A Tri-Horse Review

The White Horse

Since the white horse began its ride in the spring of 2020 here in the good ole USA and the demand for a vaccine was placed into warp speed by one Captain of the Starship who was up for reassignment or continuation of command that year, the new Captain assigned command mandated an untested and unproven vax. Well, two years later the Covidgate scoundrels have been working relentlessly to cover-up the truth about the Scamdemic of the millennium. If anyone is good at keeping records and data, it’s the military!

What was the root of his evil misinformation scheme? MONEY!

The Red Horse

The red horse joined the white horse in 2021 and there was a lot of unrest and violence going on globally with all the mandates and such while the white horse was about its business of conquering and to conquer. (See “Missing Links – Appendix IV, A Sabbath Message 8/14/21, and Conquering and to Conquer” in the main menu.) One might say, “Red and White Make Pink”.

While the red horse was taking peace from the earth in a minor way, it was busy setting the stage for a major event and just in time to get most folk’s attention off their liberty being taken. In 2022, the Socialist Demoncrats have begun backing off their liberty grab (must be an election year) and focusing their attention on another tyrant more vicious across the big pond in the land of Magog. He has a “White House” too! Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions, but don’t touch the oil!

While Putin has been bombing the hell out of Ukraine for two full weeks and daring NATO to not get involved while threatening WW III, tough talking Joe is still contemplating not buying any more oil from Russia. Which bank is he using to make the payments? To be sure, Russian oil is not free! What does his initials JB stand for? Jackass Bonehead?

The Black Horse

As the black horse joins the other two, it may be the USA that will need aid. The supply chain problem that was causing depleted shelves at grocery stores earlier was just the unrest of the black horse before it came out the gate. The shortage problems to come will be much worst.

Russia, which has been facing increasing international sanctions since invading Ukraine last week, is a major low-cost exporter of every type of crop nutrient. Hey Joe, Russia knows how to sanction too! Too late, you’ve already destroyed this nation’s oil independence with that pen in your hand the day after 1/20/21. Can you remember all those stacks of executive orders you signed every morning during your first 100 days? They weren’t stacks of waffles for breakfast!

Russia Calls On Domestic Fertilizer Producers to Halt Exportshttp://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-03-04/russia-cal


Natural gas is important to nitrogen production, and we have the reserves. But something happened to its production. Past time to start pumping some natural gas, Joe! From the article below: “The U.S. went from being the world’s largest exporter of nitrogen fertilizer in the 1980s to becoming the largest importer in the 1990s. Domestic production of nitrogen fertilizer declined during the 1990s as the price of domestic natural gas (the primary source of nitrogen) increased because of demand for natural gas in the U.S. expanding faster than production. Imports of nitrogen—mainly from Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, and Russia, all with lower natural gas prices—quickly filled the gap.” Let’s see now, who was president in the latter 80’s then the latter 90’s?


Well, that about brings some things up to date. Been a little busy outdoors these past two weeks getting spring gardening going. Been blessed with some nice weather since early February. Also, been tilling floor in an old chicken house. Got some good well composted chicken manure for my garden. Too bad we can’t compost JB’s crap!

Yawl have a nice day, and pray for the good folks in Ukraine.



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