Humor Time -Not a Rodent Fan

He was a lousy weather rodent and more wrong than right! Had a brother in Georgia that predicted weather in the south just as bad. Many times, over the last 30 years the rodent in the south would predict 6 more weeks of winter while his brother in the north would predict an early spring. Both were wrong! How can one have 6 more weeks of winter in the south and an early spring in the north?

Was doing some plowing yesterday (1/1) as the ground was dry enough at my locale in eastern NC, which is going through a warming trend this week. Will hit 70’s Thursday and Friday before next rain Friday night into Saturday. Getting beds ready to sow cabbage and collard seed for spring plants. Was a blessing indeed! Last winter was much too wet and my land is bottom land.

While doing the plowing in a back field getting an early start on preparing rows for spring, I noticed 7 red breasted Blue Birds searching the freshly plowed ground for worms. There was some yellow breasted Finches among them and a few Robins. Don’t normally see Blue Birds until spring. Can’t recall ever seeing any the first of February! Don’t know about other locales, but I see an early spring. Thank you, Lord! Songbirds make much better weather forecasters than hibernating rodents.

Doesn’t that groundhog look a little peed off? Like to see them try and wake a hibernating bear in the middle of winter to see if he sees his shadow? All they have to do is look up and see if it’s a sunny day or a cloudy day. No need to wake up a sleepy critter from his hibernation! Pleasant dreams!



  1. Chuck says:

    Why are the birds and animals good weather forecasters? Because they are guided by God.

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    1. eze33 says:

      True! He created it in their nature. Taking a rodent out of a box and disturbing his sleeping hibernation in the middle of winter on February 2nd each year to see if he sees his shadow or not is not natural. Ha! Some man’s foolish idea. It is either cloudy or sunny on any given day of the week. No need to wake a sleepy Groundhog up. Don’t recommend doing that to a hibernating bear!

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