Missing Links – Chapter V

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Chapter V  

A Myth Found and the Reality Lost

 It was suggested in chapters II and III that there might be a Biblical explanation for the mythical Lost City of Atlantis. Plato wrote the oldest and fullest account of the rise and fall of the great island city – continent. He beautifully described its layout and compared the city’s gardens to that of Eden’s. [Plato must have known about the book of Genesis.] The golden laden temples with its brilliant and illuminate copper finished walls, precious stones, and marbled floors would have been a beautiful sight to behold. He wrote of many kings and princes that ruled throughout the glorious era of Atlantis.

Their first king was to have been Atlas, son of Poseidon (Greek god of the sea). The illustration of the temple in the Time Life Book, Mystic Places, shows a chariot with Poseidon holding his three-pronged trident in his left hand and the reins of six horses with wings in his right. All were to have been made of pure gold.

The people of Atlantis and their surrounding neighbors, the ancient Athenians to the east, and the legendary Mayans to the west, were a peaceful people sharing a world of peace and prosperity. It was the Utopia that man dreams of today. The Atlanteans were supposedly the more technologically advanced, but the Athenians and Mayans were also culturally and technologically endowed. The three superpowers shared in much of their knowledge. [Does this sound like China, Russia, and the United States?]

The Atlanteans were thought to have had flying machines, and a mysterious energy source made from a glowing rock. On April 12, 1939 Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, reportedly went into a trance like state. While in one, he is recorded to have said, “In Atlantis, when there was the breaking up of the land, came to what was called the Mayan land or what is now Yucatan – entity was the first to cross the water in the plane or air machine of that period.” The aircraft and nuclear technology we have today sounds very much like that era, except there is no peace on earth and the sharing of technology is usually through bribery or theft.

Plato also describes how the Atlanteans became puffed-up in the pride of their wealth and prosperity. They had become greedy and lusted after more power, wealth, and pleasure in various vices. They became arrogant, and then began oppressing and enslaving their neighbors. They went to war with the Athenians in conquest of more wealth and dominance. They also attacked the Mayans and became their oppressors. There was basically world war on the planet, then one day Zeus, who was the king of the gods delivered a blow of his own. A great earthquake caused the entire continent of Atlantis and all its inhabitants to be swallowed up by the sea.

The ancient Mayan legends also state that their civilization and The Land of Mu disappeared into the bowels of the earth. Zeus was only to have spared the Athenians, who were supposedly his favorite people. Since Plato was a Greek from Athens, and Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek mythology, it is clearly obvious why he selected the Athenians as the only survivors on the earth. (Source: Time Life Book – Mystic Places)

If we were to take out all the Greek mythological bias of the story, could there be a Biblical version told? There is a story in the Bible that could be a mirror image of this greatest of myths, but the outcome is not quite the same. We now know there are billions of years of time between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. The creation week beginning at Gen. 1:3 is a recreation of the earth that was completely and totally destroyed. Could the story of The Lost City of Atlantis be a part of the missing time in creation between Gen. 1:1 and 1:2 and the missing link in evolution by intelligent design?

Most professing Christians today claim The Holy Bible as being The Book of Truth. That is absolutely and positively true, and more so than most people think. We will not have to change the name of the guilty party in order to tell the Atlantis story from a Biblical perspective. God did that! Scripture will not be quoted throughout the story. For a close approximation of the time sequence of events, read the following scriptures: John 1:1-5; Heb. 1:3-5; Col. 1:15-17; Gen. 1:1; Job 38:6-7, 31-33, 37-38; Ezek. 28:12-19; Rev. 12:7-9; Ezek. 26:19-21; Is. 14:12-17; Luke 10:18; Jude 6; Gen. 1:2; Is. 45:18.

Since no man really knows God’s Holy Name, my Lord has given me permission to substitute different English names for the Godhead (Logos and Theos) in the spirit of humor. God does have a unique since of humor, although some people might not think so. God is not boring! I dedicate this story to Larry the Cable Guy, and the rest of the Blue-Collar Tour gang. I hope they get a chance to read it. [Larry, ease up on them thar little Pigmies. They never got to the fifth grade, can’t read signs, and never tasted tatter salad.]

So, gather around the camp fire, kick off your shoes, fire one up, pop a top if you choose, for I’m about to tell you a little story about how man once was, then suddenly man was not, yet man now is, but not from the man that once was.

The Story of the Billy Creators Inc.

In the beginning was Billy Joe, and Billy Joe was with Billy Bob, and Billy Joe was a Billy. Now Billy Bob was the daddy, and Billy Joe was the son, and they were liv’in together in the Big House called Atomonos Nucolos. They lived in the Big House with all the other little billies Billy Bob and Billy Joe made to help out with Billy Bob’s and Billy Joe’s Grand Plan of the Universe. Billy Joe was in complete agreement with the plan, and even volunteered to step up to the plate in the event anything went wrong. All the other little billies liked and agreed with the plan. There was one special itty-bitty little billie that became the smartest, prettiest, and brightest of all them thar other little billies. Billy Bob and Billy Joe called him Lucifer Luke because he was a bright and morning star.

