5:1-5, 8:35, 12:12; 2 Cor. 1:4, 7:4; 1 Th. 3:4-5; 2 Th. 1:4-8; Rev. 1:9, 2:9-11, 2:21-23, 7:14-17. Tribulation is something to expect and will come upon all human beings. It is something in which God’s people can find faith, patience, and even comfort and joy. During the last days, those who have the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments of God will have patience in it, even to the death. (Rev. 14:12, 12:11) It is not something that we are going to escape by being beamed up to heaven by an angel named Scotty on the Good Ship Lollypop. Revelation 7:14 states, they which came out of (through) great tribulation are made white. You cannot get hamburger unless you first run the meat through a grinder. (Zec. 13:9; Is. 48:10; Amos 9:9; Ps. 7:6, 66:10; Dan. 12:10; 1 Pet. 1:17; Rev. 3:17-22)

The secret rapture theory did not appear in the churches until after 1830 AD. It was unknown to all the early church fathers. Justin, Irenaeus, and Terullian were convinced that the Christian Church would go through great tribulation at the hands of many antichrists before the Lord returned. The 18th century protestant reformers Huss, Knox, Wycliffe, Luther, Calvin, Cranmer, and Wesley never taught the Rapture Theory that many theologians do today. It covertly crept into the church and must have had a strategic purpose for its introduction. Most assuredly, Satan had his hand in it. He has it in everything else man has screwed up!

During the period of the reformation, the first Protestants believed and taught that the Papacy was antichrist, and the Roman Church was the harlot system of Revelation 17. Certain Romish theologians had thought it necessary to take the pressure off the Pope, so a new interpretation of prophecy was invented. The Jesuit priest Ribera (1537-1591) was first to teach that the prophetic events of Daniel and Revelation would not be fulfilled until the last 3.5 years at the end of the age when a global dictator or The Antichrist arose. The Roman Church was and still is the fulfillment! Like a CIA cover story, the Roman Church had to establish a cover story to conceal the truth. What else have they covered up?

Despite the efforts of Ribera and those of Cardinal Bellarmine later, it wasn’t until the early 19th century that this new futurist doctrine began to gain acceptance by Evangelical Christians. In 1830 Margaret McDonald, a young member of Edward Irving’s so-called Catholic Apostolic Church, prophesied that there would be a secret coming of the Lord to rapture those who awaited his return. [If this girl was a true Prophetess, then let’s all live off happy meals and wait for Captain Ronald McDonald of the Good Ship Lollypop.] (Eze. 13:17-23) Irving devoted his talent as an artful preacher to spreading the secret rapture theory until he died in 1834.

It has long been pointed out that pre-tribulationism is a relatively new doctrine. The present-day apocalyptic action-packed version has been the best-selling doctrine in all of Christendom. Not all Christians buy into the theory, but those who do are in a state of delusion. They think they will escape tribulation. (Is. 60:8-9; Eze. 13; 1 Th. 5:1-3) This delusion I call, THE GREAT FALSE HOPE.

During the time of trouble, the Christians who believe they will fly away and escape the tribulation will fall into the pit of false hope. (Is. 24:16-18) The snare will be a new lie to explain away the first lie that got them into the pit in the first place. Those who believed they would not go through the tribulation will wonder what went wrong. Shortly before the 21-days of silence (global communication breakdown), the false prophet will come forth with an answer. He will probably be someone highly decorated with man-made theological degrees.

It is time for sleepy headed Christians to wake up! The time of trouble is at hand. The Great Depression, World War I & II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq I & II have all taken place in just the last 95 years (1914-2008). [95/1000 × 24 = 2.28 hrs in God time] These are only the beginning of sorrows. (Matt. 24:4-8) The Greek word for rumors is: akoe – hearing, audience, something preached or reported. From: akono (primary verb) – to hear, to give audience, to report.  Daily, World War II was reported on radio and Vietnam on TV. The beginning of the Iraq I & II and Afghanistan was seen live on CNN. Today, some preach an Iran War. Where are we at in prophecy? What is about to come and why? Read the Bible! Keep in mind that Britain and the United States are Joseph’s horns of the House of Israel, and the State of Israel is the House of Judah. Ammon is Syria, Moab is Jordan, Iran is Persia, Iraq is Babylon, Arabia is Ishmael, and Edom is among them. Assryia is Germany, Gog and Magog are China and Russia. Prophecy will be fulfilled!

