The Lighter Side of History

Let’s All Sing a Protest Song

There was a song that was sung in the late sixties and early seventies in protest to the war in Vietnam. If you’re 67 to 70 years old, yawl should remember it. America was getting tired of having its young men drafted and sent off to a war that began in 1955, ten years after two atomic bombs ended the big war (WW II) in 1945. It was to stop communism! Then in 1975 after twenty years of fighting communism, 58,000+ Americans came home in body bags before Nixon withdrew from Vietnam and opened to door to communist China. Now we’re buying smart phones and computers made in Vietnam. Finally, something not made in China! Just another country on China’s southern border. Then, the USSR (Soviet Union) collapsed in 1991, thanks to the ole Gipper (Ronald Reagan) and Russia actually became a constitutional Federation. Yep, they even got a white house too. Really!

Then terrorism became America’s public enemy number one after 9/11/2001. Fast forward to 2021, another 20 years later, and history has repeated itself. Now, how often does that happen in one’s lifetime? (See “Twice in a Lifetime” in main menu.) Looks like that communism thing hasn’t gone away. Think maybe we have been fighting communism and terrorism on the wrong continent? Look around!

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Hey Joe! What’s the difference between your Americanism and Communism?

Oh yea, that protest song. In 1972, it went like this: “And it’s one, two, three – what are we fighting for? Don’t ask, I don’t give a damn, let’s stop this Vietnam! And it’s five, six, seven, open up the pearly gate, ain’t got time to wonder why, woopie – we all gonna die.” was the chorus. Don’t recall the verses. Maybe we should bring it back and give it a new set of lyrics.

And it’s jab, two, three, what are we boosting for? Don’t ask, I don’t give a damn, let’s stop this COVID SCAM! And it’s five, six, seven, open up the vaxport gates, ain’t got time to wonder why, whoopie – we all wanna fly.

Well, so much for the lighter side of history. Seems not much has changed in 3 JST’s + 6 years. [2021 – 1955 = 66 years] (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in the main menu.) The only three changes I’ve seen change in my lifetime are technology, pronouns and one’s psychological sexual identity. (See “What is One’s Sex – Biology or Psychology?” and “The Transgender War” in the main menu.) Wonder who will use up their preferred alphabet first, genderist or covidist? Ever wonder what happened 600 years before 1955 in 1355, 666 years ago that may be significate to history?

What do you get when you add humor to history and get a hickup? Triple “H”! Start singing the new lyrics if ya want. Yawl have a good Monday.


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