Now, Billy Joe would have liked to have had first crack at the Grand Plan, but Billy Bob had to test Lucifer Luke’s loyalty to the family business because he was elevated to number three in the family chain of command. Billy Bob was a real smart and wise daddy, and he wanted to teach his only begotten first-born and all the other little billies about that thing called freedom of choice, along with patience, humility, and submission. Billy Bob desired to let Billy Joe take over the family business someday, and they had a Plan B just in case Lucifer Luke screwed up Plan A. The first part of the plan was to do some real serious landscaping all around the Big House. Noth’in was in it. It was a big old empty dark abyss full of noth’in.

Now, Billy Bob and Billy Joe were in total agreement about the family business. Lucifer Luke was too, and real sure of himself. All them thar other little billies were ready to be set free and do some serious galactic landscaping in that big old dark empty abyss.

Now, Lucifer Luke stayed outside and was a running in circles around the Big House, because he was a guarding and protecting Atomonos Nucolos from all them thar spooks in the darkness of the great abyss. There was really noth’in out there. Old Lucifer Luke had a wee bit of what some like to call a dark imagination. He also had a big old firecracker attached to his necklace, and he was always a bit curious about what that dadburn thing was for.

Billy Joe yelled out to Lucifer Luke, “Put that firecracker in the hatch hole and fire her up!” So, Lucifer Luke put the firecracker in the hatch hole, snapped his finger, because he had a bic lighter for one of his fingers, then lite that big ole firecracker and ran around back of the Big House yelling, “Yawl stand clear, she’s about to blow!”

Billy Bob and Billy Joe were kicked back on the Big Couch on the top floor of the Big House, and all them thar other little billies were lined up like the Carolina Panther’s defensive line ready for a quarterback sack attack, then KABANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

That hatch was blown to smithereens. Then, all them thar little billies came a rushing out, and they were a hollering and a singing for joy. I tell you what, that was the happiest bunch of little billies I ever did see, and you know what they was a singing? They were a singing, “Free at last, free at last, thank Billy Almighty, free at last.”

Now, there was noth’in in that big old dark abyss, yeah, absolutely noth’in, and you know why? That’s all it was good for, absolutely noth’in. Billy Bob and Billy Joe knew that because that was what the big plan was all about. They wanted to let all them thar little billies go free in that big old dark abyss to distribute that stuff called matter, and plant their little billie star candles to shine their little billie bright lights so that some… day…  o-ver the rain-bow… a whole bunch of organic little man billies can say: Look at that big beautiful heaven Billy Bob and Billy Joe made for us.

When all the excitement was over and all them thar little billies had finished planting their little star candles in space, they rode their little star horses back to the Big House and gathered in front of the Big Couch for a big meeting with their daddy. Then Lucifer Luke approached Billy Bob to get his work assignment.

Billy Bob said, “Lucifer Luke, I want you to take a third of them thar little billies with all this biology and science knowledge I’m a giv’in you and get on down to that star of yours. I want you to start bringing about some organic life on that third dust ball from your star. Now, when you get some little man critters looking a bit like us, you yourself become like them for a spell, and tell them about me and Billy Joe. Tell them little man critters that they can become billies too, and tell them about eternal life and the Great Universal Plan. Tell them that the Billy Boys made everything that they are made of, and then you can have credit for putting them together and be their king, that is if you are willing to give yourself for them. Be sure to remember that on the seventh galactic day of the galactic week to take a rest from all your work, and come on up here, and we’ll watch the football game. I got all them thar other little billies divided up into little billie teams, and they’ll be playing a schedule the remainder of the week so that they can praise me with the big game on the Sabbath Day.”

Now, Lucifer Luke was real excited about this job of his, and he went to work right away. He had a third of all them thar little billies with all kinds of skills to work for him while he was a thinking about doing that intelligent selectivity nature thing with all his know how, but he wasn’t quite sure about that little man critter thing.

Anyhow, this was about the middle of the second galactic day, because the first one was a special jubilee holiday that they spent a shouting for joy and a singing praises to the Billy boys. It was their birthday party called First Fruits, and I tell you what, it was a Big Bang of a party. Anyway, it took about half a galactic day to get all their assignments, and instructions, and commandments to work by. Billy Bob also explained what it meant to PACE one’s self with the prime responsibility of those things we call the freedom of press, association, choice, and expression.

Now, a galactic day on Billy Bob’s watch was like a billion years of time to us, and Lucifer Luke had only 4.5 galactic days until the big game. Lucifer Luke worked real hard evolving all kinds of critters using his gamma powers to write and rewrite DNA instructions. Then there was one morning he ended up with a bunch of big old dinosaurs and saw that wasn’t gonna work out gett’in that thar little man critter thing a going. So, he grabbed one of them thar big old asteroids from the asteroid belt, and then sent it a sailing into the earth. It killed off all them thar big old dinosaurs, and you know what? That’s what them thar scientist fellers call total extinction. There was a couple of other times too that he had to back up, rethink his science, and start over again. That’s what them thar scientist fellers like to call near extinction. Anyhow, when he finally got them thar ape critters a going, he knew he was a gett’in real close to that thar little man critter thing Billy Bob and Billy Joe was a talking about.

