World WAR III Getting Closer

As mentioned in a previous blog, a single miscalculation or mishap could cause NATO and the U.S. to invoke Article 5. [To attack one NATO Nation is to attack all of NATO.] Then the U.S. (Manasseh – given the name Israel) and UK (Ephriam – given the name Israel) and the other lost eight tribes of the Old Testament Northern Kingdom of Israel (also members of NATO) along with Germany (descendants of Assyria who took the Northern Kingdom captive) would be at active war with Russia (Magog) who was an allied with the US and UK against the axis Germany, Italy, Japan in the last World War. All it would take is a single stray missile. [See “The Seven Times Prophecy” in Missing Links – Chapter VI in main menu.]

Seems Iran (Persia) is testing out some of their missiles too. Another close call for the U.S. Consulate in Iraq (Babylon). Iran is aligned with Russia and China.

All the beforehand tough talk and threats by JB to Russia didn’t stop its invasion of Ukraine. What makes JB think China will scare as easily as Russia didn’t?

If the US sanctions China imports, there will be a lot of empty shelves in Walmart and a lot of other stores. China has been preparing for food shortages for some time.


The Real Winner Of The Ukrainian Conflict – China


China is going to be a central player in the global drama that is going to play out over the next few years.  Since Joe Biden entered the White House, the deterioration of Chinese relations with the United States has accelerated.  

Meanwhile, Chinese relations with Russia have tightened, and that should deeply alarm all of us.  Because now that war has started, many are deeply concerned that the U.S. could eventually find itself in a direct conflict with a Russian-Chinese alliance.

Jake Sullivan and other foreign policy officials in the Biden administration desperately want China to denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to participate in economic sanctions against Russia.

But neither of those things is going to happen, and this is making Biden’s foreign security minions very angry.

Of course the Chinese have their own agenda.  They are watching how western powers are responding to Russia very closely, because the Chinese believe that it will give them clues about how the western powers will behave when they pull the trigger on an invasion of Taiwan.

And an invasion of Taiwan is most certainly coming sooner or later.  In fact, the Chinese likely understand that they have now been given a tremendous window of opportunity for a couple of reasons. Read More

Biblical prophecy is in a convergence of fulfilment. The time is at hand. Come out of Babylon for her judgement is near.




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