Words Precede Sticks and Stones, But What Is Space Force Preparing For?

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Remember the old adage we used on school grounds when bullied or made fun of by those who thought themselves a little bigger, stronger and egotistically better? “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” Well, that’s not the case these days as words seem to have become weapons of class destruction. Sticks and stones are ok and even justified in peaceful protests according to some theories that are more left than right. Right? Or should that be Correct? Adjectives are more or less a matter of one’s perspective. The problem with words is that they can be confusing sometimes, but more often just misconstrued. Words always come from the mouth unless typed out on paper (pulp & cyber) and published, but either way – they represent the mental disposition (spirit/mind) of the individual or the collective attitude of a group of likeminded individuals (similar spirits) who are familiar with each other. The content of one’s character is displayed and made self-evident by the words they speak and/or type and publish. What goes into ones mouth isn’t what defiles a person as much as what comes out of their mental disposition in the form of words, spoken or written. (Matt.15:10-11)

In the grand school yard of global powers, there has been much school yard bullying and muscle flexing by the biggest and strongest kids in the yard. Lots of words flying in the form of threats. If China builds a Naval Port for their Navy in the East Africa port they have already dredged, Biden won’t let any USA diplomatic representation attend the winter games they’re hosting. Can’t blame everything on covid. That’s a horse of a different color! If Russia invades Ukraine, Biden will sanction their pipeline to Germany which is already built and ready to turn on. Word retaliation of such useless and harmless threats to such muscle power flexing seems a bit wimpy to me, especially since so much is at stake in the name of global conquest. What will happen if Russia invades Ukraine and China invades Taiwan? Even worst, what will Biden do if they do it at the same time? He knows what to do about angry moms at school board meetings! Causes me to recollect the film “The Enemy Within” and the song “Harper Valley PTA”!

Russia and China flexes its muscles.

The USA flexes its muscle back.

This is what Space Force is practicing. Question is: What is the CDC and FDA practicing?

Now this is interesting! The only question is: If UFOS are so unbelievably fast and making impossible maneuvers, how did the pilot lock on to it in his targeting scope?

Don’t have to board planes to highjack them anymore. The latest thing is to cyberjack them.


Image result for planes falling out of sky images
See “A Myth Reavealed into a Reality” post in archives.

And now, Star Wars is for real. Target phasers – Fire!

This one is only a pebble compared to the one in Daniel 2:34-35, 44-45.

If Russia invvades Ukraine, will NATO rain in its troops?

Paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division execute a jump during exercise Defender-Europe 21 at Boboc Air Base, Romania, on May 10, 2021.


Mainwhile, on our southern border… the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Hell, they’re already here! Makes me recollect another film – “Red Dawn”.

Just in 12/8/21 5:15 PM EST. More flexing by China, but with live weights!

Well, that catches up one collection of articles in a draft. Trashed two others due to lack of time. Nobody clicking the article links anyway. But gotta post some referrence to what I see out there in cyberland.

Yawl hang in there. Keep the faith and stay strong!


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