A Sabbath Message 1/21/22 – What is God’s Will?

What is God’s Will?

That’s the subject for today. The Lord’s “will”. Been hearing a lot about the Lord’s will these past several years. It was the Lord’s will that President Trump remain in office? Many stated that it was the Lord’s will that Biden become President. It’s true that this past election was indeed corrupt. Could that corruption in and of itself be the Lord’s will? Ezekiel 38:19 has definitely come to pass in this nation’s political arena! Whole lot of shaking going on, and I assure you, Elvis has not been prematurely resurrected! Politically speaking, it would be Constitutionally helpful if some integrity and courage get resurrected in dead beat conservative politicians. Let’s all pray that be the Lord’s will!

Just what is “will”? It’s a noun and an adverb; “I will do whatever I like.” Is that the Lord’s will? There is the noun “Will”. It’s a written legal document proclaiming a dead person’s “desire” for the disposition of his property and assets, which is often contested by “loved ones”. To contest a dead person’s legally documented desire once they have died is rather morbid, isn’t it? Well! (Only a single vowel different from will.) Guess we need some definition on this subject:

*will (Hebrew 7522) – ratson or ratsown – from 7521 – “delight” (espec. as shown): – (be) acceptable (-ance, -ed), delight, desire, favor, (good) pleasure, (own, self, voluntary) will.

>7521 – ratsah – A prime root – “to be pleased with”; spec. “to satisfy” a debt: – (be) accept (-able), accomplish, set affection, approve, consent with, delight (self), enjoy. (be, have, take) please (-ure), reconcile self.

{The term and definition is used throughout the Old Testament for “will”. Also translated desire, delight and acceptable in some places in association with God’s consenting.}

*will (Greek 2307) – thelema – from the prolonged form of 2309: “a determination” (properly the thing), i.e. (actually) choice (spec. propose, decree; abstractly volition or passively inclination: – desire, pleasure, will.

*will, wilt, willeth (Greek 2309) – thelo or ethelo – to determine (as an actual option from subjective impulse) i.e. choose or prefer (lit. or fig.) by impl. to wish, i.e. be inclined to (sometimes adv. Gladly) Impersonally for the future tense, to be about to; By Hebrew – to delight in: – desire, be disposed (forward) intend, list, love, mean, please, have rather (be), will.

*will (Greek 1014) boukouai – middle of a prime verb: to will; i.e. (reflectively) be willing: – be disposed, minded, intend, list, (be of own) will.

*will (Greek 3195) – melio – a strengthened form of 3199 (through the idea of expectation); to intend, i.e. be about to be, do, or suffer something.

*will (Greek 3199) – melo – Prime verb – to be of interest to, i.e. to concern (only third person singular used impersonally – it matters: – (take) care.

{Used in the New Testament as follows: 2307, 2309 (throughout) except: 1014 (Matt. 11:27, Luke 10:22. John 18:39, James 1:18, 4:4, Jude 5) and 3195 (John 7:35, Rev. 3:16)}

Well! There is a lot of definitive propositions to consider when we as mere humans determine what God’s will is and to be. Personally, I prefer to use other terms in the definitions, such as “It is the Lord’s desire, pleasure, wish, delight…”. The Lord’s intention is a matter of His choice. So, who is the Lord to determine who the next president will be? What is His desire and pleasure? Who does He wish to be on His list with intended approval to be disposed forward to the future leadership of this nation with intended determination and acceptable options to fulfill God overall purpose? What is that purpose? There are many wealthy highly educated and famous men and women in Religious Philosophy (Theology) working as ministers out there who seem to know the mind of God. (Col. 2:8, 2 Cor. 11:13-15) We WILL soon see!

Now there is a way to do God’s WILL! Jesus told us in John 14:15!

“To be or not to be, that is the question!” Are we to be the Lord’s delight and pleasure in the Father’s desire, pleasure and disposition of all things?

Yawl have a restful and joyful sabbath day.


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