A Fool’s Auction

Itchy ears are always looking to get scratched with smooth words easy to listen to and come in agreement with their personal philosophically trained sense of hearing. Having to sacrifice anything they are accustomed to or just simply grownig complacent with only the satisfying convenience of lifestyle, seems too much of a burden to bear.

I have been to several auctions in my lifetime and I’ve always liked listening to the auctioneers. The speed at which some young girls talk these days makes me think what expert auctioneers they would make. There are all kinds of talk now days and some have combined into lures toward pits and snares, such as the wicked trinity of talk –  Fast, Cheap and False. Now for a little fun talk!

The great false tongue speaking daily about covid lets a few words of his true disposition slip.

Now this item is a combination with one jab by Moderna and J & J. Do I hear one, one, one give me one jab for freedom, do I hear one… Sold! Yawl can take off your mask in two weeks and return to normal!

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Now folks we have the Big Pharama dude with two jabs a do ya. So, do I hear two, two, two, do I hear two jabs, two…Sold! Yawl can take off your masks and return to normal in two weeks.

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Hey people! We were just a little off and these pesky variants just keep popping up. So, back on with the masks and let us sell you on a booster shot number 3. Got a new variant coming out. No need to bid for the third, OK! Mr. Science himself has said so and good ole Joe is very insistent along with some other folk. Now forget all that other science coming out, there is no flood coming. OK? SOLD!

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Wow! Didn’t expect this admission. Sure ain’t on the lamestream mainstream.

Now here’s an Idea! Just add Mr. Science himself – Dr.Faucinstien and all the other top CDC and NIH officals to the speech list.

BEWARE! When the auction goes silent, you’ll never know the real cost.

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Thought I would start off the week with a little humor. But there is a message in there!

Stay strong!



  1. Julia says:

    Thank you for the smile!You write: BEWARE! When the auction goes silent, you’ll never know the real cost.

    I think some already know the cost, but cannot answer from the grave.

    God Bless You Always.

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    1. eze33 says:

      True! But their call from it will be heard. Glory be to God. LOLGB+

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  2. Chuck says:

    They say it is “safe and effective”. I say it is safe IF you don’t take the jab. I say it is effective at causing great harm to ones body (death and disability). Oh , i forgot we have to follow the science.

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  3. Agreed; it is safe & effective only if you don’t take it. Chuck’s comment reminds me of shopping on “Black Friday.” They say, save, Save, SAVE… but the best way to save is don’t buy into their lie; don’t buy.

    Ask yourself, “What do I have; what do I truly need; will this or that improve my situation; can I live with or without it? Thank Holy Spirit for discernment, understanding, and wisdom.
    [James 1:5]


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