Humor Time Plus (HTP+)

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Someone asked why people wear masks under their noses. Stated it was so stupid, and that it was best to not wear one at all. True! No one needs one to eat, so no one needs one to smell! Knowing that wearing a mask is useless and refusing to do so would be DNCIS (Do Not Comply Integrity Syndrome)! Doing the “half and half mask wearing technic” (H&HMWT) is a method to breath fresh air through one’s nose and exhale through their mouth. They look like they are complying, yet don’t rebreathe their own CO2. H&HMWT should only be done to comply to mandates in non-medical and medical emergency situations! It is only logical to do the H&HMWT for a non-Medical Emergency like going to a doctor’s appointment. (H&HMWT+) I was called on all that at my last PCP doctor’s visit!

Went up to the check-in window and was handed a mask. Explained I had COPD. (Was planning on asking my Medicare assigned CPC about a medical mask exemption. I had already convinced her I’m not getting the vax on a previous visit.) The receptionist said to have a seat. I did as everyone else that were wearing masks was not really paying any attention to me. I sat at the far end on a bench. A few minutes later, some people came in without masks and an administrator came from around the corner, past me and handed them masks, then when she came back handed me one. I explained my COPD situation and that I was there to see my Medicare assigned CPC, as I had about every three months several times following a stroke. She told me to wear it or leave and reschedule. I Did and didn’t! Will go to the ER when I need medical help. Looking for a new CPC, as I have called the clinic several times asking to speak to her about a new development and please give me a call, but told I could only make an appointment.

Wearing a mask doesn’t do anything to protect oneself or other selves, yet H&HMWT gives others their false sense of safety and security. Aerosols? Got them in deodorant and it doesn’t stop its smell. Just blocks other smells! Being selfless is not being selfish! fssssssssssssssss goes the two snakes on a pole with two wings. (See “A Sabbath Message 8/14/21 The White Horse” in main menu.) Those who do H&HMWT+ for any other reason suffer from MSS (Mask Stupidity Syndrome)!

The only other logical reason would be VIMWS (Vulcan Illogical Mask Wearing Syndrome), which is highly contagious among us mostly bags of water & carbon unit humans. Some people believe there are aliens among us, other that the invasion on the southern border. Then, there are those who want to go all green like Vulcan blood. Anyway, wouldn’t the H&HMWT be muticous (without a point, defenseless) since the vaccines don’t work?

It’s fun to laugh! Please don’t mask or vax me!



  1. Shannon says:

    This is the best article I have read in a long time!!! Everyone needs to wake up!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eze33 says:

      Congrats! First one in famiy to make a comment on Uncle Phil’s site. LOLGB+


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