Missing Links – Preface

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The loving memory of my mother and father,

one brother and sister who have departed this life,

and now rest in peace awaiting their resurrection.


Aubery Fisher Yarbrough


A Baptist preacher known and loved by many.


Hezekiah Smith


A solitary man, who knew the Lord.



Most people today are concerned about our recent [2008] and ongoing economic crisis. [Still ongoing 2021.] Some may be concerned about the global economy and other world conditions. On Sept. 30, 2008, America’s and other global stock markets began a seemingly persistent downward spiral. The economic gurus gave much advice concerning the crisis; however, efforts made seem to be in vain. Our government has injected billions upon billions into its system, yet the more it piles on the greedy beast’s economics buffet, the more it demands and consumes. The late 2009 rebound seems encouraging to many, but there are some that see beyond the summit of optimism.

The choices made by today’s governing elders will affect future generations. Allchoiceshaveconsequences! When the billions in deficit spending on bank bail-outs, corporate rescues, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by the previous administration is added to the billions in the recently passed stimulus package, ongoing wars, more bail-outs, and numerous proposals of the present administration, our national debt will be somewhere between 15 to 20 trillion dollars by 2012. This does not include the interest that will have to be paid on maintaining the hooked-on steroids, forever growing national debt. Based on an estimated population of 400 million [under-estimated due to abortions over last 13 years], a 15 to 20 trillion-dollar debt (future tax obligation) is 37.5 to 50 thousand dollars per person. We are sacrificing our children and our children’s children on alters of greed, usury, and taxation. They will have to make a most difficult choice in the tyranny that will soon come concerning their indebtedness. At some point in time, the piper will have to be paid!

By 2012, this nation’s indebtedness and economic disparity could be so enormous that a Leviticus 25:10 type of miracle by a Revelation 13 authority may have to be performed in order to heal the crisis. A choice will have to be made!Choices inherently demand options. Without options, the freedom to make a choice is irrelevant. Freedom of Choice is a constant theme throughout this book, and we can only thank our Creator for its endowment. (Declaration of Independence)

The topic, freedom of choice, has been widely debated throughout the course of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is the presentation of options that is crucial in the debate. What options should or should not be allowed? Whose moral standards should dictate the options? By what authority should the standard of options be based? There are only two realistic choices: good or evil. That is the duality of understanding.

Our constitution was designed to guarantee certain freedoms and institute a limited government to protect them. When that government denies options and limits choice, is there loyalty to the constitution? Should a new declaration be instituted? Our forefathers freed us from an oppressive king, but a just and merciful King will soon make His own declaration on this world. That is the heart of this little book.


In 1980, I wrote a poem for a creative writing class while in junior college living near San Francisco. I only got a “C” on the assignment. I’ve kept a copy all these years. It seems to apply to today’s current situation, as it did then. The following is my “Sonnet 1980” revision 40 years later.

“Sonnet 2020”

Minds all too distant – the leaders of the land,

Dissatisfaction! – Truth! Mislead masses demand.

Many fingers pointing – no one takes the blame,

Old clocks ticking – yet times remain the same.


The people crying – tears of distress so pure,

Great hunger and thrust – none see the cure.

Many eyes seeking – someone from the clan,

The forest’s desire – a strong oak in the land.


Same sex unions – men’s hand upon the hip,

Preachers love preaching – reputations they rip.

Children taken away – authority just and fair,

Hearts of mothers broken – so few really care.


Deceitful seekers seeking – a profitable plan,

Man’s dream of Utopia – so far from hand.


All Scripture quotes will be from the Authorized King James translation of the Bible and all Greek and Hebrew definitions from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. The scripture quotes will be written in full in Chapter II; however, throughout the remainder of this little book you will need your own Bible to follow along. There will be many relevant as well as related book, chapter, and verse references given throughout in support of the text. I hope and pray that all readers will take the time to read the Bible with this little book. I assure you that it will be a most unusual, but shockingly revealing Bible study.



[2020 Revision Addition]

Since the week of Passover, I’ve been busy editing this little book and my spring gardening. I can think of better things to do than staking red solo cups, and several other things as seen on TV. Out of all the things that I have seen people doing with all the spare time on their hands, one is not searching the Bible for some answers! It just might be that The Scripture of Truth does indeed hold the answers to most if not all of the questions being asked today.

I can assure you that the current situation the entire world is facing now is 100% Scriptural! Yes, it is indeed from China, but not for the reasons that one may think. Ezekiel 38:8-23 makes that perfectly clear; that is if one understands that Gog is China and The House of Israel is the United States, Great Britain, Western Europe (the lost ten tribes of Israel), and the State of Israel is The House of Judah (tribes of Judah and Benjamin). (Ezek. 37:15-28) The present land(s) of Israel are anywhere on planet earth that both The House of Israel and The House of Judah currently reside and possess.