The Holy Bible is the complete history of God’s people of promise, and the future for all mankind. It is like a 7000-year drama, mankind the actors, and Act 7 is the 1000-year millennial reign of Christ. The new heaven (universe) and new earth of Revelation 21 will be a new eternal drama called EVERLASTING. King Jesus Christ and his Saints will do more in 1000 years than man has ever dreamed possible. Man has achieved much while under the influence of Satan, but imagine the resources and wealth that can be peacefully utilized when Christ returns and forces mankind to beat (recycle) their swords (implements of war) into plowshares (implements of agriculture). He’ll establish truth, justice, and equality with no more elections, bribery, greedy corporations, and manmade judiciary. There will be truth and justice for all!

Will politicians forsake earmarks, special interests, kickbacks, or bribery, and do what is right for the working taxpayers? Capital gain and corporate taxes on money making more money for the wealthy are reduced, and investment income is tax exempt. Oh, that provides jobs! Are the jobs for Americans? The tax burden is increased on those who buy bread and pay utility bills by the sweat of their brow. Who will end up paying the new carbon tax?

The financial institutions tell us a weak dollar is good, and the credit markets are fine. Have you been watching the news lately? I have seen economists with bags under their eyes because make-up artists can’t hide their despair. Paper is traded for paper, which is backed by more paper, and that paper is used to back more paper that was traded for the first paper, which is then backed by more paper. If there isn’t enough paper to keep everybody’s indebted butts cleared, then the Fed just prints more paper to pile on the mountain of crappie paper that is decomposing the economy. Maybe we can use the paper compost to organically grow corn to make environmentally friendly green fuel for our cars while we all starve to reduce fart emissions.

Major Banks, Investment Firms, and Mortgage Companies are beginning to fail. The politicians that gave them the deregulatory tools to dig their hole are now being asked to fill it back up. They have dug a hole so deep that all the taxpaying surfs on the planet won’t be able to rescue them. Real estate values are taking a nosedive. Freddie Mack and Fanny Mae are in trouble. It may come a time you can’t even get a Mc-Mae Happy Loan for 1/10th the value of your home. Property was meant to be a possession and an inheritance, not leverage for credit, investment, and taxation. Since money and houses are made from trees, maybe we are seeing a metaphoric first trumpet burning of a third of them. (Rev. 8:7) Trees make paper that becomes money, which buys food, then after digestion – more paper wipes butt. God help us, we need more paper. God, save the trees!

The stock markets go totally nuts over the slightest bit of news. We’ve seen insurance companies fail after major disasters. [Blessed insurance for my house so fine, if a storm comes and it is torn down – will blessed insurance restore what is mine?] What would happen if there were major earthquakes on the west coast, floods, drought, and severe tornadoes throughout middle America, major hurricanes on the gulf and eastern seaboards, major fires and pandemic all across America, and a major terrorist attack of a nuclear type, all in the same year that the stock market crashes and banks lock their doors? Is there enough FEMA to go around? Will the American Idols come to our rescue? If our government was to go bankrupt, who would write the paychecks for our military? You cannot place an unpaid armed army on the streets. It was tried in Iraq! Remember what followed? [19 years later, we’re still there!]

