When Pigs Fly – Humorous?

When pigs fly!” Remember the old cliché? If the recipient of the transplant gets on board an airliner, then pigs will fly; at least its heart will.

Two pigs in a pen, Christian leaders say pig heart transplant is ethical

From article: “A prominent theologian and a well-known bioethicist say they see no ethical problems with the world’s first successful pig-to-human heart transplant – and they both believe the field holds much promise for the future of medical science.”

Wonder if they used a corporate factory raised pig or an independent free range raised one? I personally have no opinion on the ethical aspects of this news, but it did grab my attention. However! There are a lot of heartless pork products out there and China owns all of Smithfield Foods. See following Post in archivers. https://theezekiel33watchman.report/2021/06/13/pork-and-the-ccp/



  1. Julia says:

    I wonder if the recipient of a pig heart transplant will become pig headed in time? Had to ask and add to this wonderful humorous post. Be Blessed Always.

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    1. eze33 says:

      Ha! If pig headed to begin with, now true to heart. May prove interesting to follow-up this story in about six months. LOLGB+

      Liked by 1 person

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