In the Old Testament times the Lord used King Shalmaneser of Assyria to destroy and take into captivity the House of Israel because of its sins. The Lord used King Nebuchadnezzar to destroy and take into captivity the House of Judah for its sins. (II Kings 17 & 24) The Lord is the same today as He was in ancient times. Prophecy for both houses of Israel in the latter days (years) are no different. The Lord will use whom He pleases to punish His people for their sins. Today, it just so happens to be the King of China and his puppets! Can the Kings of modern-day Israel resist the will of the Lord their God? It is obvious that most of the people just don’t give a damn!

Testing is the hot topic of the day. (May 7, 2020 – I’m listening to “The View” this moment. Woppi, can you say: “King Trump”?) If people want to know what is really going on – READ THE WORD OF GOD! The only respect lacking in America today is the respect for the LIVING WORD OF GOD! Yes, all nations of the world are being tested! Judgment is upon us! Take a good look in the mirror. Judge not, least ye be judged. (Commercial)

The only real sacrifice being made today is that made by all the health care workers and frontline responders. The sacrifice that we the people need to accept is that made by Jesus Christ in 29 AD. We are being judged for our sins, both secular and religious. To repent is to put away sin and the doctrines and traditions of man, then to do the will (desire) and the commandments of the Lord. (John 14:15-21) That is the essence of what this Little Book is all about.

The white horse of Revelation 6 has begun its ride. Just as Paul Revere did on April 18, 1775, I hope to be doing soon on the internet, just as soon as I can get it and learn some tech stuff. As an Ezekiel 33 Watchman for Israel today, I must sound the alarm! In the spirit (character) of the late Martin Luther King: The Lord is coming; the Lord is coming – thank God Almighty – the Lord is coming!


[2021 Revision Addition]

Revision 2020 was published by the same POD publisher September 2020 as in September of 2008. I was unable to pay for outside promotional services both times and in one year, only two copies sold. (Same in 2008, but only seven copies sold.) Found a crucial mistake the second week of August 2021 in a 2020 revision addition that was cause for the republication. I had not yet called the publisher about the mistake when I received a phone call from another publisher, who claimed to have read one of the two copies and was interested in publishing it. I suppose the Lord does work in mysterious ways! We worked out an agreement to republish and promote with the corrections necessary for republication. Other than a few misspelled words, a couple of mistyped dates and a math error, the one mistake that caused the reason to republish was I used the wrong Strong’s number for “bow” in Rev. 6:2. I had published the H5015 definition instead of H5115 in the Chapter VII 2020 revision addition. [Didn’t really alter my definition of the white horse (political, economic and religious confusion and chaos) all that much. Never really considered it “False Religion” alone. That’s been around for six millennium.] Ops! So I deleted the addition to Chapter VII and Added Appendix IV. I found the mistake when posting “A Sabbath Message 8/14/21 – The White Horse” on my web/blog site. (Got internet and new PC mid July 2020 and learned how to set up a blog/site on April 25, 2021 with Word Press.)

(Website URL inserted here)

The study and research for this little book itself began back in 1999 and I started writing it in 2001 on an old word processor. The first publication was off the word processor’s floppy disk I sent to the POD Publisher in 2008. After publication, I managed to get it reformatted and transferred to my younger sister’s hand-me-down 1998 Windows with Word 2000, which is a whole story in and of itself. Around 2010, I transferred it to a hand-me-down Windows HP laptop with Word 2005 my Uncle had given me. He got it from a friend that had upgraded, and he just didn’t do computers. [Looking back, that would be like a hand-me-down times a hand-me-down or H-M-D2.] I added to the 2008 poem and reference paragraph only preface in 2010 and went thru it again numerous times, but couldn’t afford to republish, so set it aside. A decade later, I got a wake-up call! (See Appendix III.)

I’m a retired independent small produce farmer for the last 36 years and not an author, but have been blessed with biblical understanding. Sweet in writing, but bitter in getting this little book published has been an ongoing experience for me. Been putting it up on my web site a chapter at a time. Started with Posting Chapter VI on 4/25/21, the first post to the site and first in archives. As of 11/21/21, it has had 165 views. I haven’t posted all 12 chapters as yet because I’ve had to do some upgrade reformatting and format editing. It still has some old dinosaur age Word in it that needs a little updating. I’m no computer whiz! This is my third and last attempt to get this little book published. It is now in the Lord’s hand!



All Chapters and Appendixes are now in the main menu. It is now truely “self-published”!

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