My Little Book Gets First URL’s for Paperback

Receive word from Proisle Publishing this week that Missing Links was now available in Paperback on Amazon. It has been a long process to get my little book published. I had to pay to get it published. Although the book is posted chapter by chapter in its entirety in the main menu, there are some that would like to have it in a paperback. Did not pay to do an e-book version. The URL to go directly to Amazon Books for a paperback copy is posted on this blog post and is also posted on the “My Little Book” page.

The FREE PREVIEW below is for the Kindle version which is not available. For a paperback copy from Amazon click URL in caption below.

Also available on Barns and Nobel:



  1. Julia says:

    Excellent news!!!!! So good to see you were able to be published. Will be ordering a copy soon. Blessings.


    1. eze33 says:

      Thanks! Haven’t posted as much lately and kept up reads due to spring weather. Been in my little greenhouse an getting ground ready. Planted some cool weather crops already. Spinach and greens already up. LOLGB+

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      1. Julia says:

        Nothing better than working with the earth….. such a closeness to God. Stay Strong.

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