Red Horse About to Gallop

Last week a Russian flotilla of the North Fleet and Baltic Fleet were spotted passing thru the English Channel. Nice timing for the Russian Navy to go on a cruise. The navigator could have plotted a different course, but he chose the English Channel. Most likely it was a direct order from their CIC and a one finger salute from Meshech westward to the House of Joseph, the UK just off its Starbard Bow and the US further westward across the big pond. Don’t know if there were any sailors shooting the moon to the Queen.

Then this past Monday, the CIC of the US responded. From article below: “The Pentagon announced on Monday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has placed 8,500 U.S. troops on “heightened preparedness to deploy” as a Russian invasion of Ukraine appears imminent.” With over 100,000 Russians on Ukraine’s border, what is JB thinking? And why is he more concerned with their border way across the big pond when ours a narrow stream has a flood of illegals rushing across daily along with 4000+ Russians. Is it ok for them to cross our border while an attempt is made to protect Ukraine’s?

The same day, there was some fireworks in the Middle East. From article below: “U.S. Patriot missile defense systems successfully shot down a pair of incoming missiles fired at a U.S. base in the United Arab Emirates on Monday.” How many high powered “Roman Rockets” are there in the world not counting those with multiple nuclear tipped MIRV’s?

See the source image
Mobile land launcher. Warships are also equipped with these systems.

Just how prepared is our military? There are some saying that the mandated vax is a threat to national security. There have been a few U.S. Naval Ships that had to be sidelined and deployments delayed due to covid outbreaks from fully vax crews. From the article below: “The secretary of defense and top Department of Defense (DoD) officials are engaging in illegal orders and denying our service members their constitutional rights under the First Amendment and other egregious violations of UCMJ [Uniform Code of Military Justice] regulations,” said Todd Callender, founder of Disabled Rights Advocates and lead attorney on the lawsuit against the DoD vaccine mandates. Callender explained that requests for usual religious and medical exemptions as allowed under military regulations are being denied in “cut and paste” letters without review. One Navy commander filed a formal Complaint of Wrong under Article 1150 against Vice Adm. Nowell, describing in detail extreme violations of his human and civil rights secured by both the Constitution and existing military regulations and providing documentation of the abuse our service members face.”

A Naval Aviator has to have excellent eyesight. It is critical when landing on an Aircraft Carrier, especially using a tailhook to snag a single small line for brakes. Night vision is even more critical! Anything that has the slightest possibility of affecting an aviator’s vision puts not only the safety of the pilot, the crew and the ship in danger, it affects readiness and national security. All that be damned – give them the jab! A recent crash is now under investigation. See AMN article below photo:

See the source image
Naval Aviator approaching Carrier with tailhook at the ready.

There has been concern about Naval Aviators as well as those who don’t have to land with a tailhook, the most challenging of any aircraft landing. Uveitis had been found to be a concerning problem with a number of vaccines, and recently more so with covid’s. What will the Navy’s high brass in Washington’s current wokeness do if uveitis is related or a cause of the crash. The pilot did eject safely.

From the article below: “Several ophthalmic conditions have already been described following the administration of various vaccinations. Uveitis is a form of eye inflammation that is characterized by blurred and decreased vision, floaters, and sensitivity to light; vaccine-induced uveitis is an already-known condition associated with different vaccinations. Interestingly, most of the cases of vaccine-induced uveitis are related to the Hepatitis B vaccine, which contains the HepB surface antigen, inserted into yeast cells using recombinant DNA technology [5]. In addition, a case of posterior uveitis [6] and a case of pan-uveitis with posterior retinal detachment [7] following HPV vaccination were recently described.

Moreover, flu vaccination was associated with numerous ophthalmic adverse effects, including uveitis, multiple evanescent white dot syndrome (characterized by central flashing lights) [8] and, also, acute macular neuroretinopathy [9]. Furthermore, ocular manifestations of COVID-19 are well documented. The most common condition is conjunctivitis; episcleritis and keratitis have also been described. Intriguingly, even though the relationship remains uncertain, SARS-CoV-2 could affect the retina and the optic nerve [10].”

Aviators are the most expensive to train members of the armed services, especially Naval and Marine aviators. The vast majority of thousands of religious exemptions (mainly Christian) have been rejected. Many are aviators. From the article below:

“Overall,  as of Jan. 14, Marines have filed 3,350 requests for religious exemptions. The Marine Corps has denied 3,212, with others still in the review process.

“I am not unique in my situation,” Duncan told Carlson.

His initial request for an exemption was denied, and he has appealed the decision. If Duncan loses his appeal, he would be separated from the service.

“There are many incredibly qualified individuals with a tremendous amount of experience, and we believe that that can be a detriment to national defense in the event we separate that many aviators,” he said.”

It’s a game of chess right now. Aviators are like knights and rooks. Pawns are more expendable. Who knows the right moves? There have been many checks. Who will get the final checkmate?

Pray for all our military members. They are suffering tyranny also. No matter what we try to do, no matter how noble it may be, that which is foretold shall come to pass. But we must continue in the fight for truth and justice, the sanctity of life, true identity and that which is right according to the commandments of God and with the faith of Jesus, until He comes as King of Kings to establish the true Peace, we so much desire.

Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near.

Stay strong!



  1. Chuck says:

    Would like to add, as to the Russia and Ukraine situation. It is not all about Ukraine but it is about keeping NATO out of Ukraine, Russia does not want that alliance at all. It is about Crimea and Russia’s ONLY year round deep water port. Any one that looks at a map of the area will quickly understand the WHY of the situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. eze33 says:

      True! I mentioned the Nato part a while back in another blog, but thanks for pointing the deep-water port aspect out. Being X-Navy, should’ve seen that! Ha! LOLGB+


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