Happy Thanksgiving

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As winter approaches, Thanksgiving Day is a day to be thankful for the year’s bounty and blessings. I give thanks every day, but this day after the fall’s harvest is special. Locally the harvest has been a good one and one of the best in cotton in a good number of years. The spring wheat was good and so was the corn. Soy beans look good and are about ready, which usually are completed by the winter solstice. Am praying for a mild winter and early spring as I hope to do some gardening next year. Let’s all pray for one another and our nation.

Cotton field 5 miles down road just before harvest in Spetember.

Close up
From road shoulder

Could not see getting a large turkey for myself, so I just got a rotisserie chicken, some baked beans, tater salad and a blueberry pie. Saving my wild turkeys so next spring’s hatch will be even larger than this years. The population build-up on my 14.6 acres is growing. The back 7 acres is a wetland that I’ve left in its natural state, and a good home for many critters, and the turkeys like wetland too. Here’s a photo:

Not going in the pot this Thanksgiving girls!

The three larger ones are the hens that hatched eggs this spring (2021). The others are hens that were hatched. The males have gone out on their own as they are solitary birds until time next spring to compete for next year’s breeding rights. That’s nature!

The thing I’m most thankful for is getting my wetland classification back. October 27, 2021 got an e-mail from the State Tax Commission that the county had put the 7 acres back to its original classification after an appeal process that began in January. (See “A Paranormal Event or Visitation?” in archives.) Instead of $2000/acre value, it’s back to $100/acre, which save me 13,300 in valuation. That $93.77 in property tax. Property tax for 2021 is due by 12/31/21.

A Paranormal Event or Visitation?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I know they will.



  1. Creative Pray says:

    What beautiful property and creatures you have! I had no idea about the wetland classifications and taxes! Thank you for sharing your life and for a beautiful read!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eze33 says:

      Thanks! The cotton fields are a friend’s about 4 miles from my place. I raised fresh produce and sold locally off 3.5 acres and for a while 1 acre on a neighbor’s land for the past 35 years. Took this year off from any gardening. Hope to do a little next year, Lord willing. LOLGB+


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