What Will Be Their Next Cow To Milk?

As the ole covid cows are slowly being milked to death, Faucinstein, his Igors, JB and his cohorts just keep feeding them. Must be some kind of sweet lie feed. Hey, determination can be a good thing, but this omicron cow is really sore! The one down on the ground must be the delta strain cow. She’s done for! And the next one in the back is about to burst. Wonder what they been feeding her? [Hope the cows in the photo won’t hold a grudge against me as I like cows. But I saw a point to be made with this photo.]

Now why in all honesty and just a small degree of integrity can’t they listen to all the real doctors that have come forward? How about our friendly and brotherly governments’ data?

From the article below:Data released by the Scottish government show people who have been vaccinated with two or three doses of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are more likely to become infected, be hospitalized or die than people who are unvaccinated. The Public Health Scotland data from the past four weeks showed a rate of infection of 866 per 100,000 people for the double vaccinated and 481 per 100,000 for the boosted, or triple vaccinated. The unvaccinated had a rate of infection of 413 per 100,000. The death rate of those who have had two shots is about 12 per 100,000 which is more than 50% higher than the rate for the unvaccinated.”

Why can’t JB follow BJ’s action? All he has to do is switch his initials around!

Army Sgt. Heidy Bucheli, noncommissioned officer in charge of anesthesiology at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, prepares a COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 5 to 11 at LRMC in Landstuhl, Germany, Nov. 18, 2021. (U.S. Dept. of Defense photo by Marcy Sanchez)

Look like Denmark (Tribe of Dan) has joined the UK (Ephriam) in pulling its nozzle off the ole covid cow milking machine. Guess it got too much of a side effect from Covidgate’s milk-of-magcovidnesa being pushed by their Doctor Frankinsteins. Maybe Dr. Faucinstein and his scamdemic Igors should try a few swigs. Warm some up for ole sleepy Joe! Oh yea, they got some of it on camera already! Right?

From the article below: “The latest country to announce it is eliminating most of its COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates, is Denmark. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Wednesday that beginning Feb. 1, mask restrictions on public transportation, in restaurants, in shops and other indoor facilities will be lifted, the Associated Press reported. “We say goodbye to the restrictions and welcome the life we knew before,” Frederiksen said. “As of Feb. 1, Denmark will be open. “Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said that while the European nation recently has had 46,000 new cases daily on average, only 40 people are in hospital intensive care units.”

In the “Pie in The Face of Faucinstein?” post 1/25/2022, it concluded with “Guess the covid cow is about to run dry. But don’t get too excited! There might be another one in the barn.” Well, check the next article out! Some lab monkeys got in an accident while going from wherever to who know where for unknows reasons. That information wasn’t reported. At least not yet. But it was reported that they were lab monkeys. Isn’t that a rather common looking cargo trailer without markings of any kind for research lab monkeys? Was there a manifest?

Crates holding live monkeys are collected next to the trailer they were being transported in along state Route 54 at the intersection with Interstate 80 near Danville, Pa., on Jan. 21, 2022. (Jimmy May/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise via AP)
Photo from article below:

Woman Who Came Into Contact With Escaped Monkeys Says She Developed Symptoms

The article came out Tuesday 1/25/2022. Then the very next day ET had to update the story! Question is why? From the updated article:

Update on Wednesday: The woman, Michelle Fallon, told news outlets that she is not sick, saying she got rabies shots and antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

“I want people to know I am not sick regardless of what they are reading that has been put out there in the media,” she told local media outlets. Fallon said she was exposed to people who tested positive for COVID-19 at a birthday party on Jan. 21.

Fallon has not responded yet to The Epoch Times’ request for comment.

Earlier story:

Pennsylvania woman who came into contact with laboratory monkeys last week after a truck carrying them crashed has said she developed unusual symptoms.

On her Facebook page and during media interviews, the woman, Michelle Fallon, said she developed symptoms after the accident. Fallon wrote that she sought emergency room treatment at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

Fallon told local media that after the crash, she believed the truck was carrying cats. However, when she approached the cages, a monkey appeared and hissed at her.

“What a day I try to help out at a[n] accident seen was told there were cats in the crates. So I [go] over to pet them [only] To find out it’s monkeys. Then I noticed that’s there 3 in each and [one] was completely broken the other was half broken,” Fallon wrote. “So I knew 4 got away. So come home go to bed. My aunt runs into New[s] crew [and] was ask[ed] to do [an] interview. Then find out not to get close to the monkey.”

She continued: “Well tried to pet one, I touch the [crates] and walk in poop. Then was told to [meet] police at the scene. To talk about exposure. News crew was the[re]. I thought they were [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] so I to them. End up doing interviews. Talk to police and a lady with CDC. I’m will getting a letter. I’m very low risk for I don’t know what yet.”

Later, she wrote that she has “symptoms” that are like “Covid symptoms. Like seriously. A day from hell.” She was referring to COVID-19, the illness caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.”

Why did she change her story in 24 hours? How did her “quoted English grammar” also seem to improve?

I don’t know about yawl and I’m no Sherlock Homes, but doesn’t all this monkey business have just a little bit of a fishy smell? Now, I ask a simple question. How can the CDC research viruses to develop vaccines and other drugs to counteract bioterrorism unless they first create the bioterrorism virus to make the vaccines and other drugs for? The simple answer is they can’t!

Gain of Function

If some virus was declared eradicated, and no cases of that naturally occurring virus has occurred for 42 years, then what is being researched?

From https://www.cdc.gov/smallpox/index.html “Thousands of years ago, variola virus (smallpox virus) emerged and began causing illness and deaths in human populations, with smallpox outbreaks occurring from time to time. Thanks to the success of vaccination, the last natural outbreak of smallpox in the United States occurred in 1949. In 1980, the World Health Assembly declared smallpox eradicated (eliminated), and no cases of naturally occurring smallpox have happened since. Smallpox research in the United States continues and focuses on the development of vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic tests to protect people against smallpox in the event that it is used as an agent of bioterrorism.”

For more information on gain of function research see: https://www.bing.com/search?q=CDC+smallpox+gain+of+function+research&form=ANNNB1&refig=5a8ef447cf6247a9982375fc0b8929f9

From Missing Links – Chapter I: There are three main areas in the physical sciences, which have basic and fundamental laws. They are the energy-mass relationship, electro-magnetism, and gravitational relativity, which I prefer to call the knowledge of science. The three sciences of Geology (the study of the earth’s crust), chemistry (the blending of substances), and biology (the study of life both plant and animal), I call the understanding of science. The only laws I can think of that relate to the understanding of science is for the archeologist to not to fall in his hole, the chemist to not blow himself up, and the biologist to not let any dangerous bugs get loose. These are very wise safety rules. The number six is associated with humanity in scripture, and seven is the divine prime number of God’s perfection. The thing missing from man’s scientific knowledge and understanding is the wisdom in its utilization. Why do governments and militaries always get first crack at new knowledge and technology? Why is conservational technology so ignored?

I’m pretty sure the rider on the white horse has a back-up pestilence when the covid cows run dry.



  1. Julia says:

    Oh how your analogy of things are so spot on!!!! “Guess it got too much of a side effect from Covidgate’s milk-of-magcovidnesa being pushed by their Doctor Frankinsteins.” All that is happening in the world is so horrid one must try to put a humorous light on things, or we will all die from crying too much. YES! You say: I’m pretty sure the rider on the white horse has a back-up pestilence when the covid cows run dry. We just know there are many in the wings cooking up another LET ME TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LIVELIHOOD SCHEME …… TO HELP YOU OF COURSE. Blessings.

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