Omicron Reigns Supreme

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How many jabs to freedom?

Since the discovery of the Omicron variant late November, it is at the top of the news in the Lamestream Mainstream News (LMN) today. Predicted as a mild variant, although highly contagious, it is now the latest weapon of tyranny in use against the freedoms of the American people and peoples worldwide who are trying to join together as one again. The white horse that began its ride in early 2020 conquering and to conquer has continued through 2021 and now just at the winter solstice is almost here, it will begin its third year in 2022. (See Missing Links – Appendix VI, A Sabbath Message 8/14/21 – A White Horse & Conquering and to Conquer in main menu.)

The red horse joined it in 2021 and it is taking peace from the earth in many ways outside of all-out war. Of course the rumors of war are thriving when it comes to Ukraine and Taiwan. All-out war is just a matter of time! Smash and grabs, school shootings, police smashing the heads of anti-vax and anti-mask protesters in the UK and Commonwealth as well as many other European countries, forced quarantines… and don’t forget the mama bears that have become the most wanted terrorists by the FBI after standing up against the filth being taught in public schools. [Oh, by the way; here’s the definition of “peace” in Revelation 6:4 – εἰρήνη – peace (literally or figuratively); by implication, prosperity. Derivation: probably from a primary verb εἴρω (to join); KJV Usage: one, peace, quietness, rest, + set at one again.]

If one thinks that COVID-19 was a “B” word for a female dog in 2020, just wait for what is about to unfold. More lockdowns? Yep! And more!! And it’s one, two, three, what are we boosting for? Don’t ask, I don’t give a damn, let’s stop this COVIDSCAM! And it’s five, six, seven, open up the vaxport gate, prosperity just can’t wait, we all have the bellyaches. And it’s nine and ten, winter is about to begin… and it’s going to be a long hard winter!

Why does South Africa with it’s low 27% fully vaccination rate (some vails passed expiration dates) where omicron was first detected in late November and spread like wildfire have such low hospitalizations?

Here in the good ole USA, it’s more proposed tyranny via panic mode on steroids by LMN!

Looks like our neighbors to the north have outvaxed itself.

Meanwhile, it’s “Covidgate – Silencing of the Truth by the Scammers! ” Brought to one and all by BIG TECH – MASTERS OF CENSORSHIP.

Oh yeah! Now that the smallest of the big three (Johnson & Johnson) has been knocked out of the ring, the top two are duking it out. (See “One Down, Two To Go” two posts down.) Who will be the Champ?

And in the spring of 2022, the black horse will join them in the countdown. We’re already getting a little taste of what it has instore. Time to look somewhere else besides science!

Stay strong and keep the faith.



  1. Julia says:

    So much true information here for those who want to take the blinders off!!!!!!! Be Blessed and stay strong.

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  2. At least 75 federal legislators in the United States held stock in Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or Pfizer in 2020. The week Omicron was discovered the wealth of the eight top Pfizer and Moderna shareholders rose by a combined $10 billion USD.

    Greed, the lust for money, and power is too much for some; they are blinded by the evil one; woe unto them; for, they listen not to Holy Spirit.

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    1. Julia says:

      You covered the truth for sure Joseph about not following the Holy Spirit. Be Blessed.

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    2. eze33 says:

      And they probally have dumped their J & J by now since it was pulled a few days ago. Sure they have put it into one of the other two. “One Down and Two To Go” Ain’t taking odds on which one goes first. Ha!

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