We could wake up one morning and find the entire global economy collapsed. Remember the old game paper-scissors-rock? Paper is the global economy, and scissors is the greedy beast that cuts the paper. It will be a time of trouble such as the world has never seen. The only people that disappear will be the bank and corporate CEO’s responsible for it. They will retire to luxurious secret places with their electronic trillions, then set the snare for those in the pit. The rock that crushes scissors is Jesus Christ, King of Kings – Lord of Lords, then everyone will say: “IN GOD WE WILL TRUST!” (Daniel 2:34-35 and 44-45)

[The next 5 pages were not in the 2008 publication. It is now added to show that there were signs to look for in these last days (years). The COVID-19 outbreak is only the beginning of sorrows. A Constitutional Crises will put the United States in a state of Great Tribulation. With the short time that this world age has left I think it be best to dig out your Bible instead of the U.S. Constitution. WHAT DO YOU TRUST? WHO DO YOU TRUST?]


As we draw closer to the last days, God will give us warning signs. We are to be watchful of the world around us. The prophecies of the Bible will be fulfilled! Just as the prophecies fall on death ears so will the warning signs. (Ps. 74:4-10) Those who bring them to light will be dismissed as fools with wild imaginations or insensitive doomsday alarmists. Some signs will be dismissed as only illusions seen by delusional fools. Can we not discern the signs of the times?

Following the S&L scandal and the government’s bailout of those criminals in 1989, it was ten years later during President Clinton’s acquittal on articles of impeachment for perjury that the new design of our present 20-dollar bill was put into circulation. In early 1999, when they first appeared in Onslow County, I wrote an article to the editor of our local paper, which was published in March of 1999. In the weeks that followed, several people wrote in response to my letter claiming that I was only seeing things and delusional with my illusions. I made a photocopy of the new and old bills preserving the remembrance of the old design. The following four items are various things I initially saw in the new design and refer to the photocopy:

(1) The old seal has 31 points around its circumference, which represented USC-31 the Banking Code. Many banking and lending regulations were relaxed during the Reagan and Clinton Administrations. Both Republican and Democratic Congresses are responsible for years of consistent de-regulation.

(2) We now have a Federal Reserve System. The seal of the system is used in the center, but the 31 points are missing. Congress surrendered its Constitutional authority over money in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and Monetary and Banking Acts of 1933 and 1934, which took the U.S. domestic economy off the gold standard. [Read the U.S. Constitution Art. I Sect. VII and X.]

(3) In the old design, In God We Trust was placed in a banner, and the flag with its staff was under God. This was symbolic of one nation under God – indivisible.

(4) In the new design, In God We Trust is taken out of its banner and the flag placed above God! The flagstaff now divides and separates In God from We Trust.

The design was accepted in 1996. It took about two years to engrave the new plates, approve them, and verify the work before the new bills could be put into circulation. The first series was printed late 1998 and went into circulation early 1999. You will not find any of the old bills in circulation today. The following are three more things in the prime of seven as in the Revelation Countdown:

  • 1996 (new design) – 1989 (S & L scandal) = 7 years
  • 1996 + 7 years = 2003 (Iraq invasion based on false information)
  • 2003 + 7 years = 2010 (the year American securities sold to European banks come due.)

In 21 years, the S&L scandal will come full circle. We are still paying for that bailout! [1989 + 21 yrs. = 2010] Remember the number 21? [1998 + 21 yrs. = 2019] From the time the S&L Scandal went before a Congressional hearing in 1989 to 1999 when President Clinton was acquitted on perjury about his adulterous affair was a span of ten years. [1999 + 10 = 2009] What will happen in 2009? (Hillary got a SOS job after losing the primary in 2008.) Since 1989, the ACLU has relentlessly opposed and destroyed the public displaying of the Ten Commandments, school prayer, carrying a Bible on government property, and the right of Christians to practice and live by their convictions.

In the S&L scandal and Clinton affair, there were at least four of the Ten Commandments (coveting, theft, adultery, and bearing false witness) violated by government and banking officials while giving testimony under oath. The sign on the back of the new twenty is: the nation has stripped God of honor and raised its flag above him. On national television, finger-pointing perjury was witnessed by the entire nation. Remember that! Today, the Nation is seriously divided!