About two thirds of the way through the sixth galactic day, Lucifer Luke had got some of them thar ape critters a standing up, walking on two feet, and later – learning all kinds of things, and you know what? They even learned how to make fire without a match or any kind of a lighter. All they had to do was grab hold of a rock and beat the fire right out of another rock. It’s true! Them thar scientist fellers said so. And if it ain’t true, neither is this story. And you know what that would make it and them thar scientist fellers’? Tall tale tellers!

A little later, Lucifer Luke had them thar man critters a walking, and a talking, and a looking a whole bit like me and you, and a whole lot of smarts too. Then he got the best of them divided up into three groups. One group was the Mayans who lived on the west continent, and the Athenians lived on the east continent. The third group he called Atlanteans, and they lived on the middle continent called Atlantis, and he liked them the best. They had a big beautiful city by the same name, and they had flying machines and everything.

Now, them thar little man critters only lived a short time like you and me. In galactic time their life span was quicker than the blink of an eye, and that made Old Lucifer Luke upset. He wanted them thar little man critters to live a long time like him and his little billie brothers. So, he went to ask Billy Bob how he could do that because that was the only thing that he couldn’t do. He couldn’t make them immortal and get them thar little man critters to become little man billies. You see, Old Lucifer Luke had done and forgot what his daddy told him from the very get-go about that thar little man critter thing and how he could get them to become little man billies.

So Old Lucifer Luke got into his big old golden horse buggy pulled by six big old horses, and you know what? Them thar horses had wings, and they could fly! He also had a big old three-pronged pitchfork he always carried in his left hand, and you know what? Today, he still uses that dad-burn thing to poke Billy Joe’s little man critters around and trying to make them mean and evil like him, but Billy Joe gonna bust his butt for good one day real soon. Anyhow, the late afternoon of the sixth galactic day he asked his daddy how he could give his little man critters immortal life. Then Billy Bob told him, “Son, first you got to tell them about me, that I’m really their daddy. Didn’t me and Billy Joe create all the stuff you made them from, and give you all the know how to make and elevate them?”

Then Old Luke said, “But daddy, I made them, let me have more power, so I can make them immortal, then – then – then, I promise I will tell them the truth about you and Billy Joe.”

Then Billy Bob said, “Not so son! I gave you everything to make them; therefore, they are mine. You knew that from the get-go. First, you must become like them! Then tell them about me and Billy Joe, and to give us the glory for their being, and then die their death. After that, I will raise you and them up. Then, you can be Lord over them, and build more worlds for Billy Joe. Now go, do this quickly because the Sabbath will be here soon. Don’t worry, all things are under my control. Don’t forget the big game. Looks like it might be the Aquila Eagles vs. the Delphinus Dolphins. Go on now, honor your father!”

Now, Lucifer Luke was a bit angry about all that, so he turned his back on Billy Bob and Billy Joe, and then went on back to that third rock from the sun. He was a gripping and a grumbling the whole way. There were only a few hours of galactic time left before the Sabbath, but there was plenty of earth time for Old Luke to do what he needed to do. Old Luke was a gett’in angrier by the microsecond, and the more he thought about what he had to do, the angrier he got. He became so jealous, that all he wanted was that power all for himself, but he didn’t want to give himself for his little man critters.

All the time that he was boiling in anger, jealousy, and lust for that power, all them thar little man critters were picking up on that same kind of thoughts. You see, Old Luke had radio wave power, and all his thoughts were being received by them thar little man critters. Then, they began to a gett’in the same kind of thoughts, and they began a lust’in for more power. They started a lie’in, and a cheat’in, and a steal’in, and a kill’in, and all other kinds of evil and wicked things. Everything that Old Lucifer Luke was a thinking about, them thar little man critters got to thinking and doing the very same thing.

Old Luke got all his little billie brothers together and began to plot against their daddy. He conned them into thinking that they could go up to the Big House, knock Billy Bob and Billy Joe off their Big Couch, and search under the cushions to find that power he coveted. Yeah, he got evil headed about the whole thing and told his little billie brothers, “I’m not gonna become like these dirty little man critters that I evolved from pooh! I’m gonna get that thar power for myself! Me, as beautiful as I am, set all my beauty aside, even for a little bit, just to offer them immortality and to be like me! Daddy’s crazy if he thinks I’m gonna do that! He can take his Sabbath, and his big game, and he can shove it! When that big game starts, we’ll charge right on up there when they ain’t thinking we’re a com’in, and we’ll take over the Big House, then I will sit on the Big Couch!

Now, Old Lucifer Luke had done and lost it now. What he forgot was that Billy Bob and Billy Joe could see and hear everything in the whole universe, and that they had x-ray vision, and Billy Bob could see right through his wicked old heart. Billy Bob and Billy Joe didn’t make Old Luke that way. He got that way by his own choosing. You see, he tripped and got out of PACE with the prime directive.

Billy Bob asked Billy Joe, “Do you see all the pride, selfishness, jealousy, lust, and greed in Old Luke’s heart?”

Billy Joe replied, “Yes Father. You know that I would have became like them thar little man critters and done as you asked.”

Billy Bob said, “Yes, I know son. We discussed that possible situation from the very get-go. Next time around, you know that you might have to do that very thing. We got to ready ourselves now, for that evil old DOG thinks he’s gonna come up here and knock us off our throne and be the GOD, but he’s just a fool’in himself.”

