Postponed for Now!

Good news folks! The FDA has postponed the approval to vax the children 6 months to five years old. At least for now. It’s not too late for parents and any other folks to stand up for the children. See the “Covidgate Widens to 5 and Under” post 2/9/22. A form to reject approval is available on it.

Article from ET:

FDA Postpones Decision on Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine for Young Children

By Zachary Stieber, February 11, 2022 Updated: February 13, 2022

U.S. drug regulators on Feb. 11 announced they are pushing back a decision on whether to authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 6 months old.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had planned to consult its vaccine advisory committee on Feb. 15 on the jab for young children and could have granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for the shot within hours of the meeting. But that plan has changed, based on a preliminary assessment of data Pfizer sent on Feb. 1.

FDA officials now believe that they cannot clear the shot for children aged 6 months to 4 years until they receive data from an ongoing trial examining a three-dose regimen for the age group…

It started off with a one dose regiment. They postponed awaiting a study for a three dose or triple jab!?!?

Pray for the little children!


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