Making Mountains Out of Mole Hills

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Secretary of State Blinken sent out the COVID SOS as his plane lands after getting a notification that one of the press corps had tested positive for covid. Don’t see that kind of paranoia in hospitals for the masses. What a show! Sure does spike up the fear in the Planned Damn Scamdemic being clawed out by the vulture elite. That’s what I call pulling a Sloppy Joe Extreme! How much more Hollywood style theatrics do they think the people will fall for? Oh, there will be quite a few that fall for all the drama, but anyone with a lick of God given common sense can see right through it all. Meanwhile, the blind just keep on going like an everyready battery.

Well now! Seems this OMICRON mostly likes the vaccinated. It must have a magnetic personality! Seem I’ve read a few articles about the vax having a magnetic trait. The vax spike proteins and omicron’s spike proteins would have to have opposite polarities. Do not opposites attract? The other 20% must be the unvaxed that haven’t had covid yet and not enhancing their immune systems enough with anti-oxidants, D3, Zinc and vitamin C. Those with natural immunity after having covid just aren’t getting it. Doesn’t vaccination reduce or eliminate natural immunity? Yep! Hope yawl keeping up on The Highwire. Can’t put any stock into anything Dr. Faucinstein, Master Science himself (self-proclaimed) or any of his Igors (doctors and politicians alike) say.

Omicron Appears to Evade Vaccines Better Than Other Variants

From the article: “The study—based on more than 211,000 positive COVID-19 tests, about 78,000 of which were attributed to infections with Omicron—did not factor in whether patients had had a prior SARS-CoV-2 infection, which would give them a boost in immunity, notes NPR’s Goats and Soda. Thus, for people who are fully vaccinated but have never been infected with the coronavirus, the vaccination may lower their risk of infection by less than 30 percent.”

The above article stated it did not factor in those with natural immunity. Now just WHO is riding that white horse? (See Missing Links – Appendix IV)

And those of us who trust in their God given natural immunity and we elders who have boosted our natural immunity are now terrorists! OK. God is Great! Down with tyrants. Still ain’t getting vaxed!

Now, to reverse roles, let’s turn this mole hill of an article into a mountain.

Looks like OMICRON is out to get the vaxed. Has somebody lied?

Stay strong!


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