Now, Billy Bob and Billy Joe knew what was about to go down, so they canceled the big game, and you know what? That game hasn’t been played to this very day, but it was rescheduled, and it will be played. Billy Joe got Big Mike the Archbillie to muster up all them thar other little billies. Half stood by the gate of the Big House by Billy Joe, and the other was Big Mike’s army, but they got behind the big house. You see, Billy Bob is a fair daddy, and he wanted the odds to be even. Billy Bob just sat on the Big Couch and waited.

Then, Old Lucifer Luke and all his little billies went a charg’in toward the Big House. Then, Big Mike came from around back with his army of little billies. They began to butt heads, rip and rare, knocking each other down, and just a hurting each other real bad. You know, some of them thar little billies even broke their little horns, and that’s what them thar scientist fellers like to call dwarf billies. I tell you what, that show down was a whole lot worser than the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. It was tee-total Galactic War.

When all the ruckus was over, Big Mike went up to the gate of the Big House and told Billy Joe that Old Lucifer Luke and all his rebellious little billies had had the shine whipped right out of them, and are now called dark stars. Billy Joe went inside and asked his daddy what to do. Billy Bob said, “Son, I’ll handle this one myself!”

So, Billy Bob went out in the front yard where Old Lucifer Luke was and looked around at all the chaos that the S.O.B. (Son of Billy) had just caused, and with a little tear in his eye, he just shook his head in disappointment. It must have broken Billy Bob’s big old heart to see his beautiful little billie get that way. Now, all the good little billies stood way back. Billy Joe stood in the gate of the Big House just a watching to see what his daddy would do next.

Billy Bob grabbed Old Lucifer Luke by the head with both his big old hands, looked Old Lucifer Luke right in the eye, and sang him a song, and it went a little something like this: You SOB, I’m number one from beginning to the end – you’ve messed up my universe by bringing in that thing called sin – now don’t you think I understand this little critter that’s called man – for it was my will from the very start of the Great Universal Plan. – Now I’m changing your name you old dragon and Satan it shall be – I’ll cast your rebellious butt back to the earth and cover you with the sea. [Remember the Charlie Daniels tune and fiddle playing? Sing it again!]

Now when Billy Bob finished singing his song, he swung that old dragon around and around and around. All that swinging around made his tail real long, and it scooped up all them thar rebellious little demon billies right up off the front yard of the Big House. Then when Billy Bob let him go, it cast Satan’s evil butt along with all them thar little demon billies right back to the earth.

Now, all that evil thinking that them thar little man critters tuned in to had caused them to kill each other off by global war’in – right down to the last one. He was so lonely and soar that, well, he just conceded to the supreme consequence of the inconvenient truth. All that evil thinking of Satan got into their brains. They just went totally nuts, and you know what? Lucifer Luke never did let his poor little man critters ever know who their real daddy was. When that old dragon crashed into the earth, it came to a tee-total ruin. It wasn’t worth a hill of beans. Noth’in was left alive. Absolutely noth’in!

Now, all them thar good little billies in heaven were real sad about all the ruin and chaos that Satan had caused. They were all a crying and broken hearted about the whole thing, then Billy Bob said, “Cheer up little billies! I have a back up plan!” So, they began to wipe their little billie tears from their little billie eyes, and later, a little billie smile began to glow up on their little billie faces. They were all just a standing around to see what would happen next.

Then Billy Bob headed for the Big House and called out to Billy Joe, “Go fetch the Book marked Plan B.” Then, Billy Bob and Billy Joe kicked back on the Big Couch, and all the other good little billies rested and slept for the remainder of that first galactic Sabbath day.

[To be continued!]

Most everybody left before the story was finished, but there were four good old fellers still left. They were blue-collar types like myself that liked sitting around a campfire while having an ice cold one, and just telling stories about life and all kinds of things. The chubby feller in a sleeveless red flannel shirt asked, “What was Plan B?”

Then the red headed feller spoke up and said, “I bet Plan B is the Bible, and everything that’s in it.”

Then the slim feller asked the red headed feller, “How do you know that? What was the sign?”

Then the feller holding a glass of bourbon spoke up, and said, “Cause he’s soooooo much smarter than a fifth grader, and he can actually count to seven.”

Then I said, “Plan B is the Bible, and to pick up where the story left off, just start at Genesis 1:3. Seven is your sign.”

Then the feller in the red flannel shirt stood up, through his shoulders back, and with a great big smile said, “GET-R-DONE!”

I had absolutely no idea how to tell the Atlantis Story from a Biblical perspective. I worked on the other chapters and didn’t even know the chapter arrangement at the time. I asked the Lord for some help because I just didn’t know how to explain what I’ve come to understand. One morning I got up laughing and just started typing away. I must thank the Lord because there is no way that I could have conceived and wrote that story out of my own imagination.

Plan B is the Bible beginning at Genesis 1:3. The condition of the earth stated in the 2nd verse is the condition it became (come to pass into) because of Lucifer’s rebellion. Absolutely nothing survived! What Lucifer brought into existence in 4.5 billion years came to a total ruin by his rebellion. God remade the heavens and the earth, then created new life on it in six rotations (days) of our planet earth. That is the testimony of the Almighty God’s majestic power.