The taking of God out of his banner and placing the flag above God symbolizes a violation of the first commandment; Thou shalt have no other Gods before (above) me. In hindsight, take a new 20-dollar bill, turn Jackson upside down, fold in half length-wise top to bottom, fold right half down at a 45° angle, fold left half down at 45° angle, hold the point of the fold between thumb and index finger, and then turn right side up. What do you see? Is it an illusion? I am no delusional fool!

During the Month of September 2001, Islamic terrorists destroyed the two towers of the World Trade Center. The Pentagon that is the icon of our military strength was also attacked. Thousands of souls unexpectedly died that day. Could our government have foreseen such an evil event? Is the sign in the design only an illusion? From the time the twenty’s new design was approved (1996) to its first printing (1998) was two years. From 1998 to 2001 was three years. It also took three folds to see the hidden sign in the design. Two towers fell five years after the new design was approved. [2 +3 + 2 = 7] ALSO [1963 (Last year silver used in coins) + 72 years = 2012] (See Appendix IV.)

The two towers symbolize the Global Economy and have already fallen. Seven years later, the Global Economy goes into a downward spiral. In the Month of September 2008, the Stock Market fell 777.7 points. Presently, Main Street is at the mercy of Wall Street. What will be the third tower of the Global Economy to fall? The dollar? (Is. 30:25, 33:18-19, 32:12-15) The government continues to feed the economic beast of greed by sacrificing the poor and the future children of the nation on the altar of taxation and debt. (Is. 3:13-15, 5:9-16, 10:1-4, 25:1-7, 26:4-6, 29:18-21, 32:7-15, 66:1-2; Eze. 22:23-29; Zech. 7:9-10, 11:4-17) Likewise, the shepherds have misled their flocks. (Is. 56, Jer. 25:27-38, Eze. 34, Jn. 10:7-18; Rev. 3:14-22)

Once the events on 9-11 were understood and before government officials could get a grip on the situation, Flight 93 went down by the courageous act of forty unselfish souls who sacrificed themselves so that others may be spared. A film with forty memorials was made in their honor. The number 40 has great significance in the Bible. It rained for forty days and nights in the flood. (Gen. 7:12) The children of Israel wondered in the wilderness for forty years. (Ex. 16:35) Moses was on the mount for forty days and nights. (Ex. 24:18) Jesus fasted in the wilderness for forty days and nights. (Matt. 4:2) After Christ resurrected, he spent forty days with his disciples. (Acts 1:3) Both Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were killed in 1968. Forty years later (2008), America elects its first black president. In another four years is the year 2012.

Numbers and arithmetic are very useful in the understanding of prophecy. Most people will say that I am just seeing illusions in all these sevens and other significant biblical numbers. Some may accuse me of delusional math, but recent events in our nation and the global economic mess the world is presently facing is adding up. Is simple arithmetic the missing link in the understanding of prophecy?

We are presently seeing the old five-dollar bills being replaced by a new design approved in 2005. (2nd fulfillment of the 69 weeks – Chapter VI) Both of Jacob’s weeks of years are seven-year periods. (2005 + 7 yrs. = 2012 and 2012 + 7 yrs. = 2019) Look at the back of a new five. Although there is no flag on the Lincoln Memorial, In God We Trust is taken out of its banner. Does the new shading behind the memorial look like a mushroom cloud? If money really talks, is anyone listening?

[2021 Revision Addition]

Photo of pre-2005 five dollar Bill found on internet.


[Not in Book Addition]

The “Can Money Talk?” pre-2020 essay was written in in 1999 and put with the Photo image of the bills, but titled “Sign in the Design” and passed around locally. Later in 2008, I updated it and added it with the original Revelation countdown and passed it around locally. I was mocked by most, even when I folded a new 20 and showed them. It got the attention of a few people, but as usual people soon forget and just keep on keeping on. I applied the two weeks of Jacobs years to the signs I saw in the designs of both bills. I don’t quite understand how or why I didn’t originally apply both to the 2012 timeline in Chapter VI, except that the 2008 publication was premature and incomplete. The cloud on the back of the five looks like a mushroom nuclear cloud, but is surely the cloud in Ezekiel 38:9-10. COVID-19 (judgement) ascended in airplanes like in 9-11 with many people in bands (troops) of international businessmen and travelers like a storm and became like a cloud to cover the land. The evil thought is China’s non-cooperation in the pandemic, but the things that come into their mind is how to be a dominate Eurasia economic rival to the American dominated transatlantic trade zone. They have been working at it for some time!

