Russia/Ukraine War & NATO

In order to keep NATO and the U.S. “actively” out of the Russian/Ukraine war requires much careful calculation. The slightest miscalculation can only lead to global war. All NATO has to do is not cross one single line into Ukraine’s territory while Russia destroys it. As for the Ukrainians, all they know is “There’s no place like home!”. That’s a sweet saying and sometimes it becomes necessary to fight for it. That is what the Ukrainians are having to do. From the article below: “As the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to unfold, the world is watching the grim zeal with which the Ukrainians are defending their homeland. From the president down to elderly babushkas, people are seizing firearms and engaging in incredible acts of bravery to fend off Putin’s military.

At this juncture, it may seem odd to ask “Why?” Why are the Ukrainians so fanatically determined to defend their nation? There’s a one-word answer: “Home.”

This was beautifully stated by a blogger named Eaton Rapids Joe. “Some of the pundits told us that the Ukrainians would roll over,” he wrote. “They implied that Ukrainians would not fight for their 700 square-foot cabins, half-acre garden plots and $60 a month pensions. … Be it ever so humble, home is what you defend. If the only thing keeping you and your wife fed is a garden and a Ukrainian state pension, then those are worth fighting for.”

The Borg on Star Trek always said, “Resistance is futile”. Putin must be a Borg! Ever hear of Cyber Warfare or A.I. War Droids? Just like Smart phones, there are also smart bombs, missiles, AI drones and a number of military robots. From the article below: “The fall of the major Ukrainian city of Kherson on Thursday marks a major turning point in the war, because Ukrainian forces mounted very little resistance and, consequently, the city of 300,000 was spared, contends Russia analyst Clint Ehrlich.

“The message to other cities is clear: Fight and be leveled or surrender and be treated kindly,” he wrote in a thread on Twitter presenting his conclusion that the Ukrainians must face the grim reality that they are outmanned and Russia has shown in the past that it will show no mercy if it meets resistance.”

Misinterpretations of actions can be just as dangerous as actually crossing a line. From article below: “U.S. B-52 bombers flew over a country that borders Ukraine, the U.S. military announced March 4. The B-52 Stratofortress aircraft conducted a long-range “integration flight,” according to U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Africa. The bombers took off from a base in England and headed to Germany to conduct an exercise alongside U.S. and German troops known as joint terminal attack controllers, who call strikes down from forward positions in the field. The training mission included training in conjunction with Romania, a NATO ally that shares a border with Ukraine.” [Click URL below to continue. May need to use immense reader.]

Each day we hear many aspects to the crisis in Eastern Europe. Finland is officially considering joining NATO and Sweden may also. Both are currently members of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent Nations) as is Ukraine. (See “Russia and Ukraine 101” 2/19/22 post 10 posts down.)

The U.S. has approved Poland’s request to provide Ukraine with fighter Jets. It said that it would replace Poland with fighter jets. Most likely, they will be replaced with the latest up to date aircraft. From the article below: “I think we have to be prepared, unfortunately, tragically, for this to go on for some time,” he added. The secretary of state also said that Ukrainian officials “have plans in place” if something happens to the nation’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.”


Edit addition 2/9: Posted blog just after midnight EST. Later that morning on the news (8:00 EST). it was announced that the plan for Poland to supply aircraft was put on hold due to a “logistical snag” and Ukraine wouldn’t be getting them any time soon. Needless to say, Ukraine’s president is pissed! He feels betrayed. Did some more internet searching on subject and found the following:

March 7, 2022, 8:49 PM EST

By Courtney Kube, Peter Alexander, Carol E. Lee and Dan De Luce

WASHINGTON — A proposal to provide Ukraine with Soviet-era fighter jets via Poland is struggling to gain traction in the Biden administration, and the U.S. is reviewing whether the plan is feasible, according to three U.S. officials.

Allied efforts to help Kyiv obtain fighter jets from its Eastern European neighbors have resulted in a proposal in which Poland would send Ukraine its old Russian-made MiG fighters and the U.S. would replace them by sending F-16 jets to Warsaw.

At this point, however, U.S. officials caution that such a plan is not expected to be enacted any time soon.

“It’s a lot easier to give hand-held weapons than it is to transfer a plane,” a source familiar with the discussions said Monday.

The U.S. also does not have a surplus of F-16s, officials said.


There is unrest and discontent in Russia too! Protests are quickly put down. The editor at one of its state-run media operations has quit. From the article below: “Russia Today, a state-run media operation known better as RT, has lost its editor, as FOX 5 in New York has reported Maria Baranova has confirmed her resignation. However, what’s creating news is her warning that, “We’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now.”

Just a week ago, she condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to attack and invade Ukraine, where Russian troops have been killing both soldiers and civilians, including children. She admitted she might now be in danger. “The problem is, I know these people very well. They never send threats, they just kill, so there is kind of [a] weird silence around me, but I really think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now. I’m not exaggerating,” she told Fox News Digital via a social-media call.”

The red horse is really kicking up a storm.

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumours (G189) of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.” (Matt. 24:6-8)

*G189 – ἀκοή – hearing (the act, the sense or the thing heard)
Derivation: from G191; KJV Usage: audience, ear, fame, which ye heard, hearing, preached, report, rumor.

>G191 – ἀκούω – to hear (in various senses) Derivation: a primary verb; KJV Usage: give (in the) audience (of), come (to the ears), (shall) hear(-er, -ken), be noised, be reported, understand.

One can hear about it daily on the news. It is analyzed by many of fame who understand. It comes to all ears every day. Reporters are reporting it. Some Preachers are preaching it. Some will harken unto its noise. Be not troubled, for all things in prophecy will come to pass.

Keep the faith and stay strong in The Word.


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