It doesn’t make any difference what you may think about this Atlantis story, but it does explain the missing links in evolution’s theory and the missing time in Genesis’ creation. Man’s tendency is to see some physical evidence of reality and has little or no desire to accept things on faith alone. Of all the things that man can see on this planet, there are three just as mysterious as the myth of Atlantis.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

The Genius of Ancient Man: The Great Pyramid: Enigma of ...

The Great Pyramids of Giza are probably the most mysterious structures on the face of our planet. Men have beheld them from afar and traveled to them in hope of finding some long-lost truth that may have been hidden inside and/or incorporated within their geometric design and dimensions. Will a day come when the knowledge and wisdom within their design come to man’s understanding?

They have been explored for centuries. Many have contemplated their significance wondering who the architect was and the methods utilized in their construction. There have never been any absolute answers to the many questions that ever meet a unified satisfaction of the thousands of curious minds that have beheld them. The best of theories have been dismissed by many considered to be professionals, yet they themselves will admit to knowing little or nothing.

They were built during what is commonly called the Fourth Dynasty. Beginning with the largest, they are believed to have been constructed between 2613 and 2494 BC. (Time-Life’s Mystic Places – Mysteries of the Unknown) The largest of the three was supposed to have been for the tomb of Khufu (The Great Pharaoh of Egypt), the second largest for Khafre (Khufu’s brother), and the smallest for Menkure (Khafre’s son).

Egypt’s history of pyramid building began after the sun cult emerged as the official religion. Many collapsed and successful ones were too small to attract much attention. The Giza group would have required a great Architect with an immense knowledge in geometrical design, mathematics, physics, and astronomy. One of Job’s friends said, “Remember that thou magnify (to grow, enlarge) his (God’s) work (an act, work, or deed done systematically), which men behold (through the idea of strolling, turning, traveling). Every man may see it (to gaze, mentally perceive, contemplate, have a vision of prophecy); man may behold it (to look intently) afar off (to remotely widen in any direction of place or time).” (Job 36:24-25)

Many have traveled to study them or gazed upon them from afar with amazement and prophetic curiosity throughout the ages. Today, we have the centuries old greatest mystery: Who built them and why? Many Mathematicians, Architects, and Engineers have explored a variety of possible methods employed in the building of the Great Pyramid. Some observers doubt that the three were built merely for the purpose of housing royal mummies. It is a fact that no mummies or great treasure have ever been found in them. Many mathematicians have long believed that the Great Pyramid’s Architect possessed a geometrical wisdom that became lost to the world. Could Job have been the great Architect? We found The Big Bang in Job 38:6-7, and earth as a cosmic ball of dust in Job 38:37-38. The entire Book of Job has an architectural overtone to it. Could this systematical great work have been the work of God through Job?

The historical record of curiosity began with Herodotus, famous fifth century BC Greek historian who was the first to visit, gather, and record information about them. The methods of their construction he recorded were mainly based on his conversations with the local Egyptians. He never did find the entrances to see their interiors.

During the ninth century AD, the Arab caliph Abdullah Al Mamun, whose interest in astronomy drove his desire of mapping the earth and charting the heavens, sought to find the entrance to the largest. Being unsuccessful, he had his fellow explorers bore through solid rock by heating the limestone blocks with fire, then dousing them with vinegar until they cracked. They found a small passage after 100 feet of boring, then the entrance 49 feet [7 x 7 or 72] above the base. Other passages were blocked with large granite stones, so they bored around them. They found the burial chamber empty of treasure, and the huge granite sarcophagus was also empty. In disappointment, the laborers destroyed the floor and walls hoping to find some treasure. Who knows what knowledge was lost from any inscriptions that may have been written on the walls? If earlier robbers had already raided them, how did they get around the granite barricades? Why were the burial chambers blocked off and sealed without their intended mummified corpses?

Eight hundred years passed before British mathematician John Greaves visited Egypt in 1638. His interest was in finding the unit of measurement employed by its builders. Most of the data he presented proved to be incorrect by those that followed. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte conquered Egypt. After the Battle of the Pyramids, the French scientist, Edme-Francois Jomard, and a work force of 150 Turks cleared tons of sand and debris from the northwest and northeast base. He noted the depressions in the base rock where the original corner stones had rested but were carried off centuries earlier. His base measurement of 757.5 feet has proved to be the most accurate. He also measured the blocks and calculated the height at 481 feet, but the capstone had long been removed. He calculated the slope’s pitch angle at 51 degrees and 19 minutes. The famous Rosetta Stone, which was the key to interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphics, was also discovered. This began an explosion of European and American interest in Egyptian things during the nineteenth century.

John Taylor, a mathematician and theologian, never visited the Great Pyramid himself, but built a scaled model from acquired data to aid in his studies. He discovered that the perimeter divided by twice its height was nearly equal to pi (3.14159+). In 1859, he authored the book, The Great Pyramid: Why was it built? And who built it? He suggested that divine intelligence was at work in its design.

