UFO (Undeniable Fussion Object)

In October of 1962 while in the third grade, I do remember the Cuba Missile Crisis. The USA and the USSR were on the brink of nuclear war. Three JST’s later (60 years), we seem to be on the brink again. (See “Cosmic Clockworks I” in main menu.) In the third grade, we were taught to duck and cover. As an adult serving in the Navy, I learned how ridiculous that was. When one sees that great big bright flash in the sky and if there is time, all one can actually do is bend over and kiss their butt goodbye.

Conventional war is not glamorous either. Civilians always suffer at the hands of politicians and their armies. They think not of the consequences of their actions whether their masses support them or not.

Sometimes, a few in the armies can see that something is wrong. From the article below: The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (CinC AF) of Ukraine announced on Thursday that a platoon of Russian troops surrendered because they didn’t know “they were brought to Ukraine to kill Ukrainians.”

Prophetic Meaning of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

The long-anticipated invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops began this week. The shock of the pictures and the accounts are hard to process. We are seeing a land war in Europe for the first time in more than 30 years. There are significant implications for major nations like Germany, Poland and France. The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) alliance will be tested. The EU (European Union) will be watched very closely for its reaction—or lack thereof. For any student of history, it is like living in 1938, on the eve of World War II. This event will change Europe and that has prophetic implications. Where are we in Bible prophecy?

We are at the time before the appearance of a great world power described in Revelation 17:5 as Babylon the Great, a vast political, economic and religious power that dominates the world at the end of the age. This system will appear in a manner that will deceive the world into thinking it has a spiritual solution to world disorder. Those who do not worship this system and take its mark will be considered outcasts. History and prophecy show this system will have its roots in Europe while at the same time it will be global in scope. Beyond Today has a long detailed prophetic teaching showing how this works. It encompasses detailed understanding of the prophetic writings of Daniel in the Old Testament and the book of Revelation in the New Testament. Big events in history, especially those that can lead to major shifts in the prophetic timeline, often come unexpectedly.

World War I was sparked by the assassination of a little-known member of the Hapsburg royal family. Within weeks Europe was at war. That “war to end all wars” led to World War II. Some historians call both these events one world war separated by 21 years of “peace.” Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has deep roots in history that go back more than 500 years. There is also a spiritual dimension to the story, involving Christianity, that goes back more than one thousand years. History does not happen in a secular vacuum, no matter what you may be taught by today’s experts. Religion matters. It drives big events. And behind big events the Bible shows us are spiritual powers that impact what we see in today’s headlines—whether it is something like this war, or the cultural battles fought in your neighborhood school board meetings—where educators are intent on introducing into your children’s minds patently evil ideas about gender and sexual identity. But back to what is happening with Russia and Ukraine. In 2015 we published an eye-opening article about Russia that I think you will find it informative. While a few years old, it is still relevant and gives some first-hand impressions of this story unfolding right now. Please take the time to read the article, “The Russian Bear Reawakens.” We are living in important times. Be alert and watch. Until next time,
Darris McNeely
Beyond Today presenter
The Russian Bear Reawakens
Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by Victor Kubik Estimated reading time: 19 minutes

Two Western European nations not members of NATO are now threatened.

Now that the mainstream’s attention is focused on Eastern Europe, China sees their golden dragon of an opportunity. Like picking fruit from a forbidden tree, its ripeness is desirable! Who is JB to forbid them?

From the article below: “Beijing, he said, sees “a weak leader in the White House and knows “they have a West that is unwilling to even take serious action against Moscow right now.”… “Taiwan semiconductor, which is one of the biggest companies in the world, $500 billion market capitol, 50,000 employees. It is absolutely the epicenter of chip production, not just for the United States but for the entire world,” Cortes pointed out. “Look at the chart for Taiwan semiconductors . … It is already, as of yesterday, officially in a bear market.”

Will the United States get involved in another world war on an eastern European Atlantic Front and a China western Pacific Front? The thing about today’s modern warfare is there is nowhere to run.

From the article below: “President Joe Biden’s administration offered to help evacuate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy early Saturday from Kyiv after the capital city came under intense attacks from Russian forces. However, Zelenskyy declined, saying, “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” according to Ukraine’s Embassy to the UK.”

There are many types of historians who specialize in military history, political history, economic history and religious history. There is also a prophetic history that was written before the events actually happened. The prophetic timeline of several hundred or even thousands of years can be covered in only a few verses of several chapters throughout the Bible. (See “Missing Links – Chapter VI – Timeline Prophicies of the Bible” in the main menu.)

Some chapters cover the world’s human condition as well as the status quo of the twelve tribes of Israel’s (Jacob’s) children’s, children’s children scattered around the whole world. (Isaiah 24 – 35) Most Israelites aren’t even aware of their identity. Now days, people aren’t even sure of their sexual identity as they presume that they can be whatever is in their minds instead of what is between their legs. There are even those who identify as some other species. Talk about a world turned upside down, need to add inside out too!

One thing for sure is that which is prescribed in prophecy will be fulfilled and it has been mandated by the soon to return King of Kings and Lord of Lords.



  1. Growing up in New Orleans, I too spent some quality time under my desk. What a load of you-know-what! What is no-S – is the way the unelected scoundrel went about setting the stage for Putin. We need the people to wake up!

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