{China, Russia and the European Union are buying massive amounts of gold in an effort to drive down the value of the dollar while working towards a partnership in trade relations. The U.S. recently sanctioned Germany thus hindering its natural gas and oil deal with Russia. China’s President signed a secret deal with the Pope in 2018 and later reinstated the 6 Chinese appointed Cardinals previously excommunicated by the Vatican. Russia is conducting naval exercises with China in the Baltic sea. China is conducting naval exercises with Iran in the Persian Gulf, and has an ongoing trade arrangement – weapons for oil. China has claimed the South China Sea and is tempting fate with the U.S. Navy. Some of its manufacturing has moved to Mexico to avoid tariffs and now supply chain problems.


Have we been seeing a final resurrection of a three or four axis Roman beast with the Harlot riding it? What the world witnessed from 1925 (Hitler publishes “Mein Kampf,” a ranting exploration of what passes as his ideology.) to 1945 (Allies defeat Germany – Hitler dies.) is a 20 year time cycle? (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.) [2025 – 1925 = 100 years or 5 JST’s] Things happen 5 times faster now days! [20 ÷ 5 = 4] How many times have you heard – history repeats itself? How much has knowledge increased since 1925? (Dan. 12:4) See “Missing Links – Chapter VI – Timeline Prophecies of the Bible” in main menu.}



  1. SeaShell says:




    1. eze33 says:

      Thanks! Putting on favorites.


    2. debjbalk says:

      Sometimes, God calls for His children to go into the dark places, to bring light, to be a spy (like the spies who went into the Promised Land), and to shatter the darkness. Your conclusion about Ivanka being on this list is NOT MY CONCLUSION.

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      1. SeaShell says:



      2. debjbalk says:

        Here you go, “assuming again ” You have no idea what my beliefs are and especially my relationship with Jesus. Guard your words carefully. You can either build up or tear down. How about we simply “agree to disagree,” instead of making wrong accusatory conclusions about each other’s faith walk and our beliefs about the details of evil all around us. The enemy would love to divide God’s people… I’m not falling for it. Peace and blessings to you, Seashell. We’re both on the Lord’s side ..we simply disagree in this most simplest of details. Please do not draw deep, contrary conclusions about me because of one differing view from yours. Good grief…and, there was no need to yell with all caps.

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      3. eze33 says:

        I agree. Will check it out for myself. See new general comment. Ops! Lost it. Will have to write it again. Will do on word and cut and paste this time. LOLGB+


  2. eze33 says:

    Truth can be twisted to the right or twisted to the left. Either way, it still gets twisted. The white horse had to be let out the gate. The Revelation seven seal year countdown had to begin on time. God has all this in control and there are a number of players with various parts. Told myself long ago that I would never get internet or on social media. The Lord made me eat those words Passover 2020. Still learning this tech stuff, but have learned one thing pretty quick; there is a lot of crap out there in cyber space. As a retired gardener, I do know a thing or two about composting crap to get good fertilizer out of it. It takes some time to discern the spirits (mental dispositions) out there. There is one thing we all need to keep in mind. There is an image of the beast that will follow the beast and it will be lamb like working many wonderful things. People will be so tired of the beast; its image can appear as an angle of light, and so can his ministers. Those who fall in the pits of deception may have a helping hand held out to pull them out, but they won’t see the snare in the other hand. LOLGB+


    1. debjbalk says:

      A prayer of unity: Lord, I pray for unity among us here and wherever we go. Help us to listen to your Holy Spirit first, and foremost, and then direct our steps. Give us compassion and understanding for each other and for the different places we are in regarding our beliefs. Help us to seek you above anything else. And let us be united in our love for you, for others, and for each other. In Jesus’ name…. Amen!

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