Charles Smyth, an astronomer from Scotland, became interested in Taylor’s work. In 1844, he left for Egypt with trunks of up-to-date instruments. The pyramid’s perfect north-south alignment, interior passages’ pitch angle of 26°, and its intersection at 30° North and 31° East have greatly astonished astronomers for centuries. He devised his basic unit of measurement called the pyramid inch, which was 1/25th of a cubit and within 1/1000th of a British inch. He concluded that his 365,200-pyramid inch base perimeter divided by 1000 was equal to 365.2, the number of days in the year. He authored the book, Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid. He concluded, as Taylor had done before him, that only God could have been the author of its design. [Job was a saintly servant. (Job 1:1; Ezek. 14:14)]

Neither Smyth nor Taylor had offered any evidence of the great pyramid being mentioned in the Bible, but both agreed that in times past God had imparted wisdom and metrical instructions for building to a chosen few for some special or unknown purpose, just as Noah was given instructions for the Ark. Smyth and his followers viewed the pyramid as immutable evidence of a divinity who created the earth in 4004 BC as computed by James Usher, a seventeenth century Irish churchman. Both had suggested that the year of Christ’s second coming be hidden somewhere within its geometric dimensions.

In 1877, American churchman Joseph Seiss wrote, “Its stones harbored one great system of interrelated numbers, measures, weights, angles, temperatures, degrees, geometric problems, and cosmic references.” Pyramids have five sides (including the base) and five corners (including its pinnacle). Seiss became intrigued with its unique fiveness: five corners, five sides, and a pyramid inch as 1/5th of 1/5th of a cubit. He asked, “Was it only coincidental that we have five senses, five fingers, five toes, and that there are five Books of Moses?” [Five is also considered the biblical number for grace.]

In 1880, William Petrie set out for Egypt after reading the works of Taylor and Smyth and confirmed most of their work. He came up with a different base perimeter dimension that refuted Smyth’s pyramid inch. Later, British engineer David Davidson discovered that Petrie didn’t extend his computations to the outer casing, thus reconfirming Smyth’s measurements. In 1924 Davidson published a book that concluded the Pyramid was truth in structural form.

In 1925, the Egyptian government completed its own survey of the Great Pyramid and published their official data: south side – 756.1 ft, east side – 755.9 ft, west side – 755.8 ft, north side – 755.4 ft, and height – 481 ft. The angle of the slopes was measured at 51 degrees and 52 minutes. Their side dimensions were within 8 inches of each other. The Lord is a designer of perfection; therefore, the sides would have been equal when originally built. (Ex. 27:1, 28:16, 37:25, 38:1; Ezek. 40:47, 43:16, 48:20; Rev. 21:16)

The variations in the measurements can be attributed to the effects of wind erosion. North winds are usually the strongest, with the eastward and westward much less abrasive. The southern side would have received the least severe winds, hence the variations in the dimensions of the four sides. Is there a practical mathematical method to compensate for the erosion?

With today’s computer technology and sophisticated measuring devises, you would think that if the year of Christ’s return or the year pointing to His return was hidden somewhere within its dimensions, that theologians and mathematicians would have figured it out by now. It is said that the Lord himself doesn’t know the day or hour, but I don’t think that is the case. The two are one in mind and character. He did say, “Now, learn a parable of the fig tree”. (Matt. 24:32-36) Since there are four seasons in a year, the season and maybe the year or years, since winter splits the years, could be known, especially with an understanding of the timeline prophecies in the Book of Daniel. The seasons of the year average 90 days, or 2,160 hours. Could we possibly find at least the year(s)?

Taking into consideration the erosion of the original dimensions, let’s try to reconstruct the Great Pyramid utilizing our prophesied increased knowledge with Biblical assistance. The Biblical standard of measurement is the cubit, which is 1.5 feet or 18 inches. Since Noah built the Ark in cubits, Job would have also used the same system of measurement. God is consistent in his ways.

The total of the variations in the four sides minus 755 feet for each side is 3.2 feet. [1.1 + .9 + .8 + .4 = 3.2] Since there are three sides more heavily eroded, let’s take the 3.2-foot total and divide it by three to get a 1.0667-foot average erosion factor. When added to the least eroded south side dimension we get a 757.1667-foot dimension for each side. [756.1ft +1.0667 ft = 757.1667 ft] Now, convert that to cubits. [757.1667 ft ÷ 1.5 ft/cu = 504.7778 cu] When we use this corrected dimension and multiply it by the four sides, we get 2019 cubits when rounded off. [504.7778 cu × 4 = 2019.1112 cu]

The design would more likely have been an even number of cubits, so round off the 504.7778 to 505 cubits, which would be in line with the fiveness thought. It would also be the same as Jomard’s 1798 measurement. [757.5 ft ÷ 1.5 ft/cu = 505 cu] [Very interesting! Remember Laugh-in?] Multiplying the 505-cubit dimension by 4 we get 2020 cubits. [505 cu × 4 = 2020 cu] If we substitute year for cubit, could Christ’s return to reign on earth be in the year 2019 or 2020? Could these years even point to the year of his coming? If these are the years, what calendar should we use?

