Is A Huge Chunk of Peace About To Be Taken From The Earth?

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Ukraine has had a yo-yo history up to the time of the famous phone call to President Trump in 2019. Both Georgia and Ukraine have been vying for membership to NATO and may be close. Putin had been demanding certain guarantees that the west have yet to accommodate. Things are getting hotter!

Meanwhile, on this side of the big pond, El Go Go has allowed across the border some 4000+ Russians that have been detained and released this year alone. Of course there have also been 48,000 unvetted Venezuelans come across, and Venezuela has been friendly to Russia in the past, especially 2018. Could at least part of it all be a covert entry and staging prior to “Red Dawn”? At first, El Sleepo No Go said he was going to be real tough with Putin short of sending in troops.  Now, El No Know What The Hell He’s Doing is now prepared to add troops near Ukraine. What does anyone think will happen when a bear get backed into a corner?

Turning attention to the other side of the big western pond, the chief nostril in the Land of the Dragon claims it is also ready and does not fear a fight.

And let’s not forget China’s good oil buddy Iran. Everything hunky dory on that southern border!

Would not Russia need insurgents to pull off a kidnapping?

Well, as the world continues to turn upside down, white horse continues its conquering and to conquer, the red horse taking peace from the earth and the black horse is about to join them and bring in even higher food prices as well as shortages due to various reasons, let’s consider how most of the world is carrying on like in the days of Noah.

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near!



    1. eze33 says:

      CIC DJ (Disaterous Joe) in not only destroying our military with vax mandates, he is attacking it from many angles. Here is his latest:

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  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    What is that Smell!!! Oh No!

    Besides having a completely lost in space imbecile in the White House holding the “nuclear football,” with “giggles” herself to back him up, who actually knows more about what goes on under tables than on top of them in major “executive meetings.” So all this while the man at the helm who has only been a “crony political organized politician racketeer” for 50 years of total incompetence or zero integrity doing absolutely nothing but back door deals, money laundering kickbacks and ripping off anything he could especially hardworking decent American Citizens; this the same clown face that said something very similar to that in the following referenced statement not too long ago; actually just a few months ago!

    “All that planning is well underway on our side, and we are ready to act if and when we need to,” so is this the same planning they did for the Afghanistan “Pull-Out” or should I say “RUN for YOUR LIVES EVERYBODY,” “Uncle Joe,” as many left-wing Hollywood types love to call him with deep affection; said he needs to go park his ass for the weekend in some basement, could be Camp David or one of his several homes away from home, makes no difference he’ll be sleeping; so he wants everybody out of there by Monday Morning when he will be back on the job at the White House, eh, well job might be a stretch, “butt as in “ass,” will be present and accounted for yea; I’ll give him that! And we know what the consequences of that planning fiasco were against a “Third World” band of Jihadists, pretty much all ragtag foot soldiers with pick-up trucks that have machine guns mounted in the truck beds; and that “ragtag regime” even got a gift from Uncle Joe of over 50 $billion worth of top grade US military equipment, advanced combat helicopter gunships and other fantastic assorted hardware on exit!

    And now this great strategist has his so called “planning” against a most “formidable vicious commie henchman dictator superpower nation adversary leader” with nuclear weapons as well as some very advanced special biological ones; should I dare speculate on what could possible go wrong; right? Or should we ask the more appropriate question of what will possibly go right with this disaster looking for a time and place to happen? Nothing to worry about though; Hollywood says Uncle Joe has it all under control, or is that under his belt, for now anyway; until he poops his pants then “Holy Shit,” all hell could break loose!

    Ah, something to think about, but, no need to strain one’s brain over this current problematic totally insane administration! There is no light at the end of the tunnel, OK, so that about sums it up folks! The Horses are “Galloping” right at us! Amen.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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    1. eze33 says:

      Wondering how you “reblogged” a post? Was recently instructed by a sister in Christ how to imbed a URL within a word in my writing. That article was my second time using the technic. Also, when I post an article, I copy URL and I get what I get. How does one cut it down to just a simple short title like when you reblogged it? Still learning tech stuff. I copied last instruction to word and printed it. Ole dog wanting to learn new computer tricks. Ha!


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