Preparations For War?

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According to the Constitution of the United States, only Congress can make a declaration of war. The last time this was done was after the attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. Hawaii was a territory and not a state at the time. It didn’t become the 50th state until August 21, 1959. [Hum? That was 10 days before my birthday when I turned 5 years old! Three important numbers in Biblical Numerology – 5 X 10 = 50. Dec. 7th was also 12 days before the article below was published and also two more important numbers.] Oh well, in the article below, Big Bad JB is about to make a threat. Is it a declaration?

One of the things a nation’s military does in preparations for war and during its conduction is reconnaissance.

The day before the 29th, the USS Harry T. Truman was called in. This carrier was named after the president who had to make the most difficult decision of all time – to drop the A-Bomb back in 1945. 2022 is about to come on our calendar and only 3 years short of 2025, which is 4 JST’s since 1945. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.)

Other preparations are the military’s purging of certain personnel. Religious exemptions denied!

Meanwhile, why is NASA so “theologically concerned” about what the public response will be if and/or when life on other planets is discovered and/or proven?

(Scroll down to “Words Precede Sticks and Stones, But What Is Space Force Preparing For?” posted 2021/12/08 in the archives.)

*** Came in on e-mail alert a few hours after posting. It’s about more threats coming from the other front. There were two fronts in World War II!

Maybe the thing we should be earnestly and truthfully exploring is The Scripture of Truth aka The Holy Bible. (Revelaion 18)

Come out of Babylon (System of Confusion) for her judgements are near!


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