The Egyptian calendar is no longer used. The Jewish civil and scared calendar is used only by the Jews and very few Christians. Our present day Gregorian calendar is a corrected version of the Julian calendar, which was based on 365.25 days to the solar year, and every fourth year an extra day was added to the month of February, just as we do today. In the year 1582 AD the Julian Calendar was reformed by Pope Gregory XIII after astronomers realized that the solar year was 12 minutes and 14 seconds shorter (365.2415) than 365.25 days. The Julian Calendar had advanced ten days from 45 BC to 1582 AD. The British countries rejected that until 1752. When they finally realized the error, they had to drop 11 days to correct their calendars. The sequence of days remained, only the numbered day was advanced. Ex: Tuesday was October 11 and Wednesday was October 22.

Due to erosion of the exterior blocks, the pyramid’s pitch angle measurement of 51 degrees and 52 minutes (51.8667°) would also need to be corrected. There are 60 minutes to a degree in nautical plotting and surveying. There is an 8-minute shortage to a full degree in the measured pitch angle. Utilizing the erosion factor 1.0667 and dividing it by the 8 short minutes of a degree, we get a .1333 erosion factor for the transit’s pitch angle measurement. When added to the angle measurement, we get an even 52 degrees. (51.8667 +.1333 = 52) [It is the number of weeks in a year.]

An erosion factor of .1333 degrees would have reduced the overall height by .1333 cubits or .19995 feet (.1333 degrees × 1 cubit/degree = .1333 cubits × 1.5 foot/cubit = .19995 feet), which is not all that much considering 4,500 years of erosion and all the picking and prodding over the recent centuries. An even angle of 52° would also render a simpler trigonometric right angle when laying it out on a scaled drawing. [The upper portion was exposed to the elements more that the lower portions that remained buried and protected by sand until its removal beginning in the 18th century.] Utilizing 52° as the pitch angle and 252.5 cubits (half of the 505-cubit base dimension) to form a right-angle triangle, the height calculates to 323 cubits or 484.5 feet. The hypotenuse of the right angle, which is the slope’s linear dimension, calculates to 410 cubits. [Basic Trigonometry]

With much searching in the Bible, I found that the number 15 has great significance. The 15th day of the first month is the first annual Sabbath following the Lord’s Passover. The 15th day of the seventh month is the Feast of Tabernacles, which is symbolic to Christ’s return and reign on earth. The 15th year of Tiberius Caesar’s reign was the year Christ began his earthly ministry. (Lev. 23, Luke 3) The hangings in the Court of the Tabernacle were 15 cubits (Ex. 27:14-15, 38:14-15). The hangings from the pinnacle of a pyramid are its four slopes. There are three sides to a triangle and five corners to a pyramid, and three Giza pyramids with five corners each. (3 x 5 = 15) If we take the 410-cubit slope dimension and multiply it by 15, we get 6150 cubits. Subtracting 2019 or 2020 from 6150 we get 4131 or 4130 cubits respectively. According to the Bible, the foundation of mankind is the creation of Adam and Eve. The foundation for salvation is our creator who hung on a pole and is the Chief Corner stone.(Is. 28:16-18; 1 Pet. 2:6) The foundation of a pyramid hangs by the slopes from its pinnacle, which is its chief cornerstone.

Was Adam and Eve created in the year 4131 or 4130 BC? From those dates to the present (2008) are 6139 or 6138 years. How did the early church historians calculate the creation as having taken place in 4004 BC? I honestly do not know, but the number of years from the creation of Adam to the present time can be accurately counted from the Bible and verified by dependable historical records that are acknowledged by many historians. The following list is from the Bible:

  • Adam to Noah/flood – 1656 years (Gen. 5:3 thru 7:22)
  • Noah/flood to Abraham – 292 years (Gen. 11:10-26)
  • Abraham to Isaac – 100 years (Gen. 21:5)
  • Isaac to Jacob – 60 years (Gen. 25:26)
  • Jacob to his death in Egypt – 147 years (Gen. 47:28)
  • Jacob’s death to the Exodus – 430 years (Ex. 12:40)
  • Exodus to the first temple – 480 years (1 Kings 6:1-38)

[1 – 7 totals 3165 years. See Appendix II for more detail.]

From dependable historical records, King Solomon reigned from 970-930 BC and began building the first temple in his fourth year or 966 BC. (1 Kings 6:1) King Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it in 587 BC (2 Kings 25:8-9). During the reign of King Darius I (521-486 BC), the second temple was built in 515 BC. (Ezra 6:15) It was destroyed by Rome in 70 AD. Adding the 3165 years from 1-7 above to 966 BC when Solomon started the first Temple, we get 4131 total years BC, or the date of Adam’s creation – 4131 BC. Adding 4131 BC years to our present 2008, we get a total of 6139 years. When 2019 AD is added to 4131 BC, we get 6150 years, or the same 6150 cubits from our corrected pyramid dimensions. Very interesting, Arte Johnson routinely said. (See Appendix II)

The last Giza pyramid built was the smallest one with a completion date of 2494 BC. (Mystic Places) The great flood in 2475 BC would have been 19 years after that date of completion. Nineteen years is the time cycle in which the sacred calendar (lunar type) is corrected seven times to keep it correct to the solar year’s spring equinox.

Although unlikely, some claim the Great Pyramid was built in about 20 years. Job lived 140 years after the Lord restored him. He would have died just prior to the flood in 2475 BC, but his three daughters would have been about the same age as Noah’s three sons. (Job 42:13-17; Gen. 5:32, 7:6-7) The work that Job magnified was the Great Pyramid and finished prior to, or during the late stages of its construction, to his run-in with Satan. [2475 BC + 140 yrs = 2615 BC] The work would have been finished by 2615 BC, and various sources place the work from 2700 to 2600 BC. [Pre-flood biblical people lived to be hundreds of years old.] Job’s three daughters’ names are unique and found nowhere else in scripture. When tracing the definitions for their names to the prime root words, I found them descriptive of the three general races within the human species: Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. Although Anthropologists may or may not find that interesting, I surely do.

I have absolutely no idea how Smyth came up with his pyramid inch. If it is 1/25 of a cubit and within 1/1000 of a British inch, then how in the hell do you get 25 British inches in an 18-inch cubit? The astronomical aspects of the pyramid’s design would play the critical role in keeping a correct calendar. But just for fun, there are 360° in a revolution (rotational and orbital). We could subtract 50 from the 52° of our corrected pitch angle and add pi to get the days in a solar year. [360 + (52 − 50) + 3.1415 = 365.1415] Why subtract 50? It’s only the number for jubilee. (Lev. 25) It is also 5 pyramid corners times the 10 Commandments. But that leaves us .1 or 1/10th of a day short in the solar year. How can we fix that problem?

Well, since there are only two members in the Godhead (Father and Son) government of the universe and their tax rate is only a flat 10% (1/10th or .1 or tithe), let’s just add .1, then, low and behold, we get 365.2415 solar days to the year. [Isn’t the US (Unified Supremacy) in the “…let US make man in our image and likeness…” tax rate more reasonable than what is currently in the good ole U.S. of A. today (Federal, State, Sales, Property, Gas, FCC, phone service, electric service, water service, etc. ─ ∞)? We the people, especially the working class, are definitely overtaxed; however, I don’t think that we all are equally represented by those who tax us!] We could drop the pitch angle part and just add 360 degrees to 2.1 (Godhead and tithe) and 3.1415 (pi) and get the same thing (365.2415). Piece of Pie!

There are several other interesting aspects about the layout of the three pyramids. The southwest corners of all three pyramids align to the bearing of northeast. In the scriptures, it is stated that God resides in the sides of the north, which would be northeast. (Is. 14:13) There are many references to north and east in the Bible.

The three different sizes of the pyramids offer some insight into scriptural truth. There are three ages of the earth: pre-Adam, present Adam, and post-Adam. Pre-Adam would be the smallest pyramid, representing Lucifer’s handy work prior to his rebellion and present-Adam the middle size pyramid representing man today while under the influence of Satan. [Let’s ticket this pyramid with a D.U.I. (Destruction under the Influence) and lock that old dragon up.] Post-Adam would be the largest, representing The Kingdom of God. Scripture tells us that Christ is the first and the last and the first shall be last, and the last shall be first. (Rev. 1:11, 22:13; Matt. 20:16; Luke 13:30) The largest to smallest is the north-to-south order in size. Lucifer’s world was first, then ours, and soon God’s Kingdom will be established on planet earth. Man’s present world under the influence of Satan has exceeded Lucifer’s first earth age, but The Kingdom of God will exceed anything man could ever possibly conceive. [Think about that!]

I’m neither a Pyramidologist nor any other kind of a __oglogist. I’m not a theologian either. The year 2019 or 2020 is only 10 years in the future, “…and except those days (dimensions) should be shortened…” (Matt. 24:22) The only way to verify the pyramid’s geometric year of 2019 or 2020 is from the timeline prophecies in the Holy Bible.



  1. Julia says:

    WHAT AN IMAGINATION!!!! or as you say Gods imagination! Them there little man critters……….. Too funny. You are sure right though in comparing your story with creation. When I read of little lucifer Luke immediately Job chapter 2 came to mind, as satan is always on the side line just waiting to strike with evil. By the spirit many scriptures came to mind as I read your version for it really is comparable.
    This is such a timely post as I just watched a program called “Histories Mysteries” and it was about the pyramids and the Sphinx. Then here you are with your story. I completely enjoyed this side of Gods sense of humor and am thankful you took the time to write this. God Bless and Keep You Always.

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    1. eze33 says:

      Thank you, Julia! I actually wrote that story in the 2008 publication of Missing Links I paid to have done by a POD publisher. (Still have one copy.) I had no way to promote it and the POD publisher had just recently gone into the business. It sold seven copies. I Republished with the same publisher in 2020 and it has sold three copies. Found a mistake in a revision addition I made from Strong’s and am in process of paying a third time to republish again with a different publisher. Since I started the web/blog, am reformatting for Word Press and posting. All I desire is to let folks read what God has blessed me with over the years. So far, I’ve had 166 reads on chapter VI, the site’s very first post. It’s the most important! I’ll get it out there one way or another! Thanking Father God daily for making me eat my words on not ever getting internet. It’s proving to be a Joy! Should have all revised Chapters and Appendixes posted to main menu by end of year. Still waiting on the other publisher. LOLGB+

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      1. Julia says:

        Please let me know when your book is out so I can buy a copy. Blessings Always.

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  2. Tammi Kay says:

    I loved The Atlantis Story and esp love that it was divinely inspired. Your story is being heard, slowly at first but it’s being heard. Thanks!

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